Monday, October 3, 2022

weekending/Hello Monday-- all about The Cape edition


Happy Monday, friends! I'm linking up with Holly and Sarah for this blog post. Usually I would talk about my weekend, but I am sharing about my trip to the Cape Cod area. I hope you enjoy reading about what we accomplished in three days! More about the shortened time in a few minutes. 

I left for Boston at 7 a.m. on Saturday morning, the 24th. I switched planes in Baltimore and landed in Boston around eleven. My sister landed around one, so after I made it off the plane, I found a place to eat lunch and sat at a table for the remaining time before she met me. Once she landed, we found each other and I was surprised to see that my sister Debi had come with her! How fun, right?! We found our way to the car rental place and started the drive to Centerville, Massachusetts, where we were staying on Craigsville Beach. 

We stayed at The Ocean View Inn—look how charming it was!

We got settled in for our stay and left for town. We were all hungry and we needed to find a Target or CVS for a few things for our stay, and for snacks for our room. We ate in Hyannis, which was right near the harbor and took the opportunity to take some pictures. 

(left to right: me, Debi, Lisa)

That fisherman statue reminds me of a movie we recently watched about sea shanties. I thought he was cute! We found a tavern style place called The Black Cat, where we ate the best clam chowdah chowder. (I'm laughing, because I love Boston accents.) Lisa and I shared a wedge salad, then we each had our own stuffed crab cake. It was delicious and so was the wine that we all had. We shared some cheesecake for dessert as well. We were stuffed when we went to bed that night! Also, we thoroughly enjoyed every single meal that we ate while in the Cape. 

We slept in a little the next morning, then we left for Chatham. 

So, most of you know that I love Pamela Kelley's books, specifically her Beach Plum Cove series. Well, look at the name of this road Lisa spotted as we were driving to Chatham! We had to turn around, which is where we were when we came across this cute little road on a beach cove, but we got our pictures. These books and this author inspired and helped plan our trip. She and I corresponded over social media, which really helped us out. 

She is the one who told us to eat at Mac's Chatham Fish and Lobster. Look at this beautiful lobster roll! I like mine Maine style, which is made with mayo and served cold. Connecticut style is served warm with melted butter. I like Maine style, but Lisa and Debi prefer Connecticut style. I forgot about my favorite chips being made in this area! How appropriate that they're served here with lunch. 

It was a little drizzly and overcast at some points of the day, but we had fun walking around and seeing all the charming little shops and buildings. I know that we missed out on some of this cute little town, but we really wanted to see Provincetown while we were there, so we opted to go ahead with that plan in order to get back before dark. While we were headed to do that, we decided to stop for a restroom break and some soft drinks before the hour long drive. 

It was while Debi and I were inside that the trajectory of our trip changed. Lisa got a call from her neighbor while she waited in the car, who told her that his yard was unnecessarily wet and when he went to walk around to inspect, he noticed water coming out of her house. When she asked him to go inside to see what was going on, he could hear water gushing. A pipe under her master bathroom sink upstairs had burst and was gushing water similar to the power with which a fire hydrant gushes. It had been doing that, most likely, for 24 hours or more since the time she had left for our trip. Every room in her house was affected. The ceilings were caving in, walls were cracking and water was coming out of the light fixtures and standing in places all around her house. Eventually the water came down to the ground floor, then to the basement, then to the crawl space under her house. Her entire house, and everything in it, was flooded. 

We made the decision then to cut our trip short. We decided to stay until Tuesday, so that we could see Nantucket, because if we had skipped that one day, it would have been a complete waste of money. We'd also already decided not to go to Martha's Vineyard and had made some other changes in the original plans of our trip. We sat in the parking lot of the gas station for a good hour until she had spoken with her son and daughter who were there to help her neighbor and with her brother in law, who retrieved a few important documents for her. When that was taken care of, Lisa decided we would go onto Provincetown. Have I ever mentioned she is one of the strongest people I know? So, on we went.

Provincetown was interesting. And a big disappointment, but we can say that we have been there and done that. 

The vibe here felt like a cross between New Orleans and Key West. We quickly decided it wasn't for us, but on our way back to the inn, we stumbled upon a lighthouse! This is The Cape Cod Light.

