Thursday, March 23, 2017

three things

I thought I'd share three things for each of us that describes our life right now, and the ages everyone is at.  I love these type posts, for the purpose of looking back and remembering.  Sometimes it's good to spend some time going back and thinking on old memories.  These pictures I'm sharing today all contain a fun memory for all of us.

(This was eight years ago, at the University of Alabama.  We were headed home from Orlando/Disney World, and Toddley rerouted our trip home to include visiting this campus.)


At eighteen years old, he is quite responsible.  He is totally trustworthy, and rarely gets in trouble.  If he does anything, it's annoying his younger brothers.  He is loving his newly acclaimed freedom that being eighteen brings about.  And I'm excited because he can finally make a Costco run for me and he can buy cough medicine when we're all sick.

He has worked everyday so far this week.  He loves working, because he loves having money.  Gas is NOT cheap.

He is wrapping up his last year of high school, and I keep having to make sure he's actually doing his work.  Senior problems?  One theme I keep hearing is a lack of motivation.

(This was about four years ago, at the Memphis zoo.)


He's been sick all week.  At almost seventeen years old, he is really wise, and made the good decision of staying home from church last night, because he doesn't want to chance getting sicker before the weekend comes.  We have a really fun weekend planned, and the boys are getting to go to a March Madness game at the FedEx Forum!  Drew is more excited about this than anything in the world.  He is going, and Graham, and their two friends they went to the beach with, Zack and Andrew.

He loves Netflix and is currently without a show to watch.  I recommended a couple, but he shrugged like he wasn't too interested in what I had to offer.

He and I were CRACKING UP over something I saw on a website last night.  I love laughing with this kid, and am glad he's finally feeling a little better.


His newest thing is that he wants to eat healthier.  He  came to me with this the other day, and I want to do everything in my power for him to be able to accomplish this.  The problem is that he is super picky.  I'm open to suggestions, if you have some good thoughts on this.  (The only fruit he really likes are apples and pineapple, but he loves all meat and very little vegetables.)

He spent a good chunk of birthday money on a really nice indoor basketball the other day.  They go up to our church all the time to play basketball in the gym.

He's a hoarder of money and takes great care of the geckos/bearded dragon.  He does all kinds of research on them all the time, making sure their diet is good and will make them grow.


Even though he is the youngest in the family, I really count on him to be an example setter.  I told him this yesterday as I shared with him about how slowly I've been reading in the bible.

He is currently obsessed with a show on the science channel about life hacks.

I can always count on him the most to help me out whenever I call on him.  Bless him for this.  He never complains about anything.


We love our kids.  So, so much, and rarely are away from them.  The thing about having four kids in as many years is that somewhere in all of that, time together with each other got put on the back burner.  We always had willing grandparents to help us out, but sometimes it just seemed like too much trouble to get them there, go out and do something, and go back and get them.  We never really had anyone tell us this little tidbit, so we just kept on not going on regular date nights.

We felt like it wasn't that big a deal, honestly, because we were best friends before we dated, so we know that when the boys all grow up and leave home, we will still have tons of things in common, and we will still like AND love each other.  And also, we just genuinely love being with the boys.  They're tons of fun, and there's nothing we like more than hanging out with them.  (And also, I feel like date nights are a thing now because of social media....and I do not like that at all, this keeping up with the Joneses.)

That being said, now that they're older, we're trying to go on dates more regularly.  One day, not too long ago, he planned a sushi date for us without me knowing and told me about a few hours before.  The fact that he did that was really sweet, and to this quality time loving wife, spoke volumes of how much he cares for me and treasures me.  Also, our time together in New York was so much like a second honeymoon that I feel like I am really good for a while.

I am so thankful God gave me Toddley as my husband.  The older I get, and the more I grow closer to God, the more I know how to "be" a wife.  It's not something I will ever fully achieve, and trust me when I say that I am NOT perfect in this at all, but we are learning this together.  The closer we are in our relationships to God, the closer we are to one another.  It's like a triangle with God at the top, and Todd on one side at the bottom and me at the other.  The more we move up towards God, literally, the closer together we become.

Pretty cool, huh?  I had a pastor teach us that once, and it made perfect sense.

Thanks for reading!  Love to all.


  1. Awesome post!! Isn't it crazy how time flies??

  2. you are awesome and I so love reading your post. you guys are awesome as a couple and parents. I love seeing the closeness ya'll have as a family and so happy that you are a part of ours. love ya lots. thanks for being an inspiration.


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