Monday, November 20, 2017

the weekend

We had a great weekend around these parts.  When you start your Friday night off with these, it doesn't get much better.

If you go to the Momfessionals blog, and click on her Friday Favorites post from a few days ago, she will have a link you can go to for the recipe.  We love chicken pot pie, and I have never found a recipe that didn't seem dry.  These were perfect!  There was tons of liquid added in, so I knew these would be good, and it was declared a "repeat dinner".  Meaning, I will make this again, and soon.

I'm pretty sure that chicken pot pie is my husband's love language.  We had this for dinner, and then the kids all hung out upstairs.  We watched a few episodes of our current show. 

On Saturday, everyone slept late, except for me.  Callie ALWAYS wakes me up, but I don't mind, since I'm a morning person.  I enjoyed coffee and did some laundry while the rest of them started waking up.  It was a lazy morning, then we all got dressed and left for the airport to meet my family that flew in from Colorado.

I was so teary when we saw them all.  I am an emotional mess most days, but something about seeing my nephew Jaret, who hasn't been here in too long, and then my twin great nieces and watching Todd and the boys meet them for the first time...well, it was just too much, and I was fighting tears the whole time. 

Kinsley is on the left, and Kylie on the right.  I'm pretty sure Todd was flirting with both of them when I took these.  I know he was with Kinsley.  He was playing peek-a-boo with her.  Are they not precious?!  I love them so much.  They are each so different.  I love how you can already see their personalities shining through.

Once we got home from the airport, and when the storm passed us by, the boys and I went to Mom's house for dinner.  Todd worked that night and we stayed at Mom's until about eight.  I went to bed a little early.

On Sunday during church, I went out in the hall with my niece and her hubby, and the girls, so that I could play with them some.  I'm glad I did that, because I got to snuggle them both.  They were both so sleepy, but they were so good. 

I came home and ate lunch after church, and took a nap, because I was freezing.  I had choir practice at three, but my head started throbbing, and then I got sick to my stomach, and I had to leave early.  (I took some medicine and felt better after I ate.) 

Mom, Trish, Lisa and I had all made plans to go see Wonder, and we got to try out the new recliners.

I made her smile for a selfie.  :) 

If you haven't seen that already, you should go see it!  It was the best movie, and I am so particular about what I like to see in the theater. 

I made myself sick again by eating popcorn and was about to die when I got home.  None of the teenagers who were here were sympathetic to me being so sick, though, and they all made fun of me.  (Movie popcorn and I do NOT get along, even the popcorn without butter.) 


I just went to bed.  I was on the last episode of Gilmore Girls, but I fell asleep.

It was a great weekend.  I'm looking forward to this week!  We have a baby dedication today at three, then we're all going to dinner at Firebirds afterward.  And it's Thanksgiving week!  I can't wait to eat the yummy food and come home that night to decorate for Christmas.  It's the best time of year! 

Also, happy birthday to my nephew, Devin! 

Thanks for reading!  Love to all. 

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