Monday, November 19, 2018

weekend catch up

It was a whirlwind of a weekend, after a week of not doing much of anything.  (I am currently sharing my car when I can with one of my boys during the days, and I could drive his truck, but I prefer not to unless it's important.) 

On Friday morning, I finished packing an overnight bag and headed to my church at eight thirty that morning.  Along with some sweet (and new) choir friends and my worship pastor, we loaded the bus and headed to Mobile, Alabama for the night.  There is a college in that town, the University of Mobile, that is known for their incredible fine arts program, and each year they put on a "Christmas Spectacular".  I looked for a video to post for you, but none of them were good quality and do not do justice to how amazing they actually are. 

We went just for that one thing, and headed back the next morning.  (It's a six hour drive, and it was worth every minute.)

Here were all of us who went. 

This was our bus~it was so nice!  Those blue lights inside the window stayed on the whole time.  We had a really nice driver, and a lot of us were able to have our own seats for the ride.  (All the couples sat together.)

A few of us posing right after we had dinner at The Olive Garden.

This was one of my favorite parts of the night.  Look at all those brass instruments!  I loved the drums, too, and the fact that this song was a rap song that one of the students wrote for an old poem we all know and love is a testament to the fact that I have teenage sons. 

This is my friend Wendy, whom I have loved getting to know better over the last year.  She and I roomed together on Friday night, and now I feel like we're friends on a different level, because we've seen each other in pajamas and no makeup. 

It was a crazy fast, really fun trip.  We arrived back at our church at three thirty Saturday afternoon. 

I'm used to traveling with teenagers in the youth, so I learned some things on this trip that I did not previously know. 

1.  When you travel with only adults, you make a schedule and you stick to it.  We even ran AHEAD of the schedule almost every time, and for someone who is a time freak like I am, it was nice, I won't lie.

2.  Adults are SO MUCH MORE QUIET than teenagers, and on this bus, I think a time or two you could have heard a pin drop.  (That is SO not the case on the previous buses I have ridden on.)

3.  Because of number two above, it's much easier to fall asleep while on the road.

4.  No pranking is ever even thought of while traveling with just adults.

5.  People are more fun in a setting you're not used to seeing them in.  (Our worship pastor is such a great guy, all the time, but on this trip, he was like a kid in a candy store.  I also really enjoyed talking to a few new friends I had not previously really talked with before.  I love getting to know new people.)

6.  You can watch Hallmark Christmas movies while traveling with adults, and actually hear what is on the television.

I'm sure I could sit here and think of several more, but I need to get moving and do some things around the house before I go to the grocery store. 

It was a great weekend that flew right by.  I was at church bright and early yesterday morning, and then again at three for choir practice, and when I was writing down things I am grateful for from this past week, many of them had to do with my church friends and being in a choir.  I'm grateful to be a part of this group.  We are close knit, like a smaller group within the larger group.  I am grateful for our pastors and staff people there, as well, and for the fact that they remind us that God has given us every good gift, and He wants for us to enjoy life.  This weekend was proof of that for me. 

I cannot imagine what my life would look like if we were not involved in a local church.  I say that to encourage someone today.  If you don't already attend one, find a local church and start going.  Get involved, because when you're involved, that is where the friend making happens.  All of my friends, almost, are from either churches I've attended over the years, or from bible studies.  Just go!  It's a great time of year to start, and then continue with it into the new year.  I promise that you will NEVER be sorry. 

Thanks for reading!  Love to all. 

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