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self-care in the form of taking time for yourself


Happy Tuesday, friends! Before I forget, I want to take care of a little "blog business". Here's a reminder from my Friday Favorites post two weeks ago, because September is right around the corner.

I want to remind you/tell you for the first time that I have taken over a link party that happens on the first Wednesday of every month—it's called "currently" and it's when we share from the topics I pick for each month. Anne over at Anne In Residence used to host this, but she ended it recently and then I reached out to her about taking it over...I know several blog friends who loved being a part of that as much as I did, so I'm excited to keep it going! I'll keep the link open all month long, in case you want to join in August's when we shared what we're currently lovingwearingdreaming and hoping. On September 7, the topics will be lovingbeginningendingpicking and posting. I hope you join in! Here is the link from August...this will take place every month on the first Wednesday of the month. I hope you join me, so get your post scheduled! 

Moving on to the rest of today's post, I thought I'd start by asking you a question. What do you do to "treat" yourself? This could be anything that involves taking time for yourself, or doing something to energize you. I'd really love to hear what you do for this type of thing, because I do think it's important. For so many years, I didn't do this and somewhere along the way, I kind of got lost in the wonder and amazement of being a wife and mom. I didn't spend money on myself at all, because we didn't have a lot to spare and who has the kind of time for that kind of thing when you're in the throes of raising kids? I never had hair appointments, I never got manicures and would get one pedicure a year. I have always loved to read, but I didn't actually do much reading. I don't know what I did with down time, but like I said, I kind of got lost in the reality I was immersed in. 

That's not a bad thing! I wouldn't trade that time for anything in all of the world, I just keep finding that present day me is a lot different than the past version of me. I'll give you an example: I never took time to make myself presentable. I was a boy mom, so lots of days I never even put on makeup. I never wore anything other than pants/jeans/shorts and t-shirts. I've never considered myself fashionable and truthfully, I just didn't care all that much about what I looked like. Another way I've changed so much is with camping. I used to love to camp! It was how we vacationed with the boys when they were little. Looking back, I think it was one of those things that a friend of mine used to call a "kiss from the King". I loved camping with them, but I'll never forget the very last trip we all took together...I was in a bathroom stall and looked down to see a tarantula spider in the stall with me and I thought to myself how good of a run it had been. That was the last camping trip I went on with them, even though a variation of them still like to do this. 

All of that being said, I enjoy things that I used to not enjoy, things like dressing up and shopping with my moms and sisters. I remember meeting a friend at church who I found out I had a lot in common with, and she was instrumental in "teaching" me how to dress. Now I enjoy getting dressed everyday and looking put together. It'll never fail to amaze me when people compliment my clothing choices, because as recently as five years ago, I didn't care what I wore. I still enjoyed things like making my home a haven for my family members and decorating and things like that, but even that has increased with years of things like blogs and social media. I don't consider this a bad thing either, because I've found a little space here on the internet that I love, with people who feel like real-life friends that comment and encourage. I love to inspire and to be inspired online and I always like to try to do that kind of thing. 

It should be easy to understand why blogging is one thing I do for "self-care". I really enjoy the writing that I do here, even the fluffy stuff. It feels like a creative outlet and the words usually aren't ever hard to find. I do sometimes struggle with content, because as the boys have grown up and flown the nest, so to speak, it's not so much about them these days. I also love to read other blogs! Some of my favorites are Andrea, Shay, Tanya, Rebecca Jo, Maria, Jennifer, Holly, Joanne, Marilyn, Amy and Jen. (I listed them in the order that I have them bookmarked, I love them all equally!) 

Another thing I do for myself is read. I love to read and have since I was in first grade. I'll never forget when reading "clicked" for me—I was in first grade with Mrs. Shaw at Collierville Elementary school. She introduced me to my lifelong hobby and the first book I ever read that hooked me from the first page was about a cat named Garfield. The rest is history. Because I love to read, I find time to read. I take my Kindle everywhere I go and any spare time I have, I read. This means I read in the mornings while I wait for Dad on Fridays, I read while I wait on appointments, I read while I wait on dinner to cook and pretty much every other time of day. 

You all know that I love to get my nails done. Before I started paying for this, I always gave myself manicures twice a week, because for as long as I can remember, I have loved having painted fingernails. Seriously, this love started in elementary school and has never stopped, except for the years I was too busy being a mom to little kids. Now I love getting them done every three to four weeks and I spend time picking out colors I know I'll love, so I always go in with an idea in mind. I do the dip powder these days, because it's long lasting and because I am really hard on my fingernails and they break easily. The dip powder makes that impossible.

I also pay to have my hair done three times a year. I was so fortunate to have a super talented mom who did this for me for years, but it started being more of a chore for her as my hair got longer. I've been seeing my girl for at least five years now, but before that I first met her when my sons were little. I would go to her a few times a year for a trim, so we've known each other for a long time. I've introduced her to many people—family members and friends and I love her and consider her a good friend. More than I love her talent with hair, I love her heart for Jesus. 

