Tuesday, June 28, 2022

share four somethings, June edition


Happy Tuesday, friends! I'm linking up with Heather G for this blog post. We're sharing what we've loved, what we've gleaned, what we've braved or saved,  and what we've achieved. I'll jump right in!

Something I've loved:

I've LOVED pool days with my mom-in-love. I swim, she water aerobicizes, we talk. What can be better than that? 

I've loved having a summer glow about my skin, which makes my clothes and makeup look better. I've loved reading all the beachy books, I've loved the easy summer dinners. For someone who said she didn't love summer, it sure seems the opposite, right? I think the bottom line is that I enjoy something about every season, like the brighter and more fun colors when it's hot.

Something I've gleaned:

I've gleaned a lot from the summer series our pastor is preaching at church. It's been awesome walking through the book of Psalm together and hearing incredible sermons week after week. Our first week was on Psalm 16, then Psalm 1 and this past Sunday we had a guest speaker preach on Psalm 19. 

Something I've braved or saved:

I always love the summer months because I can look back on the beautiful photos I saved on my phone from our trip to Iceland twelve years ago, like this one above. It was the trip of a lifetime! I wrote a memory about it here that you can read about, if you'd like. It's crazy to think it's been that long since we've been there. I would love to go there again someday, in a different capacity and for our sons to see the land as well. 

Something I've achieved:

I've achieved some cleaning projects like this one above in our dining room, I've achieved learning to cook in our air fryer and I achieved major progress on our Bible study that will come out in August. (I'm on a writing team of five women at my church and we write Bible studies to take with the women in our church each fall. Our next one is on 1,2, 3 John and Jude and is titled, That You May Know.) 

What about you? What's something you've loved, gleaned, braved/saved or achieved this month? I'd love to hear from you! Thanks for reading my blog! Love to all. 


  1. So much to love about summer!! Even you are catching the spirit!:) Hooray for using the air fryer. Mine is a bit on the small side but I really need to experiment with some "bigger" things/ideas for it (like the main dish and not just french fries...lol!!) Can't wait to jump over and read about your trip of a lifetime. I would love to make that trip!! Here's to the rest of the week filled with more bright colors and fun moments!

  2. Great post and I really like the picture of you in that bright blue shirt. Something I've loved this summer are the day trips we have taken and I hope there will be several more. Have a great day.

  3. Thanks, Jennifer and who knew that I love summer as much as I am enjoying it this year? I think I'm just extra grateful for things that the Lord allows me to experience that bring joy- the world is mean and He keeps giving me reminders of His goodness along with the reminder to be thankful in all circumstances. Enjoy that post...it really was an incredible trip.

  4. Thanks, Cathy! I love that you and your husband do that together and enjoy the time you have with each other. I want us to be like that someday!

  5. I'm so glad you are enjoying a beautiful summer with bright colors and wonderful memory-making moments with family. Hooray for progress in doing exercises and accomplishing cleaning projects!

  6. Thanks, Lisa! Right? That's how I feel...any progress is awesome. Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Wow, so many great things. I feel like in some ways summer is passing me by without me really enjoying it. I haven't been in any water (yet) this summer, which is unusual. I hope you have a great month and a happy holiday!

  8. I love all the reasons you are currently loving summer!! Summer is the best!


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