Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Women in the Word Wednesday

Happy Wednesday, friends.  This week is moving right along, is it not?  I actually have plans today even, woohoo!  I can't always say that. 

I'm still reading along in my Bible, in chronological order.  I've thoroughly enjoyed being in the book of Psalm.  For the past few days, I've been reading it out loud.  I love doing that, and I can't recommend reading in that way enough.  Something about reading it out loud makes you really slow down and pay attention to the words you're reading.  I'm such a fast reader that I tend to really fly through what may take some people twenty minutes.  I have stopped and gone back to read so many times. 

Just Monday I read Psalm 78, and the words are so familiar to me.  I'll pause right there for just one second.

I'm pausing here because for the last few months, I've been studying and helping write a Bible study on the book of Hosea.  I'm one of six ladies of our writing team at my church, and this study will be available to purchase around the end of July or the first of August, and we'll take it together as ladies in the fall.  (And if you're local to me, I'd love to have you join us!) 

That's the reason the words of Psalm 78 seemed familiar to me on Monday.  Because of the subject matter of the book of Hosea and to grasp somewhat of an understanding of what was going on at the time the book was written, I read many other passages of Scripture, and though I can't remember if Psalm 78 was one of them, it was similar enough that I wrote in the margins of my Bible how much it reminded me of the book of Hosea.  I read something about God being moved to compassion that sparked the thought of this all, but I love how Scripture ties together so beautifully. 

I love reading in chronological order, and I love seeing a thread of something all throughout the Bible.

When we read the Bible and we think of another passage, to me that is what that verse means that says the word of God is living and active.  It can perceive our thoughts, and my pastor once said that as we read Scripture, the Scripture is reading us.  Isn't that amazing?  I've experienced this so much in my life that I know it to be true. 

Do you have a story or a thought along these lines, how you thought of a verse at "just the right moment"?  I'd love to hear it, if so.  It's so good to share these stories!  It's faith building.  This is one small reason why I write in journals, for the purpose of remembering.

Thanks for reading, friends.  Love to all. 

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