Friday, February 23, 2018

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!  It's been a weird and rainy week.  Anyone else experiencing so much rain that you keep seeing GIANT earth worms everywhere you look?  My puppy has tried to eat one or four.  BLEH. 

Rain is NOT my favorite, and I am ready for it to move along, now.

I'm linking up with Andrea at Momfessionals, and her friends, for this blog post.

(I was not kidding about those earth worms.  One was almost a foot and a half long the other night, and I was convinced that what Noah saw was a snake.  It wasn't.  It really was a giant earth worm.  Todd brought it inside to show me.)

I have some favorite moments from this week and a few other favorite things as well. 

Monday was one giant blur.  I think I took three naps.  D-Now recovery is no joke, and I felt like I'd been in a wreck.

Tuesday was nothing worth noting, other than a giant trip to Costco.

Wednesday was my favorite day!  I had lunch with a dear friend of mine, and we sat there for almost two solid hours catching up and just getting to know each other better.  I love times like that.

Wednesday night was also when my husband started feeling really sick, so while he rested on the couch, I finished my library book, then started this one.

I've had it for about a month now, and I've been putting it off because I knew I would love it.  (Anyone else do that?)  Sure enough, I finished it yesterday afternoon.  It might be my favorite so far, in 2018.  I'm trying to read more. 

Then, I started this one last night.

I love Agatha Christie, and can't help but wonder why I've never read her books before.  They remind me of adult versions of Nancy Drew.  I devoured all those books when I was a teenager.

Reading is my favorite. 

I came across this article via Facebook the other day, and loved it so much that I thought I'd make it one of the favorites for today.

Click here to read it.

It's about growing up in the eighties.

Also, most of you know how much I love Travis Cottrell, and today he has a new album that releases.  He advertised it this morning, with a link to this song you can find on YouTube.

Just know that this one will be on repeat for a while, and that it's my new favorite worship song. 

My sweet hubby stayed home yesterday because of how bad he felt, and we enjoyed a day of being lazy together.  He sat on the couch all day, and I read, in between making the bed and doing the minimal amount of laundry.

I love days like that.  It was cold and dreary and pretty perfect.  Except for this weird eye thing I have going on again, but whatever.  (I look like someone punched me in my right eye, and it feels like there is sand in it.)

Well, speaking of making the bed and laundry...I need to get to it.  Have a great day and weekend!  Here's to hoping we don't need an ark to get around in this weekend.  All the rain has just situated itself right here in Memphis, it seems like, and is not going away soon. 

Thanks for reading my blog!  Love to all. 

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