Wednesday, September 11, 2019

a really fun date night

We had the most fun last night!  It all started about a month ago, when I received an email invitation from NBC Entertainment/People Magazine to attend last night's advance screening of one of their new fall shows starting next week.  It airs this coming Monday night, so WATCH!  It's Bluff City Law, which is filmed here in Memphis.  I'm not sure how my name got put on their invite list, but we jumped at the chance and went last night.  On the news yesterday morning, they mentioned this event, and that it was a red carpet event. 

And then I had to Google what goes on at such events, because I'm fancy like that.

There was no mention of a dress code on the invite, so it was anything goes.  Todd wore nice jeans (I'm rolling my eyes and smiling all at the same time) and I wore something I'd wear to church on Sunday.  I did buy a new top and a new pair of shoes yesterday, and wore both.  (I did not buy either because of last night, the top was on major clearance and the shoes I needed because of plantar fasciitis.)  We decided to leave home early, since the doors opened up at seven, and eat first.  There would be food there, the invitation said, but who can wait until nine o'clock at night to eat?  Not this girl, who has a tendency to get hangry.

I just told Todd I didn't want fast food, and I didn't want anything messy.  So after passing approximately one hundred restaurants, we settled on Taco Bell, and in his truck.  Because, again, we're fancy like that.  Seriously, though, we just ran out of time and we scoped out where to park and the theater before we made this decision.  The invitation also said that valet parking would be provided, but when we got there, we saw a sign that had the price written on it.  We decided to splurge, though, since dinner was $11, and because of the crowds.  (There was also a movie crew nearby and some streets were closed off, and there was a huge Nickelodean event at the FedEx Forum.)  But, when the guy asked what we were there for, he told us the valet for us was free.

There was a huge line of people alongside the building, and then there was a smaller line, so Todd went to ask someone which line we should be in, and she signed us in.  (They had an actual list, and my name was on it!  Again, we're not sure how I got invited, because in all reality, who in the world am I?  I am just a girl who loves Jesus, and I do write on this blog, and I've written for The Today Show parenting team, and only recently for Tirzah Magazine...but none of those things can be tied to this event last night.)  We got our wrist bands and got in the short line of people to get in, because that was the line for invited guests.  The long line was for the public, and were not guaranteed seats.  Anyone could go, but they weren't assured they'd be able to stay and watch.  I'm glad I read the article about a red carpet event, because some of what they said may happen, did in fact happen.  We had to pass through security to get in, and thankfully I had switched to a small purse and only had a handful of things inside. 

We got inside, and immediately saw the cast on the other side of a glass wall, doing interviews.

So, we took a selfie.

That we both stink at, because one of us doesn't know where to look, and the other one doesn't know how to hold the phone.

We walked around for a minute, then took some of the popcorn and drinks they were offering (water for us both) and went in to the theater to grab our seats.  In true introvert style, I directed us to the top row, in the middle. 

When it started at seven thirty, this lady came out to make the introductions.  No big deal or anything, but she is the president of Universal Television.  She introduced the producer and director of the show, then the mayors of the city and county came out and proclaimed that day as Bluff City Law day, and then the show started.  It was REALLY good!  I don't say that just because I was at this, I love a good courtroom drama type show, and this one delivered.  The actors are Jimmy Smits, Caitlin McGee, Barry Sloane, Jayne Atkinson, Michael Luwoye, MaameYaa Boafo, and Stony Blyden. 

Here they all were after the show, answering some prompted questions. 

We got to meet two of them afterward, and though we could have met them all, they were talking to people, and my bedtime was fast approaching.  Anyone who knows me even a little knows that I turn into a pumpkin right around nine each night.

Apparently, this guy is a big deal, though I didn't know all of that until today.  His name is Michael Luwoye and he is known for playing Alexander Hamilton in the musical Hamilton, that was on Broadway.  My husband wanted to meet him because he went to the University of Alabama and at one point almost yelled out "Roll Tide!".  I told him he should have. 

The other one we met is Stony Blyden, and we wanted to meet him because he is from Iceland, and we wanted to tell him that we've been there.

They were both so adorable and so sweet!  The mama in me loved them both almost instantly.  This guy Stony, in particular, was really precious.  He was shocked that we'd been to his country and knew exactly where he came from.

We ate a little of the food offered, and then went into the main area of the lobby, where the red carpet was.

And took another selfie.  If you look over Todd's left shoulder, you'll see the little slice of red carpet.  I was just trying to get the wall with the writing in the background.  The red carpet thing didn't dawn on me.  #failed

This was walking in to the theater, and I just thought it was cool, so I took a picture.

We went upstairs, because Todd knows the guys who were doing the sound and lighting, and this gives you a little glimpse of how many people were there.  The theater only seats 361, and that was about how many people were there.  There are a couple of other areas not pictured, and lots of people were in there as well. 

And as fast it all started, the night was over.  We left at nine thirty and headed back home, shaking our heads and wondering again, how in the world my name got put on such a list as that.  There were lots of important people there, and I don't quite run with that crowd, or even fit into that crowd.  It was so much fun, though, and something we will always remember.  Other than going on our honeymoon and to New York for our twentieth anniversary three years ago, this was one of our most fun times we've spent together and on a date.  We're hoping something like this will happen again!

Thanks for reading, if you made it this far, you know I like to record fun things for the sake of remembering. 

Love to all. 

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