Monday, July 11, 2022

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Happy Monday, friends! I'm linking up with Holly and Sarah for this weekend recap. 

I started my weekend off with Dad.

I was really excited to see him! It had been two weeks since we'd last been together, so I was happy to have a day with him once again. I mentioned last week that I'm in the process of cleaning out books and I came across this one in that process. I bought this for Dad way back in 2001 and gave it to him one Father's day. He took his time and filled out the pages for me and returned it to me the end of that same year. While some of this is written specifically for me, a lot of it is for all of us siblings and I promised him I'd copy those pages someday and pass them out to everyone. Here are a couple of the pages.

Isn't that priceless? I will treasure this book always. I brought it out to show him and then sat and read some of his answers back to him. We laughed ourselves silly over some of them. It's good to know Dad's got still got a great sense of humor. I made us the best lunch for a hot day—a couple of small pieces of catfish, some shrimp cocktail, cucumbers and tomatoes fresh from the garden and cotton candy grapes. 

This was me attempting to deal with the unbearable heat.

Todd worked that night, so I made myself some mini tacos in the air fryer and watched a show.

These little beauties come frozen from Costco. You should try them if you haven't! The next morning I left early to get my nails done and to run a few errands.

Please excuse the blur of this picture. After that I ran to Target to pick up some necessities, I went to buy lunch for Drew and myself, then I met him at his house to see his new place. (He and his roommates moved in on Friday.) He picked a place called Jason's deli for lunch and asked for a chipotle chicken/avocado panini with macaroni and cheese as his side, with sweet tea. I was happy to oblige and gave him the majority of my lunch as well. He's always been my hungry son!

These are townhomes in Memphis and it's a huge improvement from where he just moved out from and in a much safer location! I am so happy for all of them. There were some kinks they're still having to work out, but they're figuring things out and are busy getting settled. I offered to help him unpack, but he wouldn't take me up on my offer. I bought him a cool industrial type lamp with a charging station from Amazon as a housewarming present and because he has no light in his room. It was needed, it's cool looking and it's practical. After that I came home with all of his dirty clothes and washed them for Jonah to return that same night. Todd worked again, this time with Graham, so I ate a yummy dinner (shrimp fried rice and the rest of the shrimp cocktail), then watched a show and chatted with my sisters in Colorado.

Look at the color of the sky! The sunset was beautiful.

I was at church early Sunday morning for rehearsal...

...then I came home for lunch and a nap. Todd and Graham worked again, so I ate a tomato and cucumber sandwich for dinner and watched Hallmark Christmas movies. Anyone else loving these as much as me? There was one Saturday night that was SO GOOD. It doesn't take much to make me happy, but it was a great weekend. I'm looking forward to this week and for whatever is in store.

How was your weekend? Tell me about it, I'd love to hear from you! Thanks for reading my blog, friends. Love to all! 


  1. Sounds like a nice weekend! Love the book you had your dad fill out. That is a great idea for a housewarming gift to your son. My son will be moving to a new place before summer is out and I hadn't thought about getting him a housewarming present but now I am thinking of it ;). I hope you stay cool this week (I guess that means inside or by a pool ;)) and that you have a great Monday!

  2. That book is priceless- love it! What a relaxing weekend!

  3. That book is so special. How fun that you had some laughs over it. Your lunches are just the sweetest. It would be easy and understandable to say you are too busy, but this is something that you make a priority. I would love to have this opportunity again.
    Tom loves Jason's Deli for his lunches out while at work, but he is mad they took away their corn chowder. Tom loves a corn chowder so I guess I should learn to make it!

  4. Thanks, Maria! I thought it was a great idea and it's something practical for him to use. You should take advantage of Prime Day this week! I think it's tomorrow. I hope you have a great day!

  5. Thanks, Amy! I love our time together...we've done this for so long, that I can't remember a Friday without him in it. I'm talking twenty plus years, but we've always met for lunch once or twice a week when I worked. Our bond is sweet. I wasn't sure if Jason's was a local restaurant or not...and I had never tried their corn chowder! It does sound like something I'd enjoy. I bet your Tom would love for you to make some! I will have to try it this fall. Have a great day!

  6. What a precious, PRICELESS keepsake!!! I loved reading some of it; thanks for sharing that. <3

    Love the new and fun summer nail color! That dress is very flattering on you!!

    I wish I got the Hallmark channel. I want to be watching Christmas in July! I almost checked some Hallmark movies out from our library when we were there last week. Maybe I will this week.

    Glad you had a great weekend. Oh! I have never tried a tomato and cucumber sandwich before, but you have me wanting to today! Sounds super yummy and perfect for summer.

  7. Thanks, Bri! You should check some out! They're all good, so you can't go wrong. I feel like it's such a Southern mom and stepdad grew the veggies, so they really were delicious on my sandwich last night.

  8. Look at you - looking so cute even while you are keeping it cool:) Sounds like you had a great weekend. A little bit of time with so many of your favorite people! Here's to a good week ahead as well -

  9. Thanks, Jennifer! I hope yours was good as well! ❤


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