Wednesday, May 26, 2021

what's up Wednesday


Happy Wednesday, friends! I'm linking up with Sheaffer and Shay for this blog link-up. I'll just jump right in!

What we're eating this week:

Well, I don't know what all we're eating this week, but last night we had some of the best hamburgers we've had in over a year. My husband is the grill master here and he is still loving the Blackstone Grill we bought last year when we redid the deck on the back of our house. We will be enjoying the leftovers for a few days, because I made five pounds worth. I used a packet of French onion seasoning and then he sprinkled on some BBQ seasoning on the tops of them. We're pretty basic and don't mess too much with our burgers. 

What I'm reminiscing about:

I don't have pictures of this, but I keep seeing snippets of our lives last year when everything had been shut down. Just this week I saw when I posted about our church being open again and how I promised to never again take for granted the fact that we had the freedom to attend church services. I will never forget how that felt! We thought we were getting over it all this time last year, but the tunnel just kept going and going. I still have a hard time believing we lost an entire fifteen months of our lives! And that we so willingly believed every word that we listened to on all of the news outlets. I know so many people who no longer watch mainstream news to be informed.

What I'm loving:

That nothing pressing is on my horizon. I will forever love the promise of summer and the lazier, laid back days. Last night after dinner had been cleaned up, I was outside watering the flowers and Todd was tinkering around with the flower beds and all the guys were gone—I asked him, "Is this who we are now?" His answer was short—"Yup. It's nice, isn't it?" I couldn't agree more, honey. And side note—how gorgeous are our hydrangeas?

Do hydrangeas wilt pretty easily? We've noticed ours drooping, but they always seem to perk up after a watering. I really hope we don't kill them. 

What we've been up to:

Watering, grilling, working, binge watching, being responsible dog owners, playing catch up, weekend tripping, reading a ton, cooking, cleaning out, selling, playing tennis and rehearsing to name a few. These words describe the six of us in a nutshell and what all we've been doing since the beginning of the month. 

What I'm dreading:

I don't think I'm really dreading anything, but I never look forward to the hottest part of the summer. We live near Memphis and our humidity is ridiculous! One reason I'm not a fan of summer is because I can't breathe all that well when it's hot.

What I'm working on:

We're still in the process of writing our next Bible study at church. We're almost finished, but it's been a little bit of a struggle with this one more than any of the others. I'm not sure why—but our editor friend is making his way through each of our weeks and he's about to have mine. I love meeting to talk about the edits that he suggests, I always learn something valuable from him and almost always accept what he recommends. It's a fun process! 

I'm also about to be helping my friend with the revising portion of some of our previous studies. We're about to be featured in a Christian publication that goes out and we need to start revising and updating the older studies and get some onto a shelf in case anyone wants to order one after reading the article. 

What I'm excited about:

I have a fun day trip planned soon with two of my dearest friends. I can't wait! We always have fun on these days.

What I'm watching/reading:

I'm not watching anything new right now, but I've been on a bit of a movie kick when I'm here alone at night. I am currently reading a Karen Kingsbury book called, To the Moon and Back. I wrote about books last week, though, so feel free to scroll down.

What I'm listening to:

Right this moment—a playlists on Spotify called Summer. The music is light and easy. I have and follow all kinds of seasonal playlists on Spotify. I also love instrumental music right now and have been listening to "wedding music" played by strings.

What I'm wearing:

Cropped jeans and shirts on repeat.

What I'm doing this weekend:

All of my weekends look the same—I'm alone a lot of the time, which I never mind. I watch movies, eat something yummy that's leftover from the week, I see my mom and sister on Saturdays for shopping (or browsing), we go to church on Sunday. 

What I'm looking forward to next month:

Swimming in a pool often and just enjoying the days and nights of summer. 

What else is new:

I think I've covered all the topics! Thanks for reading my blog, friends. Love to all. 


  1. Those hydrangeas are so pretty! I have always read to water them in the mornings to help with the wilting during the day. We can't escape some of it with our Memphis heat!

  2. I just got back from Mexico, and it was so hot and humid there! I've been living in Phoenix for almost two years now and have gotten used to the dry heat. But I also don't look forward to those 115 degree days here, no matter how dry it is!

  3. Your flowers look beautiful! And it just reminded me I need to go water my plants. It's been so hot and sunny here with no rain lately but I'm just not used to that!

  4. Marilyn- thanks for that tip! I will have to try that when I water tomorrow. Thanks for the flower love!

  5. Kelly- I feel bad for complaining. We're probably not as hot here as you were in Mexico! I've experienced your Arizona heat, there was nothing like it! I learned the hard way to use lip gloss or chapstick with SPF in it. Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Joanne- thank you! We've been having to water as well, we've had almost no rain in over a week. It did rain here today for a bit, so God watered the flowers for us. I'm grateful!

  7. Your hydrangeas are gorgeous! I can't wait to get back to church in person. We're coming out of our third lockdown and it's lasted two months, thus far. We're so done with all of this. We're thinking maybe by fall we'll be back to church in person and it will have been 18 months by that point. Ugh. I miss it so much.

    1. Thank you, Natasha! That is rough, being out of church so long. I know you must be so ready for this to be over! I can't imagine. Everything here is pretty much back to normal. Hopefully it'll be that way for you soon! 🙏

    2. Thank you, Natasha! That is rough, being out of church so long. I know you must be so ready for this to be over! I can't imagine. Everything here is pretty much back to normal. Hopefully it'll be that way for you soon! 🙏

    3. Thank you, Natasha! That is rough, being out of church so long. I know you must be so ready for this to be over! I can't imagine. Everything here is pretty much back to normal. Hopefully it'll be that way for you soon! 🙏


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