Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Wednesday Things

I loved this image from Lifeway Women's All Access blog that I read this morning.  I thought I would share some random things from the week we've had so far.

(Also, I'm in a blogging rut again.  If you can think of ideas for blog posts you'd like to read about, please comment and help a girl out.)

Before I start with that, I have to say that I have been glued to the tv screen all week.  The devastation in Houston is heartbreaking.  I've also been watching some of it through social media, and through friends I have that are either in Houston, or near Houston.  I've been praying and praying some more, every time I see new footage.  Even on K-Love this morning, they had an announcement for those in or near Houston, advising on the weather.  I cannot even imagine what they're going through.

This past weekend, we had an at home choir retreat, of sorts.  This was our second one in a year, and I loved this one even more than the first one.  We met at church, for dinner, at five thirty on Friday, ate, and then listened to a speaker from a church in Dallas.  Our worship pastor had him come in specifically for this retreat, and he was wonderful.  On Friday night, it was more of an introduction of himself, and the church he comes from.  After he spoke, we went upstairs to start practicing new music.

It was the same on Saturday.  We met early for breakfast, then listened to Dr. Bugg (His name is Doran Bugg, and he is the worship pastor for Dallas First Baptist Church), then we had sectional practice.  We joined back up to go over a couple more songs, then Dr. Bugg spoke one more time, and answered our questions.  It was so encouraging!  I love things like that, and I love being in a choir.

These were my verses to write out on Monday.  I love them both and refer back to them often, when I'm needing to have some peace in my life.

Have you ever checked out the Lifeway Women's All Access blog?  If not, you should consider going and looking around.  They post wonderful articles almost every single day.  Here's a link to the blog.

I love our school days.  I don't know if the boys do as much, but I love how peaceful and quiet they are.  Noah was doing Spanish lessons online, and I was watching/listening to him practice.

Also, I was reading this.

My sister in law gave me this book to read while we were visiting them in Nashville last week, and I read it a little last week, making it into about chapter ten.  On Monday, I picked it back up and read all the day long.  I did the same yesterday, and by four thirty yesterday, I had finished the book.  It's over five hundred pages, so if that is daunting to you, you might want to keep scrolling.  If not, then go buy it and read it!  I think this would be a GREAT book club book.

There's a great discussion guide in the back, even.  It was amazing.  It's based on World War II.

Speaking of book clubs....I have been in one for the past several months.  I think we started in late May and last night, we finished our book!  I love these ladies so much!  We started as five but ended with four.  We met each week, with the author of the book we were reading, and I have to say about this whole thing, that I feel so much smarter and more knowledgeable on what we learned.  I am ordering our new books today for us to start with in two weeks, because we decided we must keep going.

I love being in a book club!  I've only been waiting on this my whole life.

Also, I borrowed this image above, too, from my best friend.  Thanks, Missy!

Lastly, it's almost September, and you know what that means!  It's time for a new Scripture writing plan for the month.  For the printable version, check out Shannon's blog,

Thanks for reading, friends.  Don't forget to comment on some blog post suggestions to help me out.  After more than ten years of doing this, and thousands of posts, the well is running a little dry.

Love to all!

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