Monday, March 2, 2020

Hello Monday {linkup} & weekending

It was such a good weekend!  Every year the women's ministry at my church puts on a two day conference for the women, and each year it just gets better and better.  It's always a sweet time of worship and fellowship, and I always come away refreshed and challenged.  But this year was my favorite to date.  Leslie Bennett from Revive Our Hearts was there, and I loved everything she taught.  The theme of the conference was based on Titus 2, about women mentoring women, which is something very near and dear to my heart, and something that isn't much talked about at a lot of churches these days.

I actually got emotional at several times in the two days, as I thought about my dear friend Eileen, who was this to me a year ago.  She suffered a stroke, though, and had to be moved away to be cared for by and to be closer to her family.  A few of us are making a plan to take a day trip there sometime soon, though, and I am looking forward to seeing her.

I helped lead worship with a really sweet team of ladies, and I am so thankful that they were willing to step up.  We sang some really sweet and worshipful songs, but here are two of my current favorites.

This first one is He Will Hold Me Fast, and this is the version that Selah sings.

I could listen to this over and over again.  We're learning a different version of it in choir.

The other song that I love so much right now is King of Kings.

It was a really sweet weekend.

This was a panel of ladies who are living examples of the Titus 2 woman, and they shared some questions and answers as they walk through these daily relationships.  I loved this portion.

Leslie shared three different times, and then we would have a "table talk" time when we would discuss things she'd gone over with the ladies at our tables.  That being said, it was best that we had assigned seats, because had we not, we would have all just sat with our friends.  I enjoyed getting to know some new ladies at my table, and I'm so glad we had those assigned seats!

And this sweet lady is someone I've known about for a long time, but who I just officially met this weekend.  Her late husband was a man that my dad worked with for years, and who meant so much to me and to my dad.  I so enjoyed getting to share some stories with her about him and how I remembered him being a larger-than-life presence in the room, and whose smile would light up his whole face.  I asked her to take this picture with me so I could share it with my dad.

Sunday is always a great day at church, though sometimes hard, but I am thankful for my faith family.  I love spending time with them and will always be so grateful to God for bringing my family to our place of worship almost ten years ago.  My youngest two sons no longer remember our old church nowadays, with most of their memories tied up with times here at CFBC.

That is definitely not something I'm complaining about.

How was your weekend?  I'd love to hear!  Thanks for reading my sure and hop over to Tanya's blog over at The Other Side of the Road, and check out all the other people who have linked up with her.

Love to all!


  1. Well done on the conference. It sounds like it was a really meaningful time for everyone. I agree about the assigned seating. Sometimes that is the only way to get people to break out of their comfortable groups. Thanks for posting the music...I'm listening right now! Thanks for linking up with Hello Monday! Tanya - The Other Side of the Road

  2. You're welcome, I have them on repeat over here at my house. ;) Thanks for always hosting the link-up! Have a great week!


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