Thursday, July 12, 2018

life lately

This week has been slightly crazy, because our church is hosting Backyard Kids' Clubs all over our cute little town.  Some started on Monday night and some will end on Friday night.  The one my boys are at has been Tuesday through Thursday nights, so after that is over at eight, they go do something fun with the other high school students.  It's been pool parties and Sonic for them each night, and they're all living their best life.

On Monday night, though, Todd and Graham had a guys' night at the shooting range.

This is their favorite thing to do, I am fairly certain. 

On Tuesday night, Todd had a mandatory meeting for the sheriff's department, and I went (along with two other friends who rode with me) to a friend's house out in the boondocks.  We were going to watch a movie, but we ended up just eating and talking all night.  #storyofourlives

We're going to read another book together for our book club, so I'm excited about that.  We will talk more about the book the next time we get together. 

Drew met with an academic adviser at Southwest and she recommended all of his classes for him.  As of yesterday afternoon, he is all registered and orientation is on Monday.  I'm so proud of him!  He had signed up for his classes and then found out they were all over the place, so when he told Todd about this, Todd went to see a contact friend of his he has that works at Southwest.  (He has two such people there at the Union campus that he knows.)  The lady led him to his other friend, and when Todd told him what was going on, he just called Drew himself and told him what to do, and who to stick with, because certain professors are better than others.  So he dropped all the classes he had just registered for and started over, and now his schedule makes so much more sense. 

He will be on the Union campus two days a week and the Collierville campus two days a week.  And one of the people that Todd knows there?  Y'all.  He is the DIRECTOR OF NURSING.  I kid you not.  (Drew is majoring in nursing.)

God is so good to us to do things like this.  And there are too many of them to count!  I had to tell you the story, because God gets all the credit for that.  Imagine my delight when I read this verse yesterday!  I read it later than normal, at night, because I left yesterday morning for the majority of the day.

I love ALL of this verse, but that first part just jumped right out at me.  "The Lord guards the inexperienced."  WE are inexperienced.  He guards us and He helps us all the time.

Meanwhile, shouldn't they all still be about this age?  It flies by!  Sometimes Timehop just about kills me with all the cute memories, and today was one of those days.  I remember this like it was yesterday. 

Today I'm spending some time with a couple of friends, one this morning, and one later on in the day, if the timing works out.  Also on my list for today is grocery shopping.  I've put it off all week long. 

Thanks for reading!  Love to all. 

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