Monday, April 13, 2020

Hello Monday/ weekending

Happy Monday, friends.  I'm linking up with Tanya from The Other Side of the Road for this blog post.  It was a good weekend, with more of the same as the last few.  This quarantine life is getting pretty old around here and I know you all feel the same.  Here is a glimpse of our time spent at home this beautiful weekend.

My stepdad came over and he and Toddley mapped out the plan for the new deck.  They measured and talked and laughed and laughed, and it was a great afternoon.  When Bill left, Todd and I ran to Lowe's to pick out stones to border our new flower beds, and we bought all the lumber we'll need for the new deck and we also bought our new porch railing.  It's getting delivered today!

I can't wait to have porch rails again.

Jonah asked if we could have tall posts so that we can hang those Edison lights from, and we were all on board with that idea.  I am glad he mentioned it, because I had meant to but kept forgetting.

I had leftovers for dinner, and all the boys went and grabbed food to eat at home.

We also did this.

It was much cooler here on Friday, and we took full advantage of the nice weather and sat around this fire.  I came in early, but Toddley was out there till close to midnight.

On Saturday, I survived a needed trip to Costco and then made it back home in time to watch them cut down a giant tree in our backyard that we shared with our neighbors.  We split the price to get it cut down and it's gone!  They have to come back to grind the stump, but it's nice to have peace of mind that it won't fall on our roof.

That's it that you see in the back of this truck.  I was amazed at how fast they worked, and they had a crowd watching them.

I watched several movies this weekend: Bridget Jones' Diary, Dirty Dancing, Good Will Hunting, and Murder on the Orient Express.  Our next movies are Dead Poet's Society and The Greatest Showman.  We streamed our church service online yesterday and had a lazy, easy afternoon at home.  It poured rain, so it was the perfect day to stay home.  And then I made a good dinner last night for Easter to celebrate, and fed my people and my nephew Tyler.  It was a great weekend.

Thanks for reading!  Love to all.


  1. It looks like you had a good Easter weekend. My daughter wants to watch Dead Poet's society so we'll probably get to that soon. Yes, time at home is getting a little old now, but we'll get through it. Hope you have a great week!

  2. It's pouring rain here today; complete with random/ roving power outages. We had a huge tree cut down a year or two ago and it was such a relief not to worry about it falling on the house (during a storm like the one we had today). Sounds like you've been watching some great films.

  3. We did, Tanya! We're all fine one day, and the next day we're all at each other's throats, it seems. We'll make it, though, you're right. Also, it could be so much worse! I try to not complain, because really, this is nothing in the grand scheme of life. It'll pass before long, and we'll all laugh about these days and all the things that got done around the house. Ha!

  4. Oh goodness~ I hope your power wasn't out too long. We had that yesterday, and it was a huge peace of mind having that dead tree gone.


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