Friday, October 27, 2017

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, friends!  It's been another great week around here, and the weather has helped tremendously.  We have had some great fall days!  You know that fall is my very favorite season.

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Last Saturday night when we went out to my mom's and step-dad's house for dinner, this was one of my favorite moments from the night.  I love their new pergola and the lights he hung when he was finished building it.  My step-dad is a really talented carpenter, and I am confident that he can do just about anything.  He was inspired by a show on decks that he watched, and decided to build this.  A pergola is NOT a covered porch.  It is partially covered, with spots left open for sunlight.  You would be amazed to see this in person, and to see how much bigger their back porch looks now.  I love it.  I'm also hoping for a repeat of this for this Saturday night.  The weather will be cool, and I'll like it even more this week because of that!

I love being in choir.  I've always been in a choir of some sort, for as long as I can remember.  I grew up singing in church, and I always entered into the school talent show when I was younger, and then I went from school choirs to church choirs.  Church choir is my favorite.  A traveling choir is even MORE my favorite.  This was a partial view of us during warm up last Sunday night.  We went to a sister church in Memphis, The Dwelling Place, and had a night of praise and worship.  It was AMAZING.  Amazing.  We went to minister, but instead, the Lord showed up and ministered to us.  It was an honor to be used by the Lord, and to sing praises to Him. 

I'm ready to do it again in a couple weeks.  :)

I pretend that I don't love her, but really, I do.  This is Callie, our two year old pup, and I always say about her that she's broken.  She kinda is, truthfully, but she is absolutely precious.  She does drive me nuts, with her pacing about the house, but really, she is a good dog.  My favorite is when she curls up on the couch and falls asleep.  :)  She's a little lady, and almost always has her legs crossed like this, or she'll lay with one paw tucked under.  We used to think something was wrong with it, but it turns out that is just something German Shepherds do.  Who would have known?

Sometimes, she forgets that she's not a lap dog.  Or that she is supposed to be a guard dog, instead, crying and whimpering any time the doorbell rings.

I wrote about this earlier in the week, so to read the full post, scroll down a few, but this was my favorite night of dinner.  It was when we had a couple extra, and I didn't think we'd have enough, so I asked the Lord to make it be enough.  And He did exactly that!  I always say that the Lord hears when we pray, and He always answers in some way or another.  It may not be the way we pray, but He always shows up.

He is so very good!

Sunsets and skies are my favorite. 

This is one of my very favorite memories!  This was six years ago, when a friend gave us six tickets to see the Fab Five [the women's Olympics gymnastics team] at the FedEx Forum.  We surprised the boys with this night out, and this was them when they found out why we were there.

I love their excitement!

Yesterday, Jonah and I were doing some de-cluttering and cleaning in the garage, and I came across this gem.  This was the sign my family had hung in the garage when we moved into the house we currently live in.  For the full post, hop over to Instagram and follow me.  [allfiveboys]

Aside from the day I asked Jesus to be Lord of my life, when I got married, and the days I had a baby or babies, this was my favorite and best day ever. 

This is Drew, my middlest son, dressed as Buddy the Elf for WayBack Wednesday in the youth this week.  This is my favorite costume ever, of all time.  He is perfectly natural as Buddy, and people tell him all the time how much he resembles Will Ferrell. 

It's been quite the week. 

Thanks for reading my blog!  I hope your weekend is great.  Love to all! 


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