Monday, July 10, 2017

the weekend

After the last few weekends, this one was pretty low key.  To kick off the start of ours, my dad came over for lunch on Friday, as usual.  When we came home, we went into the kitchen for a bit, so he could look over something I've been working on, and I took this picture without him knowing.

Isn't it precious?  Per the suggestion of a sweet friend on Facebook when I posted this yesterday, I'm thinking of printing and framing it and hanging it nearby my spot where I like to have quiet time.

We had teenagers here with us that day, and we stayed and visited in the kitchen for a while.  Eventually they all went across the street to swim.  I thought it was hilarious that Graham and Drew both had friends who were here at our house, and neither of them were here.  Graham was working that day, and Drew had left to go spend the night with a friend in Nesbit, Mississippi.

I love that they are comfortable enough to hang out here without them.

I ended up alone that night.  Todd was working, Drew was gone, and Graham took Jonah and Noah with him for the worship service out at kids camp.  I had cereal for dinner, and then my friend Marissa came over and hung out.  I don't remember us really doing anything except talking.  And laughing.

Saturday morning I got up and had quiet time.  I loved where I was that day, and it was sort of an accident on how I got there.  First, I posted this picture.

And the wording reminded me of the verse that talks of how we speak from the overflow of our hearts.  That led me to digging a little deeper, and I ended up reading most of Matthew 15.

When I found the verse I had been looking for, I wanted to read it more in context with what had happened before and after.  It was really sweet time with the Lord, and I am thankful for what He showed me in scripture that morning.

I'm going to share more about this tomorrow, though, on how I study scripture, and how I read.

The rest of the day was spent going to Costco, reading, and then cooking a huge, delicious feast for my family.  Todd, Graham, and Jonah went to kids camp to tear down the stage after the service, and Drew and Noah stayed home with me.  Marissa came over again, but this time we watched Moana.  It was so, so good!  I'd been wanting to watch it.

Sunday morning was church, then afterward, Todd and I went to lunch with a couple friend of ours, Matthew and Lorri.  We ate at Huey's, and then we went Lowe's and bought a new refrigerator.  We will put the new one in our kitchen, the one in the kitchen outside in the garage, and we'll trash the one that's currently in the garage.  It'll be here a week from tomorrow.

Then last night was community group for the high school.  We swam at a friend's house, and ended around eight.

I loved the view walking back out to my car, with the sun setting.

I love summer nights, especially when they're spent in the pool.

It was a great weekend.  I hope yours was too!  Love to all.

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