Friday, February 9, 2018

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!  I'm linking up with Andrea from Momfessionals for this post. 

I haven't had tons going on this week.  I can't quite get over a cold I've had.  Most days I feel fine, but I've had a couple of set backs.  Because of all that, I've not done a lot this week.  I did venture out a few times, though.

If this tells you anything, I made a giant trip to Kroger on Monday.  When I say "giant", I'm referring to the bill.  We needed so many things.  When I make a trip like that, after being very low on food in the pantry, it's everyone's favorite.  We've had all kinds of yummy things to eat this week.  I even bought a lot of freezer novelties.  These boys of mine sure do love something good to eat, and even better if it's something I don't usually buy (like corndogs and soft pretzels). 

According to the reactions I got on social media, these were one of everyone's favorite posts this week.  I read during the super bowl Sunday night, in between commercial breaks.  I would put down my book to watch the commercials.  This halftime show was my favorite in a long time.  I love Justin Timberlake.  My favorite commercials were the one with Eli Manning doing the dance and lift from Dirty Dancing, and the Hyundai commercial with the #HopeComesStandard hashtag.

I haven't read anymore since Sunday night, by the way.  I said before that I go in spurts, and I've not picked it back up all week.

This is one of my favorite pictures from the week.  We've been training young Chip (in the middle) to sit and shake.  They were all sitting so pretty for Jonah as he worked with them this week. 

In case anyone doesn't know, I'm reading through the bible again in chronological order this year, and I had to play catch up from being so sick last week.  I always forget how much I love the book of Exodus!  So much happens in this book, and so much of it is stuff I can relate to (like Moses' lack of confidence in himself).  I've gotten so much out of every reading this week, something different each time.  I love that verse in chapter 14, about the LORD fighting for us.  One major theme I saw this week was God is our Provider. 

If you're needing a place to read, I would suggest Exodus.  It is so good!

I saw this on Instagram this week and cracked up laughing.  It is so true!

Amazon Prime is my favorite way to shop for almost everything.  (Not clothes.)

I'll end with yesterday.  We saw my mom and stepdad for the first time in forever at lunch, and we saw my in-love's for dinner last night. 

After dinner, we ended at one of my kids' favorite places of all--the sheriff's department base.  I took pictures, but I'm not sure about how much I can post, but here's just one.

Any day that they can all see where Todd goes before a shift with the sheriff's department is a favorite day for all.  He's on ES, which stands for Emergency Services.  Rachel was with us, and because Graham is going through this class to join right now, I think she now appreciates having a picture in her head of where he has to go for classes, then later on for work, after he graduates.

It was a fun night.  (We ate at two of our favorite places yesterday-a Mexican restaurant, and CiCi's pizza.) 

And lastly, on Sunday night at church, my favorite kind of service is coming up.

It's a night of praise and worship.  It's not at all a concert, but just a night of singing praises to God.  If you are local to me, I'd love to have you join us!  It starts at six, and it's at my church, Collierville First Baptist Church.  These nights are always spectacular, and nobody ever wants it to be over.  My specific prayer for this night is something I read yesterday in Exodus 24--and that is that the appearance of the glory of the LORD would be like a consuming fire.  Rain down on us, Lord Jesus. 

Thanks for reading!  Love to all. 

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