Thursday, June 28, 2018

Tuesday in Nashville

Last week, I was browsing Instagram, and I saw an invitation from an author/Bible study teacher that I love for a launch party for her newest Bible study which releases on July 1: a study on the book of Job.  It was in Nashville, which is only about three and a half hours away, and I immediately called my best friend and asked what she thought about a one day trip there and back.  She loved the idea, we made sure our hubbies were okay with it all, and the planning commenced. 

On Tuesday morning, I picked her up at nine thirty and we hit the road.  To give you insight about our time together, I had the radio set to K-Love, which never lasts long once we head east on I40, and it stayed there all day.  I had it turned down and we talked the whole way there and back.  We are an enigma to people everywhere.  And we realize that and always thank God for giving us this gift of friendship. 

Forever now, I have wanted to visit this bookstore in Franklin, which is about half an hour or a little more outside of Nashville.

One of my favorite authors, Karen Kingsbury (pictured below) has a book out called The Bridge, and this is the bookstore that inspired the book.

We spent more than an hour inside of this place and inhaled the lovely smell of old books and talked about all of our favorites. 

We did not buy anything, which I still kinda cannot believe.  We walked around for about three point seven minutes in the blazing heat, and gave up and headed to a yogurt shop to cool off. 

We passed some really pretty buildings, though, like this one.

We drove around and looked at the beautiful historic homes in this area, then wound our way into Nashville, via back country roads.  Which are my FAVORITE. 

We ended up here.

A sweet friend of mine told me about this store about a year ago, but I remembered to ask her about it again while we were planning the day last week.  We both bought some very inexpensive books here after we melted from the humidity inside the store, and we started to the downtown area. 

We ate a quick dinner at Burger King in our crowns.

And we changed clothes, then we went to Lifeway, which was just down the street.  Also, the area we were in was slightly sketchy and we both got a little freaked out when we went to the car after we ate.  All the while my crown blew away and I chased it down the driveway in wedges, screaming Missy's name.  I don't even know why I chased that dumb thing, y'all, but whatever. 

The Lifeway building was beautiful!  We loved getting to listen to what Lisa Harper had to say about her new study on Job, and we also got to see/hear Mandisa and Christine Caine.  It was short and sweet, but we were both so thankful we went, when we walked back to our car.  Also, the giant store in the lobby was incredible!

We drove around looking for a place to eat dinner (we snacked at BK) and finally settled on Chili's, where we ended up eating for free, or basically, because the food took forever.

We left Nashville at nine, and I was pulling into my garage again at twelve thirty.  It was a fun day!  I felt like I'd been hit by a truck all of yesterday, but I'm better today.  It was totally worth the drive and the time, and anytime we are together, we have a blast. 

We thanked the Lord all day for how He led us guided us to where we were going.  Everything was so convenient for us to get to, and it worked out perfectly with us starting in Franklin and ending in the downtown area.  When we went to McKay's, it was literally RIGHT off the interstate.  It was about seven minutes away from Lifeway.  And then Lifeway was also right off the interstate.  I just think it's awesome how the Lord directs our steps.  He keeps showing me that.  We prayed several times together that day, and every time we did, we would thank Him for that. 

He is always so good to us. 

Thanks for reading!  Love to all. 

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