We made the short trek to see the ocean, and I'm glad we did! It was fun to come across this. Originally we wanted to go on a lighthouse chase, but that was one thing we had to forego when we shortened the length of our trip. It was a bit of a bummer, but we were all completely fine with going home early. We totally understood that Lisa needed to be there herself. 

We drove back to Hyannis once again for dinner. We decided to go Italian on this night and enjoyed pasta and seafood. I was way too hungry to take pictures on this night, plus, it wasn't that pretty to look at. It was DELICIOUS.

We were up early the next morning for our ferry to Nantucket!

In spite of taking anti-seasick medication, I was still sick on the ferry over to Nantucket. I just sipped my diet Sprite the whole time and Debi bought me some yogurt. I also had a bite of her bagel, but I was glad to be there! I was fine on the way back, it was just choppier early in the morning. We took the fast ferry over, which is still an hour long ride. Here's the thing I didn't expect: It's expensive to ferry over! To take your car onto a slow moving ferry, it's over $300! You can take the Hyline ferry, which looks like a speedboat, for around $90, but we opted for the older, fast moving ferry called the Steamship Authority for around $50 roundtrip. Those are estimated prices, which may change in varying seasons. I'm not really sure, but it just caught all of us a little off guard. 

The ferry drops you right in the middle of town. We had things that we knew we wanted to do, which included a guided tour of some kind, eating lunch at a well known spot and seeing as much of the island as we could. We made our way over to Main Street, which is where most of the shops are located. Look how adorable!

One of the first places we stopped at was The Hub, which is centrally located in the downtown area on Main Street. I had a really good iced hazelnut cold brew and Debi had breakfast #2 of the day. 🤣 Her first breakfast was on the ferry. We made our way around and found Mitchell's Book Corner, which probably ended up being my favorite shop and stop of the day. 

We were browsing and trying to find some of Pamela Kelley's books and couldn't, so we went back downstairs. When I asked about where her books were, the kind lady working there took us back upstairs and showed us where they were. Lisa got down on the floor to look at them and ended up finding some hidden autographed copies! How cool, right? Hence the lovestruck look on my face in the picture of me in front of the book shop. We each got a copy of a signed book, and I picked the first book in that series, The Nantucket Inn. 

After this we made our way over to where we had reservations for lunch, The Brant Pointe Grille at The White Elephant Hotel. We had more lobster!

This cocktail was divine! The ACK Sunshine, or something like that.

We had cocktails with our lunch of a lobster roll, lobster mac and cheese and a brie burger. It was delicious! I ate seafood with every single meal, except for one and even then I had a bite of Lisa's scallops. 

After more walking, we took a historical tour of the island, which was so interesting. We learned that all of the homes on the island must be covered in cedar shingles, unless the home was built before the year 1960, when they were made with wood or brick. The brick on the homes and sidewalks are made of brick, which was made on the island. The cobblestone streets are notorious on Nantucket and they're killer to walk/drive on! We saw the less touristy side of the island, which was beautiful and where Siaconset ('Sconset) beach is located. We came across another lighthouse, the Sankaty Lighthouse.

(This was Val, our beloved tour guide and entrepreneur of the island.) After our tour, we walked around some more, then made our way to a spot where we could sit and enjoy a cold drink. I bought myself a blueberry muffin to go with my ginger ale. It was good! We were tired by this point and just stayed close by the docks taking us back to the ferry. We caught the six o'clock ferry back to Hyannis and immediately went to dinner one last time at The Black Cat once again. We all enjoyed clam chowder one more time and I ate fish and chips. It was delicious! After our dinner, we went back to the inn and started packing up to be ready to leave the next morning. We checked out of the inn and made the drive back into Boston. We stopped for a late breakfast in Plymouth, then spent the rest of the time at the airport waiting for our planes. Lisa and Debi left at three something and I left at six something that evening. They flew straight through to Denver, but I had a layover in Chicago. Thankfully, all the flights were on time and I made it back home with about fifteen minutes to spare. Because I didn't check my bag, I was able to walk right off and out the door to my awaiting husband. 

