Tuesday, May 9, 2017

weekend/Monday update

This weekend was good.  Todd worked Memphis In May all weekend, and this was the music fest weekend, which is his favorite event of the whole year.  Because he was gone all weekend and I haven't been to my mom's house in forever, the boys and I went out there and hung out all Friday night.  It was a GLORIOUS night!

We had pork chops, fried rice, grilled squash, zucchini, and cabbage, and bread.

After all that food, the boys decided to go run some of it off with a game of Frisbee.

I walked around the house to look at all the pretty flowers...

...and fell in LOVE with this bush by the front door.  It reminds me of a Christmas tree!  Speaking of Christmas, it's been on my mind lately.

This was me freezing on Friday afternoon while Dad was here, so I made some hot chai tea to drink in my adorable Christmas mug my sister Trish bought me for my birthday.

I also listen to Christmas music all year.  Just last night I was playing one of my playlists from Spotify while I did some bible study.

Back to Friday night, though...it was a fun night.  When we got home, the older boys went to a movie with friends, and Jonah and Noah and I watched tv for a while before turning in.

And I know that Saturday was beautiful, but this was me sitting inside being lazy all day.  I found this show on Netflix and am in love with England.  I really want to go there!  All the cottages are quaint and charming, and I loved "house hunting" with people across the pond.

The boys were gone all day, and quite honestly, I just needed a day to be home all day.  That hasn't happened in over two weeks.

Drew's friend texted me a link to this song.  I died laughing, because I loved The Cranberries when I was in high school.

Sunday was spent at church, then I went to Burger King for lunch with the boys and made Missy tag along.  We sat there and talked until almost two, then I came home for about thirty minutes, and was back at church at three for choir.  Right after choir was community group, then I came home and crashed.

I finished the study portion of this bible study yesterday.  It was so good!  We meet tonight for the last night and will take a break over the summer and will resume in August.  I love my bible study friends!  I reached out to them all to pray for something yesterday, and it was so comforting knowing they were standing in the gap for my family.

How was your weekend?

Thanks for reading!  Love to all.

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