Tuesday, May 16, 2017

simply Tuesday

Happy Birthday to my mom-in-love, Phyllis!  We had fun celebrating her at a Redbirds game last night.  It was an amazing night for a baseball game.

Nothing says summertime like a baseball game.  It's been a couple of years since we've been to one, and I love going.  When we got there, our seats were close, but it was really crowded where we were sitting, so when I got up to go get food for dinner, I sat somewhere else by myself and ate.  I needed the room to move, and when I sat back down, we sat in the top row.  (My father-in-love, mom-in-love, and me.  The rest of them sat down low.)

And even though yesterday, the last thing I wanted to do was go to a baseball game, it ended up being such a fun night.  (I was tired when I was not wanting to go, but I got better.)

Today involves a lot of nothing.  I want to stay in my pj's and do laundry and vacuum up the dog hair and read my book.  Maybe even watch some episodes of Good Witch on Netflix.  I know at some point, a grocery trip needs to happen, but I am thinking of sending one of the boys to do that.  I'll make dinner for my family, and then I will sit and enjoy eating at the table with them, and Todd and I will catch up some on The Voice.  Maybe even The Amazing Race.  Tonight is our only night at home together as a family...I don't know why I thought the week would slow back down, but it isn't doing that anytime soon.  The BBQ Fest is going on all weekend, starting tomorrow night, and Todd is working it.  I'll see him again on Saturday afternoon, hopefully.

Other things I plan on doing are writing out scripture, finding a new spot to begin reading for my quiet time, I'll browse online for a new journal (mine is almost at the end), and I'll do some bible study homework.  (I finished a group study last week, and promptly started another one, but I'm doing this one privately.)

I'll play with my hair, since I got a huge chunk of it cut off yesterday.

(Please excuse the no make up.)  It was so big this weekend (my hair), and now it feels a thousand times better.  She cut off so much, because I asked her to.  I go to this sweet lady named Ginger.  I used to go to her years ago, and then my mom started cutting my hair, and now I'm back to using her again.  She colored my hair for me a couple of months ago, and gave me the best haircut that same day, and it was time again for it to be thinned.  She works her magic on the back and the sides and takes away the part that always grows into a triangle shape.  I love it, but it always requires me spending time learning how to style it again when I first get it cut.

I'll probably make sure I've got upcoming events written down in my planner today, too, and make sure I've got all the upcoming trips and camps written down.  There are so many!  Graham leaves for Guatemala a week from Friday, then he'll be home a week, and then he and Drew will leave for nine days for the Navajo reservation and will return on a Sunday, then on the next day all of them will leave for camp, come home and then leave again two days later.  They will be pretty much be gone all of June.

I will need to make shopping and to do lists for these upcoming things, especially with Graham leaving in a little over a week.

And hopefully, that will sum up my day.  I'm ready for a low key day at home.

Thanks for reading!  Love to all.

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