Here's my takeaway from the whole trip: It was so much fun! I always love being with my sisters. Nobody else makes me laugh quite like they do and we always have a blast together. The entire Cape area is gorgeous! I would like to spend more time there and to show it all to my husband. I'd love to spend a week there and in the Boston area. I wanted to see more of Boston, but that was something we had decided to cut out of our plans, even prior to Lisa's house flooding. If you're thinking of going to Provincetown, skip it. It's not worth the drive. I'd like to see more of Edgartown! I think we missed quite a bit of the charming town. I really didn't want to go and shop, but we did a lot of that. I wish we had spent that time driving around more and chasing lighthouses. 

Nantucket was beautiful! I was more fascinated with the architectural element of the style of homes and buildings and learning about the history of the area. Now that I've been there, I can say that I've been there, done that and crossed off a bucket list trip idea. Now that I've been once, I don't feel the need to go back. I cannot imagine making that commute often! It felt long and very far away. I'm not a huge crowd lover, and that's what we encountered, even in the off season. I cannot imagine going there in the summer! No thank you. It was beautiful, don't misread what I'm saying and I did love the time there, but one day was sufficient. It does make me kind of wonder what all the hype is about, though. I'll stick to reading about it more in the books I love to read. That's enough to satisfy me. 

If you've made it ALL THE WAY TO THE END, more power to you! I tried to keep it short and sweet, but also detailed enough for my memories and for anyone else who was curious about what we did. I have had several people ask me about that. Even in spite of ending the trip two days early, you can see that we crammed a lot of stuff in, in just a short amount of time. It really did feel like were there for a week! Each day was long and extremely gratifying. It's fun to see new places! Thanks for reading my blog, friends! I've missed you, but I decided to keep with the regularly scheduled break and pretend like I wasn't in town for the rest of the week. I enjoyed every second! I didn't work, I didn't go to church, I just stayed home and caught up on laundry and such, then I got my nails done and grocery shopped and made a fabulous family dinner on Thursday. I saw Dad on Friday, was with Mom and Trish on Saturday, and spent the day at church on Sunday for actual church and a night of worship that evening. It's fun to travel, but there's no place like home. On that note, if you want to, feel free to pray for Lisa. I know she has a long road ahead of her of battling insurance, contractors and the replacement of all that was lost in her home. Thanks! Love to all. 


  1. I hope the cleanup/ insurance process isn't too terrible for Lisa. What a stressful situation. It sounded like she handled it well. I would have been down for the count. Your trip, besides the bad news and being cut short, looks amazing. I love the pictures and hearing about the towns that you visited. I'm sure it's great to be back, though! Missed your writing on your space of the web but knew you'd be back and were having a great time (well, I didn't know the latter but I assumed it!). Have a great Monday, friend!

  2. Thanks, Maria! I talked to her yesterday, and her insurance company has found her a townhome to live in until the work on her house is finished, which is a huge answer to prayer. I know she's loving staying with her daughter and grand daughters for now, but because she works from home, she desperately needs her own space. I was glad to hear that. I agree, if that were me, I would have been down for the count! It really was a fun and full trip, even with us ending it early. We all came home feeling extremely satisfied over all that we saw and did. It's a beautiful area!

  3. Ok first off, sending prayers to Lisa- you will have to keep us posted but glad her insurance company found a townhouse for her- does she live in FL? Second, oh my gosh what a beautiful trip- I have lived here my whole life and always appreciate the Cape but feel that Nantucket is the most beautiful place in the world- so glad you enjoyed :)

  4. This was a great recap and I might be asking for advice if we get to go to Boston and this general area. Tom's German cousin's son is in Boston studying and we might go to see him.
    I am so sorry for your sis and for the trip getting cut short. She is such a trooper. I don't think I could enjoy myself the rest of the trip, but it seems like she was able to go with the flow. The ferry is expensive! Did you feel that you would have liked to spend one night on Nantucket or was the day enough? It is funny to hear you talk about these places because I am reading Hotel Nantucket right now!
    There's no place like home, right? I hear what you are saying about so.many.tourists. I wonder if all of these authors have made it worse! Ha!

