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Happy Monday, friends! How was your weekend? Will we ever outgrow loving a weekend? I'm sure it'll happen eventually, right? I used to love the weekend because of my work schedule, then when the kids were in public school, I loved the weekend because it meant nobody had to wake up early and get out the door in a hurry. In later years they changed a little bit for me, as the boys had grown more independent with their homeschool work...but now I love it again and look forward to a chill weekend of not doing anything in a hurry the first thing in the morning. 

I make lunches for everyone in the mornings, because I want them to eat a decent lunch in the day. My husband is the type who won't ever stop to do that and it's so for the other ones, they do occasionally get lunch out, but I hate to see them spend their money on that and eat something not as healthy when I can pack them something from home. Noah leaves every morning at 6:50, Jonah and Graham leave around 8:15 or so and Todd is after that. Once I get started on the day in that way, I don't usually sit back down until lunch. I always have things to do to keep me busy, but on the weekends I watch a movie first thing in the morning, without fail. I record the Hallmark movies I want to see and watch them the next morning, usually.

I'm the kind of person who loves a routine, so none of this bothers me too much. It also means that on mornings when I have to be somewhere early, in order to be on time and not in a rush once I'm downstairs, I get dressed as soon as I wake up. That's usually around 5:30 or so. I don't even mind that, honestly, because I am SUCH a morning person. I go to bed early to be a morning person, but it's not a problem for me. I usually go upstairs at night around 9 or so, watch an episode or two of something on Netflix, or I read for a half hour. I'd love to hear about your routines throughout the week...and maybe I'll do a whole other post on that kind of thing someday, but for now, I'll continue on with the weekend.

It was LOVELY. It always gets kicked off with my dad here on Friday, which is always very sweet and a good time that we both enjoy immensely. We NEVER run out of things to talk about and usually, we're able to solve the majority of the world's problems. There is one solution to all the world's problems, honestly—His name is Jesus. We also always, always talk about food and it makes me ravenous by the time he leaves. This week I was craving some street tacos from a place here in The Ville that I told Dad about. Todd was thinking the same thing, but at a different (better) place about a half hour down the road. We invited Dad and Sandy along and they met us at Tacos-nganas. They were the BEST street tacos I have ever eaten, and Dad and Sandy loved it as well. We ate outside, because this is a food truck, but the weather was perfect.

My mouth watered thinking about this food. It was amazing! We visited for a bit, then left and ran by my hubby's shop. We went in for a few minutes and I sat in the truck while he talked to his neighbors. The sunset was beautiful Friday night and I took a picture, but it doesn't do it justice.

Just to keep it real here, we were both SUPER grumpy when we first left our house and I wondered if we'd made a mistake going to eat with my dad and stepmom. But I think it was hunger for both of us and we were better after we ate. We said our sorries and kissed and we were fine. 🤣

For the first time in two or three weeks, I went out with my mom and sister Trish on Saturday. We had such a great time you ever have moments like that in your life that are so much fun, even though it's just like a normal day? It seemed that way on Saturday. We had a yummy lunch, where they played the best 80's music ever, and we visited our favorite antique store in a nearby town called Southern Vintage. I bought a really cute new door hanger for the fall porch that I finished on Friday.

The doorhanger was only $18. The plants came from Lowe's and my pumpkin was from Target, where I grocery shopped on Friday. Is there anything as cute as a porch decorated for fall? I also love this at Christmas, but fall might be my favorite.

I finished the day by going to my mom's for dinner. The boys all ended up here for the big (disappointing) game that night, so I stayed at Mom's until nine, then I came home and went upstairs to read. I introduced Mom and Trish to Parenthood...then I came home and watched it myself. I love that show so much and will always consider it one of my top favorites that I've ever watched. Speaking of shows, Todd and I finished Manifest on Friday night and I'm so bummed! I hate it when a good show ends. I'd love some suggestions for us to watch together, if you have any. Feel free to pass them my way! 

We had church on Sunday, then I skipped choir that afternoon because Noah came home at that same time and I wanted to be here to welcome him home. He spent the weekend in Alabama, visiting his best friend. I went with Jonah to meet some dogs he's taking care of that afternoon after Noah came home. I'll be going over there myself for three days just to let them out while he's at work and I wanted to meet them before I have to do that. They're really sweet! That night Todd and Graham worked with the sheriff's department, so I ate dinner and watched another Hallmark movie. 

It was a nice weekend. How was yours? I'd love to hear from you! Thank you for reading my blog, friends. Love to all. ❤


  1. That door hanger is really cute! I have a few Hallmark movies I need to catch up on before they start rolling out the Christmas movies. Then it sounds like I will at least 3 to watch every week, but I'm excited! Have a good Monday!

  2. Thanks, Marilyn! I love it too. Some of the Hallmark movies have been REALLY good this year. Others haven't been my favorite, but there have been three or four that I loved. I'm excited about the Christmas ones too! Thanks and I hope you have a great day too!

  3. Your porch is adorable! I agree that porches decorated for fall are lovely to look at. We really don't have a porch- boo- just a small space in front of our front door. It is big enough for planters and a couple of pumpkins. I love how you spend intentional, quality time with your parents each weekend. I know that you cherish them and the fact that you solve the world's problems with them must make time together that much better :).

  4. Thank you, Maria! Ours isn't very big either, so I make do with what I am able to. I consider it a huge blessing to be able to do that with our parents, and was just thanking the Lord for that this morning. In this past week, we saw all three sets. That's usually not the case, but we do our best. I hope you have a wonderful day!

  5. Sounds like a wonderful weekend... tacos, time with your day and then mom & sister, HALLMARK movies 😍, and your boys! Glad it was a good one, friend.

  6. It really was, Bri! Kind of perfect, truth be told. I hope yours was good too!


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