Wednesday, January 10, 2018

come on in/master bedroom & bathroom

Happy Wednesday, friends!  I tried to write a blog post yesterday, but we were having internet issues, so it never happened.  By the time everything was working again, I had lost the motivation to write.  I thought I'd share about our little makeover that we've had going on for the last few weeks, at least, my portion of it.  The boys rooms are still a work in progress, because they're never home to do anything.  

I'll reiterate for anyone who didn't already know: for Christmas this year, Graham and Drew got separate rooms and new furniture.  They got bigger beds, and the furniture they have now is what they can take with them someday when they leave home.  We painted in what used to be the playroom, and that became Graham's room.  Drew stayed put and didn't want any painting in his room.  We rearranged and they're all moved in and cozy in the new rooms.  We added a tv to Drew's room, and Jonah and Noah got one as well, since we eliminated our playroom in doing all of this.  

Because it was a secret, we did this along with painting our bedroom and bathroom.  That was what our gift to each other was, and it kept the whole thing a secret from Jonah and Noah, who didn't know any of this was going on.  I told them since we were painting in our room, we could just add on the playroom and change up the color.  They fell for it, and were surprised.  

It's been kind of a long process, because way before all the work started, we had to clean out.  We have gotten rid of SO MUCH STUFF.  Graham sold his drums, we had decide what would stay and what could be donated.  Closets had to be completely gutted and cleaned out, and to prove all this went on, there is still a pile of stuff in our hall that I've not felt like going through yet.  Their closets are all finished now, and completely clean.  We still have a couple of mattresses to sell (anyone?) and some stuff needs to be picked up that we will donate to our local Teen Challenge in Memphis, but after all of that, we will be done for a while.  (I am still hoping to clean out our attic this winter, though.)  

So here is what I do have pictures of: our room and bathroom.  We still have to hang the curtains, but Toddley has been sick, so it'll get done next week. 

This new bedding started it all.  This was my birthday present, and it pushed me on toward the color scheme that I wanted, which was navy blue walls, gray, and white.  (Also, I made that sign at my friend's bachelorette party back in May, and it looks like it was made to fit the room.  How cool is that?!)

I wanted white bedding so that I could change up the pillows and blanket at the end of the bed and make it look new.  That flannel blanket was a Christmas gift and I love it!  Also, those book shelves are something I'm still loving.  That was what Jonah and I did for two solid hours last week-we color coordinated all the books on the shelf.  

Before we had the walls painted, they were a dark red color.  Wallpaper was under the paint, though, in our room, our bathroom and in Graham's room, so all of that had to be stripped first, and then the walls had to be floated in some areas, and then they mudded, sanded, and finally painted.  The guys who did the work were amazing, and worked so quickly and efficiently.  

Our bathroom was that same dark red, but we had started removing some of the wallpaper that was under the paint, and we were only halfway done.  Needless to say, it's been wonderful having a completed bathroom again.

Also, the lighting was a bar with four giant bulbs that was hideous, and we had that huge bathroom mirror that was unsightly, so we trashed all of that and went with new.

The walls are gray-the color is Bay Waves from Lowe's Behr brand.

Our fixture is from Amazon, and it's brushed bronze.  The towel hooks are also from Amazon, and came in a six pack.  (We will use the rest in the boys' bathroom-that's our next project.)

We got a new shower curtain and rod, but the rod hasn't been hung yet.  When the painters removed the caulk around the faux marble walls around the tub, the walls started caving in toward each other.  Also, we have to replace our tub, and when we do that, we will do white subway tile from the tub all the way up to the ceiling.  Then we'll hang the curved brushed bronze rod we bought, and add this curtain again.  For right now, this tension rod is holding the shower walls in place.

Toddley hung these new towel rods (also from Amazon) and with the piece of wood reinforcing that wall that they're hung on, they are not going anywhere anytime soon.  

Our mirrors above the vanity came from Lowe's, and they were on clearance.  Bonus!  We were going to go with something different, but I'm happy with these that we found for a fraction of the price that the others were that we were looking at.  

Eventually I'll find something small to hang on the wall space between the mirrors, and on the empty wall behind that is reflected in those mirrors, but for now, I'm done.  I have no idea what I'd want to hang, so this gives me time to think about what might look good there.  I am so pleased with how it all turned out, and it feels great to have it all behind us now.  

Someday I may paint our bathroom cabinets, and add drawer pulls.  But before that, our next thing is the boys' bathroom.  We will paint the walls in there the same as what's in our bathroom, buy a new fixture and replace the mirror.  We will take down the curtains that are over the window in there and buy a new shower curtain and rod.  We will also hang two towel rods similar to what we have above.  It shouldn't be too pricey to do all of that, but I think it'll make a huge difference in the lighting in that small bathroom and it'll look bigger.  

I'm thrilled to be fixing up a couple areas of the house that have remained untouched for a decade or more.  I love sprucing things up, and while we're living here, we may as well enjoy everything around us.  

So that's it.  The lighting in the pictures isn't too great, but you get the gist of it all.  

Thanks for reading!  Love to all.  

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