Thursday, December 5, 2019

update on our house |for personal use & to look back on|

I've not posted a lot, but we're still doing #allthehousethings over here.  My latest thing has been painting.  I've been going slow, because if I don't, I get easily overwhelmed.  Also, my feet KILL ME if I do too much in one day (hello forties and old stress fractures), so I can only do this in small increments.  (It's a lot of up and down from the ladder.)  Here is the color I've been using.

I love it so much!  I've been doing all the halls in the house, with Jonah's help, and I have been really pleased with how it's turning out.  The color is a Valspar color that Lowe's matched for me, but the inspiration was Amazing Gray by Sherwin Williams.  We originally asked for the satin finish, but they goofed and gave us semi-gloss.  I don't hate it.  On Monday, I sent Jonah for more paint, and asked for satin again, and they gave us satin.  Needless to say all that I'd done on Monday had to be re-done yesterday, because the finish of the paint makes a huge difference in the color of the paint.  They gave us two more gallons for free, and I repainted it all again yesterday.  Today's project is the  stairwell of our house.  Hello, high walls and painting with an extension roller for the first time!  I may have dreamed about this last night.  On Monday, we will finish up with the last bit of the downstairs halls. 

The siding was supposed to start today, but it got pushed off (AGAIN) to tomorrow.  In preparation for that, Todd, (my wonderful, wonderful) stepdad Bill, Graham, and Jonah (not pictured) tore down the deck yesterday afternoon.

Instead of rebuilding it to be like it was prior to them tearing it down, we're going to have it built low to the ground with a wood flooring and with stairs from this door Crash is looking out down to the new lower deck.  We originally thought we would just make it a concrete pad, but the wooden version will be cheaper. 

Also, before Bill left last night (after being here all day making adjustments to this new beautiful porch covering roof thing), they took down the railing on the front porch and it will also be replaced.

See the old railing on the front lawn?  It'll all be replaced.  All the wood you see on the new porch covering will be wrapped with the new siding that is sitting in our backyard. 

Things are moving right along!  It's exciting.  I can't wait to see the finished and updated version of our house when it's all over and done with. 

Well, that's about all I've got for today.  I'll be over here painting some more if you need me.  ;) 

Love to all. 

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