Friday, April 14, 2017

Friday Favorites

Happy Good Friday to you, my friends.  This is my favorite time of year, and the most holiest of days in the life of a believer of the Lord Jesus Christ.  I pray that you and your family have a blessed weekend of celebrating our RISEN SAVIOR.

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I have TONS of favorites to share with you this week, so bear with me!  I don't know how I have so many when this week has been so slow with my sick kids.

First up on the list is my family.  They have called or texted or prayed or volunteered to bring us food, and I am very thankful for them.  They're definitely some of my favorite people on this planet, and I love them.

Next on my favorites list is this lady.  She has prayed for us, and though I've not seen her in MONTHS (not really), we have talked on the phone every single day, almost.  We've laughed, we've made inside jokes, we've made plans for our future when we someday run a store together, we've just talked about everything else under the sun.  I cannot wait to see her in person again, eventually.  Until then, I might call her three hundred and four times a day.

Fresh fruit has been our favorite lately.  My husband takes a bunch with him to work everyday, and we've all been making our way through all this that is in this stand.  Also, I love my new little stand I bought from Home Goods last week.

I tried to kill this little campanula plant I bought last week, but I did not succeed!  That makes this my favorite plant ever.  It's hardy.  And by the "little" amounts of water that the lady told me this requires, it does actually need watering everyday.

Sick kids are NOT my favorite.  I do love taking care of them, though, but it's been a rough week and couple of days.  Drew had a weird rash break out all over him last night and I took him to the doctor thinking it was scarlet fever from strep throat, which is what the doctor thought Noah had last week and treated him for.  We determined that we didn't think it was strep, though, because he kept on being really sick, even on the medicine.  We thought it was either a bad virus or the flu, because Drew caught it and has been in bed with fever and body aches all week.  Until last night when he came down with a rash, and I had flash backs from when he was four and broke out with scarlet fever because he'd had strep and we had no clue.  His throat never hurts when he has this.  I thought for sure that's what it was last night, but the test came back negative and white blood cell count was perfect.  She determined it was hives from the virus he's had all week.  And hives are caused by stress, and being that sick is no walk in the park.  So, if you want to pray for him about this, we would appreciate it.  They were all over him when he went to bed last night.

My favorite times this week have been spent praying and reading the word of God.  He teaches me so much in His word, and I've taken tons of notes this week.  It's been my sanity.

This was one of my favorite services ever.  Eight churches joined together for a night of prayer and praise and worship at Bellevue, a local mega church in Memphis, and our pastor was one of the preachers.  I didn't get to go because of sick kids, but I watched online.  It was AMAZING.

Another favorite moment this week: spending one on one time with Graham riding back together from taking his Bronco to the shop.  I love this kid so much.

Favorite new pen: the Sharpie marker pen I bought myself last week.  I love how these write!

Karen Kingsbury is my favorite author.  This book was really good, but this series hasn't been my favorite.  I still enjoyed it, though, and am so excited for her newest book coming in June or July, called Love Story.  If you've read the Redemption series with the Baxters, this is the love story of John and Elizabeth Baxter, the patriarch and matriarch of that family.  I cannot wait!

Favorite Friday morning view.  I love my quiet times with the Lord.

I pray that if you're a believer, that you have a blessed weekend of celebrating our risen King.  If you're in need of a church to attend and are local to me, I'd love to have you at Collierville First Baptist Church.  We'll have two services: one at nine fifteen and one at ten forty-five.  I'm not sure if I'll be there or not, it'll depend on how people in this house are feeling, but even if I do go, I won't be sitting in choir, but will just attend in the congregation.

This is the holiest time of year, for those of us who are followers of Jesus Christ.  I am eternally grateful for His sacrifice on my (your) behalf, and that I will never again be separated from God.  (Sin=eternal separation from God.)  I wrote about this yesterday...scroll down to the entry from yesterday, if you're interested.

Love to all.

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