Sunday, July 25, 2021

share four somethings- July 2021 edition


I love linking up with Heather each month for this blog post! It's a great way to document how the month went. This is a post where I share about something loved, something read, something treasured and something ahead. I'll just jump right in!

Something loved:

So many things! I loved all the quality time I spent with Drew as he cleaned out his old room and packed up to move out. I love that I still see him often and every single time he comes home, I get a hug from him. 

I love that he loves living on his own and that his new roommates are also his best friends. I love that my other boys go over there almost every night and I love how close they still are, even with him gone.

I love our town! It's not a small town, but it feels like a small town. Did you know that I was born and raised right here in Collierville, Tennessee? What a privilege to have lived in the same town for my 44 and a half years. This is our town hall, pictured above. I was there for something I'll mention eventually.

I love getting my hair done four times a year! This was the morning after I got some more blonde added, that I then sent to Mom to show her. Here's the back:

I loved spending a weekend in Nashville with some of my favorite friends. We had a blast! 

I love this picture of Drew my mom-in-love took of him while I was out of town and I love seeing his genuine smile!

While I don't love that my Jonah had a wreck one night (on the interstate and in the rain), I do love that he was okay, that nobody else was hurt and that I have a new (to me) car. (It's the blue VW on the left in the picture below.)

Something read:

I'll write about this more this week, but I read a crazy amount of books this month. One of the ones I loved is by a local author—Patricia Bradley. She writes mysteries that take place in or around Memphis, Tennessee, so I loved knowing where she was talking about as I read. She has several series of books, so I foresee her keeping me busy for quite some time. She is a Christian fiction writer.

Something treasured:

Time spent reading the Word of God. I love my quiet time every morning, when I read in a daily Bible for the year and write out verses from a Scripture writing plan. I also added studying into the mix recently, as we start to get ready to write for our next Bible study at church that will begin after the new year. (We'll start studying Esther this fall, and we will be writing for the next study simultaneously.)

Something ahead:

Exciting things! Possibly. ;) I do have some things on my horizon, but I'm not quite ready to talk about them just yet. I don't mean to be purposefully elusive, I'm just not certain about anything yet and don't want to write about it until I know for sure. 

I can tell you what I'm not looking forward to that is looming ahead is seeing my son's best friend move away for college. He's already getting a little sad about it, and my heart aches for him. I don't love this phase of seeing their friends move away and this season brings about a lot of change for them. Change is never really that easy, is it? 

Thanks for reading my blog! Love to all. 


  1. Your hair looks great. I just love all the body & curls you have!
    Is that author good? I love to support Christian authors but - sorry to say, I feel like most of them are really cheesy when it comes to their writing. I may need to check this one out.

    1. Thank you! It's been an effort to not chop it all off, but I am determined to let it grow. I seem to have gotten past the worst part. She is good! It was like a Nancy Drew book, which I loved. Have you ever read Robin Jones Gunn? She is my all time favorite author and writes the most beautiful books I've ever read. Please try her out! I've been reading her books since I was a teenager and she has greatly influenced my life.

  2. So many great photos..and things to love this month! Fun to share them..and the pictures that go along!! And your hair looks super cute! Hope your Monday is already off to a great start - have a blessed week, friend!

    1. Thank you so much! You are right- it's been a great few weeks. I'm so thankful for that! I hope you had a great start to your week as well, my friend! ❤️

  3. That top picture must be your four sons; they all favor so much! I had all girls so I can't imagine all sons. :) Glad Jonah's wreck didn't produce any injuries but did get you a new car. That's finding the silver lining for sure. ha. And you have lovely handwriting by the way! :) I used to write out Bible notes by hands from my daily readings, but my handwriting has gotten so bad that I can hardly read it anymore. I need to pay more attention to it.

  4. Lisa- they are! I keep hearing that from people. Thank you for the kind words. I always try to look on the bright side of things, so even though I LOVED the car that was totaled, I've been enjoying the newer one as well. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  5. So many loved things this month!! Can't wait to hear more about your elusive something ahead!


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