Monday, January 22, 2018

Monday Things

Happy Monday!  The sun is shining in all of its glory, and it feels so good to have it pouring through the windows.  My dogs, even, are relishing in it and are sunbathing on the floor behind me.

Well, Crash isn't.  He's drooling over the squirrels he can see in the backyard, and is standing on guard.

I'll start with this:

If you are local to me, I would LOVE for you to join me this weekend, at our women's conference!  It's Friday night from 7-8:30, and Saturday from 8-11.  It's twenty dollars, and there will be worship, a powerful testimony from Kim Jaggers, and teaching from the book of Matthew, chapter seven.

Will you join me?  Here is a link to sign up, if you're interested.  Bring some friends!|year:2018|campus:0|ministry:8|listview:0|featuredevents:0

I hope you'll consider coming!  As many women come to our annual tablescapes event, I would love to see that many there for the conference this weekend.  This is what truly matters in life, friends, this gift of salvation that will be talked about. 

Moving on from that, I will say here that I did not do much laundry this weekend and have MOUNTAINS OF IT waiting on me.  I'm not leaving my house today, though, so I have time to do it.  Sheet washing is included in this, and that takes forever. 

This weekend was nice~really easy and kinda low key.  On Friday night, my husband worked with the sheriff's department, so Jonah, Noah, Alex, and I all went to a Chinese buffet for dinner.  It was SO GOOD.  I was so hungry and was seriously craving some Chinese food.  Graham was at Rachel's house, and Drew was at a guys retreat. 

The next morning, Todd, Jonah, and Noah went to a car show.  It was one of the Christmas gifts, and they were in heaven.

Noah took this picture.  Those boys love cars and are very knowledgeable in this area.  They missed the guys retreat for this, and they were both fine with it. 

Meanwhile, I had a teaching opportunity with Chip.

I am teaching him that it's not nice to bite your older brother's ears. 

And it's really not nice to pee on the floor.

He fell asleep sitting up like this.  He finally laid down, and I got him out to cuddle him. 

He is rotten.

We had a little mini Goodwin/Hall family reunion at my in-love's house that night, then we came back home and I went to bed. 

Yesterday was church, and it was AMAZING.  Our Pastor is preaching on a series that will help us grow in our faith together, and he spoke on prayer yesterday.  I'll share my notes on the blog tomorrow. 

I need to start on my list of things to do, so I'm cutting this short today.  Thanks for reading!  Love to all. 

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