Tuesday, October 2, 2018

pictures from my phone that never made it to any form of social media

With that kind of title, no other words are needed to describe this type of post. 

(I am at a loss at lately, about thinking up blog post ideas, and it's why I've been writing less frequently.  Suggestions and ideas are always welcome and wanted.)

This was me on Sunday morning in my car, finishing off that cup of coffee before I walked into church.  I loved a lot of things about the picture (the cup, my nail polish and new shirt) and took a picture for my Instagram story.  If only that glorious Fall weather would come back...

My nail polish is a numbered one from the place I get my nails done, but I'm about to stop getting them done again, because they're thin and bendy.  I found this exact shade of OPI polish at Marshall's last week, and it's called Miami Beet.  It's a great fall berry color and went perfectly with my top, not that I did that on purpose.  The cup is by Swig.  It's insulated and a beautiful copper color.

This was last night after dinner.  I made an old fashioned roast for dinner, with good gravy and potatoes, along with green beans and cornbread.  Drew and Noah were having a staring competition, and Jonah and Todd got in on it to try to mess one of them up.  Right after this, Drew burst into laughter, as did Jonah and me.  I love family shenanigans around the dinner table.  Graham had been there, but had just left to go meet  Rachel.

This was also yesterday, as I read the passage of scripture I wrote out for the day.  I love this verse from 1 Corinthians 10:31.

So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do everything for the glory of God.

I used to say that to the boys when they were little over and over and over again as they did whatever task I'd told them to do.  (Cleaning, homework...)

Chip was living his best life in my bed that night.  Nobody was home except for me, and I was going to bed.  That means he got to lay in my bed with me until someone came home to watch him for a couple of more hours before putting him in his kennel for the night.  I love that side eye he was giving me. 

It's like he was saying, "Mom, is tonight the night I get to sleep in your bed all night?"

The answer to that would be negative.

This candle smells divine.  I got it from Home Goods a couple of weeks ago, when I went for a new Fall candle and some soap for my bathrooms.  Both are excellent from Home Goods, by the way.  And very inexpensive.

Sometimes I take pictures like this to make sure I look presentable before leaving.  I had just bought a new shirt, and some new necklaces from my favorite little shopping spot here in The Ville, all of which were on the clearance racks. 

All the dogs like to lay in this spot and look out the front door.  Well, Callie lays here when that door is closed and keeps her back to it as she stands guard over us all.  This was Chip's turn, and Crash accidentally gave up the good spot.

This is my best friend's precious little girl.  I have spent several days with them in the last couple of weeks, and I love getting to snuggle her and talk to her.  We sing, I tell her about Jesus, I pray for her, and then she usually falls asleep on me. 

This was us with me in the backseat a couple of weeks ago going to visit my dad-in-love who had surgery.  Noah was driving us.  Also, that is a huge answer to prayer, because for months, he's been afraid to drive.  He drives us all over the place, nowadays, whenever we're together.

Sometimes I still can't believe that my "littles" are now fifteen and a half and will be driving on their own in a handful of months from now. 

I mean... this was just a few days ago, right? 

Well, I need to get this day going.  Thanks for reading!  Love to all. 


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