Tuesday, July 5, 2022



Happy Tuesday, friends! I know that I blogged last week, but most of those posts were written the week before I went on vacation, so it feels like it's been ages since I've been here. Speaking of vacation, I'll come back tomorrow and share a little recap (it'll be short, because it was a simple and relaxing few days at the beach) and some pictures that I took while I was gone. Here's a little of what my weekend looked like.

I got home on Friday afternoon and came home to a quiet house. Jonah was home and Noah walked in right after I got here. They helped me unload the car and Noah carried my luggage upstairs for me to unpack, but I took a shower immediately. Does anyone else do that? I always feel gross after traveling and making stops along the way. I unpacked and settled in for an easy night at home. Todd worked and  Graham eventually got home and we talked for a while. I ate cauliflower pizza for dinner and I watched a new Hallmark movie I'd recorded last weekend.

It was so good to be home and in my own bed! I got up early Saturday morning and watched some episodes of a show I'm watching, then I started on laundry and some light cleaning. Todd and the boys cleaned while I was gone, so it was nice coming home to that. The area I focused on are all the spaces where I keep books downstairs. I have one shelf, a desk and a cabinet in the kitchen. I cleaned all of that out and have a giant load of books to donate after deciding to get rid of most of my books. We're always tossing around the idea of moving and if we were to ever do that, I would have to do this anyway, so I decided to go ahead and purge. I am keeping the books I love by my favorite authors, and only my favorite books from one of those because of how many I own that she's written, and the rest I am passing on. Believe it or not, that took most of the day! I got cleaned up after all of that and got the house clean again, along with all the surfaces, and I settled in for the evening with my husband and a plan to watch fireworks.

The dogs watched with us! 🤣

We were at church super early Sunday morning, and Todd went to work that afternoon. I made pasta for dinner and watched more of my show. Monday was more of the same—up early, laundry, reading, the usual, then I got dressed and grocery shopped. We had dinner at Mom's and Bill's for dinner, which was delicious. We had catfish, slaw, hush puppies, key lime pie, cookies and banana ice cream for dessert. The kids and their friends all shot off fireworks with Todd and Bill, then we came home. It was a nice and easy day, and it felt good for us all to be together as a family. It's been so long since we've all been in the same house! 

What'd you do this weekend? I'd love to hear from you! Thanks for reading my blog, friends. Love to all. 

(This was our sunset at their house last night. It was beautiful!)


  1. Glad you are back! The feeling of being home is so good after being away (even though that means that you are far away from the ocean/mountain/visited family member, etc that made the place you went to special). The picture of the firework is so pretty- is that just from your phone? How wonderful that your whole family got to spend time together over the holiday weekend. Have a great Tuesday, friend!

  2. Thanks, Maria! You are so right. There truly is no place like home! Yes, I just zoomed in and took the picture from my phone. My phone has an incredible camera, so I feel like that's how I get get pictures...that and I love taking pictures and have been doing that and loving it since I was little. I suppose along with the love and knack for it comes a little natural ability there. I think anyone could learn, though!

  3. LOVE that feeling of coming home after a great vacation and sinking into my bed- YES! The fireworks are beautiful- glad the animals got to enjoy too! :)

  4. YES - the first thing I did when we got home from vacation last night was shower. And my own bed felt sooo good! :)

  5. Holly, I wholeheartedly agree! Thanks!

  6. Tanya- I felt the same way. I really love our mattress! Although, where I was, the mattress and sheets were amazing. I'm glad you're home safe!

  7. Beautiful pic of the fireworks. It's great that your pets enjoyed them too. I had a dog many years ago and he used to go crazy every New Year's Eve because he was so scared of them. We ended up having to sedate him every year.

  8. Thanks, Ruth! We had an old lab that felt the same way about them. He isn't worth us anymore, though. I'm so surprised that these dogs didn't mind them. I have friends who have to do that as well. Poor pups!


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