Additionally, I love to watch tv/movies and I really enjoy being alone, as an introvert. Even so, too much of that can be a bad thing, so I have also thoroughly enjoyed working again. I really, really wished that I could tell you that I love exercising or walking, but I really don't. I am so much more of a girly girl these days, something that keeps taking my husband by surprise. Sometimes he looks at me like he's wondering who in the world I am and what I did with the girl he married. I am still low maintenance and things that matter to some women, don't matter to me. I don't really care about brand names, expensive clothing/shoes/handbags and jewelry is something I tolerate. I do have some cute earrings, bracelets and necklaces, but none of them are expensive. I also don't do "fancy", which I've heard him tell the boys he really loves. Aside from being more girly now than I used to be (like with my love of all things pink right now), I am still simple and it doesn't take much to keep me happy. I love things like thoughtful gifts and quality time, which can't be labeled with a price. 

So, what do you do in this form of "self-care"? Or, what is your guilty pleasure? I haven't said this, but one guilty pleasure is binge watching episodes of a favorite show while I'm alone on a weekend night. I also love a glass of wine and consider that a guilty pleasure. Tell me something about YOU! I'd love to hear from you on this. As always, thanks for reading my blog! Love to all. 


  1. Thank you for the shout out and for introducing me to some new to me bloggers.

    I would say my biggest outlets just for me are writing and reading blog posts, hot showers and baths with lavender smells after dinner, doing my nails and toes(usually myself), taking myself on window shopping trips, and meeting up with friends with or without my hub.

    I want to add a walking routine to this list. I really need to commit to 30 minutes a day after school in addition to the morning gym time. I think early fall will be a great time to start this.

    I agree that self care gets lost when we are raising young kids. I don't regret how I spent my time then, either. There are just seasons in life!

    Thank you for an important post today!

  2. Amy, I used to LOVE taking baths! Our tub cannot be filled with water right now, so I haven't done that in years. All of my sons enjoy taking one from time to time...one of them just did that Sunday night! I love that. It feels good on tired and aching muscles. I also love to window shop, which is usually what our Saturday shopping trips look like.

    I need to walk! I'm going to try to get in the habit again as well. I have a treadmill in my bedroom that I've neglected the last few months. I love what you said- seasons of life change. That's so true! Have a great day, friend!

  3. Fun to read, Jennifer, and to think about. It's an interesting topic for me as I am enjoying plenty of time for self care right now... but, like you, that was a nebulous concept not that long ago when the kids were little. I am enjoying more time to write, to read blogs and books, to run/ walk, to spend time with friends, and to garden. Those are all things I enjoy or how I take care of myself. I am grateful for gals that I've gotten to "know" like you via blogging. I never used to comment on blogs but I'm glad that I started to do so not too long ago and to feel a bit of community that way. I'm glad that you're liking your job! That has to be a great feeling. I would love to find something part time but I'm super picky about hours and days so it looks like subbing and plenty of time for self care are in my future for a while! Have a great Tuesday, friend!

  4. Thanks, Maria! I think it's an interesting topic too, especially as our lives change from one phase to the next. I think as a younger mom, I would have loved to know that someday things would be so different for me, that I would eventually get to do things for myself again. I may not have believed someone if they'd told me that, but I still think I would have loved to have known that. I loved that stage so much, though, even if I let certain things go that weren't as important.

    Those are all great things that you listed! I am also very thankful for the blogging community. Mine has only been active with comments for a few years and I was the same as you- I didn't comment much, but I've seen how that makes a huge difference. I really do love my job! I love just working three hours most days...it's perfect for me because of our dogs. I really can't be gone for much longer than that, especially with our older one.

    I hope you have a great day!

  5. I enjoyed your post today. I really don't do a lot of self-care, but I've pretty much always been that way, I guess. Buying yarn and completing projects to give away is enjoyable to me. Also, like you, I would consider reading a way I do this too.

  6. Well, I am humbled and pleased as punch (all at the same time) to be included in your group of blog friends!! So sweet:) And I know we would be great friends "IRL" because we have so much in common. I don't do fancy...not into labels or brand names...but love to be "girly" and try to look (at least) put together each day. I so enjoy reading blogs as well as blogging. I never really considered it "self-care" but, I guess you are right, it is just that in a way. I do have to be alone for a while each day - which is usually at night. My husband enjoys tv and I do not...so it works well for us:) My favorite/most enjoyable self-care is a pedicure. I love them. And I like the color on my toes:) I used to do my fingernails but it was really ruining my nails (which are very strong and healthy) so I stopped years ago but I am more than tempted to try it again. Really enjoyed your post today - happy Tuesday, friend!

  7. I love this post of self care and thanks for the mention! I have recently started getting the dip manicures, inspired by your posts :). It is good to take care of ourselves, especially as our kids are older now. I also love when I just get to sit and watch a Hallmark movie or some other show that is a little escape.

  8. I love this post, and thanks for the shout out! Things I like to do just for me are walking, reading, embroidery, and blogging/reading blogs. I also consider myself pretty "low maintenance." It definitely makes life easier.

  9. Thanks, Cathy! I think those are good ways to unwind or to relax. I also love just hanging out with my hubby and watching a movie or show. I count that as well.

  10. Thanks, Jennifer! I meant every word. I know we would be friends IRL! We do have so much in common and I love that. Those are great things to do and unwind with...and I am like you and love a pedicure, even though I rarely get one. I do mine often, though and like to change the color every time. Blogging and this little community are the BEST!

  11. Thanks, Marilyn! I am so glad you enjoy getting your nails done these days. It's such a small way to treat yourself...but it brings such joy!

  12. Thanks, Tanya! I love those things you mentioned. You are so right about that! And all the husbands said "amen".


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