Monday, April 3, 2017

seventeen things I love about Drew

Happy birthday to you, Drewby!  Here are just a few (SEVENTEEN) things I love most about you.

1.  You love Jesus.

2.  You love to worship Him, blessing my heart every time I see you.

3.  You love your friends.

4.  You LOVE to laugh.

5.  You have the greatest laugh ever.

6.  You love kids, and they love you.

7.  You know how to have fun and love doing crazy things.

(Remember last May when you danced with the belly dancers at the square?  And the crowd erupted in cheers for you when it was all over?  AND THEN you made the town of Collierville social media page and yelled, "I'M FAMOUS!!!")

8.  You are fiercely loyal and you are a great friend to have.  (And you have the best friends.)

9.  We never know what you're going to do to embarrass us.  (Me.  You embarrass me sometimes and you love doing so.)

10.  YOUR HAIR IS AMAZING.  Do not ever let your friends straighten it again.

11.  You're really, really motivated.

12.  You're confident, but not overly so.

13.  You give really great hugs, even though you don't love giving them.

14.  You are always, always, always full of joy, and have been since you were a baby.

15.  You love to eat good food, and you're my favorite person on this planet to cook for.

16.  You live and love to play pranks on people.  Your latest stunt was yesterday morning at church, when you mixed powdered cheese into water and poured it into a Sunny D container, convincing people to drink it.

17.  I love every little (sometimes quirky) thing about you, Drew, and I pray your day is magical.

(Love to all.)

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