Wednesday, December 13, 2017

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Happy Wednesday!  This week is going by really quickly, as I knew it always seems to go that way, this week of my birthday.  I turn forty-one tomorrow!  I love having a December birthday, but I will say that it's a tiny bit crazy having an additional thing to add to the list of things for this month. 

I've been celebrating all week.  :)  I wish there were emojis for the blog. 

On Monday, my dear, dear friend Christa took me out to my favorite Mexican restaurant for dinner.  There is this little hole in the wall place here in The Ville, and I cannot get over their salsa and their tortilla soup.  I had both.  We also shared the fajita nachos.  It was delicious and we ended the night with Starbucks.  We wanted to take a picture to document, and I took us to the town square so Christmas lights could be in the background. 

Because it's magical.  We both love Christmas so much, and it was a perfect night. 

Also, how adorable?  This is a little log cabin on the square and they outline it completely with Christmas lights.  I love Christmas in our little town!  I know I've said that about a million times, but I'll keep saying it again and again.

Yesterday I caught up in my quiet time reading, and I loved what I read in the verses in the scripture writing plan.  I love the thought that Jesus is our High Priest, and that He is in heaven, interceding on our behalf to God our Father. 

That reminds me of the times when I'm simply too overwhelmed to pray, or when I am shocked by something and I don't know what to say.  Sometimes, I just say, "Jesus, Jesus!" over and over again.  And not in the way that takes His name in vain, either.  (I HATE IT when people say His name in vain.  It literally makes my skin crawl.)  When I say His name in this way, it's because it's all I know to say.  I think that in those times, that is when He takes over and does this interceding for us.  I'm no bible scholar, those are just my thoughts and ponderings.

This puppy is still waking me up early in the morning for me to let him out, and then to cuddle him.  He is such a baby!  It's a good thing he's cute.  I do love him, and I don't hate that time with him early in the mornings.  He only makes me lose my mind every few days, and then he spends time in his kennel for a breather.

I went to my happy place yesterday and got some library books!  I go in spurts where I read all the time, and super fast, like when we were at the beach back in September, but then I won't read for weeks or months at a time.  I'm trying to read more again, so I went and borrowed about five books yesterday that were all Christmas themed, and I finished this one this morning.  It was so good!  It's my first Nancy Thayer book to read, and I think I will read more by her. 

My friend Andrea got me a really cute journal for my birthday, and I decided that this year I'll keep a journal of all that I read or of books I want to read.  I started it Monday, and I plan on doing a month by month type list on the pages.  I've never journaled about books before, but this is something I was inspired to do after hearing Modern Mrs. Darcy (Anne Bogel) talk about this on her blog.

Here's a new book I started this morning, and the cute journal Andrea picked out for me. 

Also, I love  this Christmas arrangement my mom made and insisted I keep. 

Today I am having lunch with my bestie, and we are going to one of my most favorite places of all time, but I'll write more about that on Friday, perhaps.  I can't wait! 

I feel so honored that my friends bless me in such meaningful and thoughtful ways, and I have thanked the good Lord over and over for them all this week as I've been getting dressed to leave.  Tonight we are eating dinner at our church, for our annual music and tech department appreciation dinner out worship pastor gives us each year.  I love that I don't have to cook and that there will be entertainment. 

It's yet another birthday week celebration because I don't have to cook or think about anything, all I have to do is show up.  Well, laundry is calling my name, so I better run.  Thanks for reading!  Love to all. 

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