Thursday, March 15, 2018

spring break things

Happy Thursday!  It's spring break week around town, and we have also partaken in that tradition and enjoyed our moments of not doing much of anything. 

Our week got kicked off last Friday, when we had a bunch of family and some friends over to celebrate three out of our four sons' birthdays.  Fifteen years ago when I was pregnant with twins, I was huge and completely miserable, and basically unable to breathe, so when my doctor offered me two dates for my c-section (March 10 or 17), OF COURSE I picked the tenth.  Because twins, and miserable, and breathing.

That was me the night before they were born, and yes, it looks like a giant beach ball was stuffed in my shirt.  I assure you, it was babies, though, huge little twin boys that would make my doctor gasp when she saw how big they were (Jonah was 7 lbs and 2 oz, Noah was 6 lbs and 2 oz).  So you can now understand why I picked the sooner date. 

The only problem was that the next day was Graham's birthday.  It's okay, though, we just deal with it each year, but it does kinda take a toll on the old pocketbook. 

So, all of our families came over and some friends of the boys came as well, and we celebrated the three birthday boys.  We had hot dogs, chili, buffalo chicken dip, veggies and dip, and delicious chocolate cake from Costco.  It was a really fun night. 

The next day, I made the fifteen year old's pose for a picture.

And Sunday I posted this from a few weeks ago of Graham, my nineteen year old.

Because it was Sunday, and we all run around like chickens with our heads cut off on Sundays. 

Drew will have his party soon, when his birthday comes on April 3.  He will be eighteen.

It's a whirlwind of a few weeks, but we are surviving.

After the celebrating, on Saturday night I started this movie, which is still my favorite movie.

I never got to finish it, though, but I can't remember why.  I think I went to bed early, too, when I got interrupted, because I had to be at church at eight thirty the next morning.

I decided to take a break from Netflix after last Friday, and I've been reading instead.  I've finished almost three books this week so far, from my Netflix break.  (I did watch part of one episode of something last night, because when I went to bed my stomach was killing me and reading doesn't put me to sleep as quickly as Netflix does.) 

And right now I'm almost done with Sisterchicks in Wooden Shoes. 

This author is my favorite author of all time, and I've been reading books by her since I was a teenager.

Somehow I've lost two of the books and ended up with two copies of one of them, so today I'm going to make a trek to our little used bookshop here in The Ville, and see if I can rectify that.

I have had such good, quality time with the Lord each morning this week, enjoying the fact that I can linger for longer than usual.  I'm currently reading the bible chronologically, and I'm reading in 1 Samuel and in John.  Chronologically we are in Deuteronomy right now, and I am loving it.

Also this week, I have cooked a lot, and had everything eaten.  No leftovers this week!

Last night I talked to my sister for an hour or more.  I talked to another one of my sisters on Monday for about thirty minutes.  I love our "phone dates" because we're far apart.

I have spent sweet time with friends twice.  One was on Tuesday, when Jonah detailed my friend Teresa's car.  She stayed and we visited the whole time, and I made us lunch while he worked.  Then later that day, the group of us who did book club together went out for dinner.  It had been forever since we'd been together!

My kids have had friends over.  They've gone and played a lot of basketball, they've gone to the park, and they've chilled upstairs and played x-box. 

Today I have grand plans of going to Costco, then the bookstore, and tonight we may be buying a new chair!  I'm so excited.  If that happens, I'll post about it tomorrow.  Maybe. 

I hope your week has been great.

Love to all!

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