Tuesday, December 4, 2018

a few of my favorite things (to do around our town and city)

We had such a great weekend and even my Monday was so much fun.  I thought I'd share about both of them.

First off, on Friday night it rained, so our annual town Christmas parade was postponed to Saturday night.  I was not sad.  It was rainy, and I was sleepy, so it was an early pajama night, and we had leftovers for dinner.  #winning 

I also started another new Christmas book.  

The rain moved out by that morning, and I got dressed for my day and ran some errands.  On the way, I called my sister Trish, and she was also out and about, so we met up and rode together and went and ate a yummy lunch, then hit up the new Trader Joe's.  It was a fun morning!  I ran a couple more errands after I dropped her back off at her car, and came home for a nap.  ;)

That night we ate dinner, then my dad and I headed to our church to go ahead and get seated for the parade.  My dad went with me, by the way, which was a fun bonus.  I'm so glad he did, he loves a good parade as much as I do.

I loved the Jeeps all lit up with lights, and I love the marching band!  My picture was blurry, though.

On Sunday morning, I was at church bright and early, and we rehearsed for a bit for the night of praise that was happening that night.

My friend Wink took this picture, and I borrowed it from him.  I love how the stage looks!  The night was fantastic, and so very moving.  These are always my favorite nights, and I'm thankful that we do this early in the season, because our worship pastor gives us the rest of December off from choir rehearsal on Sundays.  Praise!  It's always a nice rest, in this very busy time of year.  I'm so grateful he does that.

After the service, we went to dinner with my in-love's and their best friends they brought with them.  

And then yesterday, I tagged along with my mom and sister Trish on their annual date to Memphis to a few of their favorite shops.  

I am a horrible selfie taker, and I have no idea where I'm looking, but I was trying to get that cute building in the background.  That's a shop called Social, in East Memphis.  I cannot even afford a pack of napkins from there, they're so pricey, but it was fun to browse and look at the beautiful decor.

We also went to a charming and magical little place called Le Fleur.  

I loved this place, and the charming little house it resides in.  Also, Bill, if you're reading this, I need you to make a table just like this one pictured above.  It's a simple, rustic table with benches.  Maybe with chunkier legs, though.  :)  (I am teasing, I do NOT expect that.)

We ate lunch at Burger Hop, in that same area we were in, and we went to these shops and to Williams Sonoma, to Gibson's donuts for some to take home for Mom and Trish, and then our last stop was DSW.  It was all fun and games until someone with rather strong perfume came near me, and I got so nauseous that I had to walk outside.  The nausea subsided, but in its place came a headache so bad that I had to come home and take sinus medicine.  The smell was burned into my nose, it seemed, and when I told my hubby what had happened, he told me to rub some peppermint flavored/scented chapstick at the end of my nose with my finger.  I did and it helped!  

I cannot take perfume and this is one reason I don't wear any.  Public service announcement: don't feel like you have to bathe in your perfume, friends.  A little bit goes a LONG WAY.  

It was such a fun day!  I never go into that part of town, so it was fun to see some different places.  After I got home, I made one of our favorite things for dinner, then read my book for the rest of the night.  

Thanks for reading my blog!  Love to all.  

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