Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Daddy' 90th Birthday celebration


We celebrated Daddy's 90th birthday last night! It is crazy to even write that sentence. I cannot believe he's that age! 

Here we are the morning after Todd and I got married.

We have always been close, from as far back as I can remember. I remember when I was a little girl, he used to lay down with me every night to tell me stories while I fell asleep. He always had really nice pajamas, with a button up shirt and pants, and I used to hook my little finger through the tag in the back of his shirt so he would stay there with me all night. Of course, that never happened, because I'd relax and let him go. 

We love music and that love has always been a huge part of our relationship. We also love Uno and that was too. He is who made me the Uno Queen because we played every night after dinner. 

I grew up and started life on my own as a married lady, then a mom and we just grew closer and closer. We were always meeting for lunch when I worked full time, then he started taking off half days on Fridays, which is how Fridays with Dad got started. And now all boys are grown and we're back to just us once again. The circle of life is strange, isn't it? He is also equally as close to my siblings and I know they're as thankful for that as I am. 

We had a great night celebrating Dad. I made the dinner, but my sister Trish was in charge of the phenomenal dessert and some decorations, which I didn't even think of. We're a great team, she and I.

Graham was the first one home and Sandy took this of them after they'd looked at his truck. I wish I had a picture of Dad next to Graham's truck, but I love this one that San took. 

My brother Paul and sister Terri couldn't be here, but Paul had the idea of doing a Zoom call when we did the cake. That was the best idea and Todd made it all happen. He had to work through some kinks while he was at work on Monday, but it worked perfectly and Dad was so surprised! This was them while we sang to Dad.

Trish and me with Dad.

The grandsons in town are (left to right): Drew, Noah, Graham, Jonah and Devin. 

Todd also grilled our dinner for us. He was the superhero of the night, for sure, all after working his regular job and going on a call out yesterday afternoon with the sheriff's department. 

Dad got a gift card to his favorite store and a new flag for his flag pole. We got the greatest night in return. We laughed and reminisced and they told us fun stories from their weekend in Hot Springs, complete with a meal someone bought for them (strangers, no less) and a ton of people singing to Dad and making a huge fuss over him. It was a wonderful ninetieth celebration! We are so very fortunate that we're able to celebrate him and I promise, we do not take it for granted. 

I had to document this very special night for the archives of my blog. Thanks for reading along! Love to all. 

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