Wednesday, February 22, 2017

two things right now

Todd is so glad to have this past week/weekend behind him.  I'm sad it's over, but he's glad it's this week, so that he can be home to do this.  He is the hardest working man I know.

You will never hear this from him, but he has a really tender heart for others.  I am so thankful for this character trait of his.

I miss this past weekend.  I love spending time with teenage girls!  I love my boys, don't get me wrong, but girls are so different and fun to be with, at least in small doses.  The weekend felt like one giant sleepover with some really great talks thrown in.

This is so random about me, but I love switching nail polish colors.  I've been getting them done with gel polish for a while now, and I'll do a normal color for two weeks, then I'll do something different or fun.  I went from red to royal blue yesterday when I went.  The crazier the color, the more I love it.  I NEVER get the same color two times in a row.  I rarely get the same colors at all.  I am always all over the place, and the sweet little gal that does them for me, Allie, always laughs at my choices.  Maybe this is why I fit in so well with teenagers.

Graham has been talking to a new believer, Chris, whom he met on Saturday at our afternoon mission project.  He's had several conversations on the phone with him, and on Monday afternoon, he and AJ from church went to meet with the young man.  Chris is twenty and is a brand new believer in the faith, and is getting baptized on Sunday.  If you think of him, will you pray for him?  For him to stand strong in his newfound faith.  AJ is going to meet with him weekly for discipleship purposes.

I am so thankful for our church family!

This young man of mine is FEARLESS.  Totally and unequivocally so.  I'm always so surprised by this about him.  He might be only seventeen, but he's more responsible than a lot of adults I know.  I know he will go far, and I cannot wait to see God's plan for his life unfold.

As funny and goofy as this one can be, Drew has moments that I see that make my eyes fill up with tears.  I consider him an example among his peers, and I love watching him and my oldest worship God.  I love his heart for others.

Drew says he hates school, but I would say that isn't true.  I think he enjoys the process of school and learning new things.  Also, he is one for structure and routine, and he likes that school brings that.  He is steady and methodical and gets it done with no help from me.

Jonah.  I laid eyes on him all of two times this past weekend.  He was busy and he was having fun with his friends, and was too busy to stop for me.  This one loves to learn things.  He is always watching videos on YouTube on how to do things.  He knows all this random stuff about cars and how to fix them, and if he has a problem with something, he looks it up online and will get it figured out in no time.  He is such a go-getter.

He hates shopping as much as his mom.  That being said, we had success in finding him clothes last week.  (Insert praise hands emoji here.)

Noah loves talking to people he doesn't know.  He had some opportunities to share with others over the weekend, and it's continued throughout the week.  He's been riding his scooter around in our neighborhood looking for people to share with.

I am so proud of him, and how fearless he is.

When nobody wants to go anywhere with me, Noah will be quick to offer.  He is so good at thinking of others first.

Bonus about him: he LOVES jumping on the trampoline and is out there all the time.  He loves to do flips.

Thanks for reading!  Happy day to you.  Love to all.

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