  5. Oh my goodness Jennifer as soon as I read about your sister I stopped and prayed for her! She sounds incredibly strong and resilient. I really enjoyed reading about your trip. It sounded like so much fun and the food pics looked so delicious. I have only ever tried one lobster roll here in Australia. Lobster is just so expensive. The one and only time I ever saw a lobster roll on the menu at a trendy bar, I was so excited to order it. It was $28.00 and I do not exaggerate when I tell you that the whole entire roll was no longer than my pointer finger. Anyway, it was so nice to hear about all places that you visited and that you got to spend time with our sisters xx

  6. Oh, I totally made it to the end...and read every word! Would have kept on reading...what fun! I DEFINITELY have to put this on the bucket list for me and my husband! Thanks for all the photos (like traveling right along!)...and I am so sorry for your sister. What a terrible thing to happen anytime - but while you are on vacation!! I will certainly say a prayer for her. I'm glad you guys still had such a good time together!!

  7. Thanks, Holly! I was surprised they found her something that fast. She lives near Denver- this was a complete freak accident and a pipe under her master bathroom sink upstairs busted, causing the water to gush for over 24 hours. Of all the times for something like that to niece made a good point today and suggested that people turn their water off when leaving town. I know that's something we will all think about from now on!

    What a beautiful part of the country to live in! I know you probably get used to it, but it really is stunning. All of it! I agree wholeheartedly about Nantucket, it is so charming and beautiful!

  8. Thanks, Amy! I will be glad to share any and all of the information I have. I hope you get to do that soon! I already want to go back to the Cape. It's incredible! I will never get over just stumbling upon a lighthouse. I love them!

    I never could have held up so well if my house had been the one to flood. She is so strong!

    Honestly, knowing what I know about the cost of everything now, I did really feel like one day was enough. We took the 7:30 ferry over that morning and ferried back to the Cape at around the same time twelve hours later. It's just so expensive! As is the food. As beautiful as it is, there's only so much of the same thing you can say in a day before it all starts to look the same and run together. Not only that, but our tour guide told us that at the busiest time this past summer, there were 80,000 people on that little 14 mile wide 2 mile long island. I cannot even FATHOM that. You definitely have to make ferry and restaurant reservations a year in advance. Everything gets booked up so quickly!

    There truly is no place like home. I think those authors definitely added to the interest of the island! I saw a ton of women there and not many men. Ha!

  9. Thank you, Ruth! I know she will appreciate your prayers. I do too! I agree about lobster- I rarely eat it because it's so expensive. I bought mine and my sister's lunch one day...for two lobster rolls, one soft drink and one water, the price was near $85! I almost died from shock. 🤣 It was a wonderful trip...I'm glad this post conveyed that.

  10. Jennifer- Thank you! It was such a wonderful few days away. I'm glad you enjoyed the post! You definitely need to add this to the bucket list of places to visit in your lifetime. Aren't we fortunate to have so many beautiful places like this in our country? One doesn't even have to leave the country! I already want to go back to Boston and the Cape. It's all so quaint and charming! I even love their accents.

    Thank you for your prayers for my sister! I know she will appreciate that so much. ❤

  11. Oh I am so sorry to hear about your sister's house! What a trooper she is to keep on keeping on. I grew up summering on The Cape since it's literally just a few hours drive away. My step-father owned a condo right in P-town wwaaaay back in the day before it became what it is today (I'm talking 30 years ago!). My grandmother also had a seasonal sight in Chatham so we often spent multiple weeks and weekends exploring the entire region. One of my favorite memories was touring the Cape Cod potato chip factory. It wasn't until just a few years ago that my husband and I made it a point to get to Nantucket for the day and while I really did enjoy it I couldn't see myself vacationing there year after year.

    My husband and I just spent 4 days in Maine and I was just telling my son about how we ate seafood at every meal besides breakfast!

  12. My goodness, that sounds like a full and fun trip! The food all sounds and looks delicious. I am so sorry to hear the news of Lisa's house. What a bummer and a long road ahead for her. This makes me want to go visit that area!

  13. I'm so sorry to hear about your sister's house! Your trip looks amazing. You all really packed in so much...the food, scenery, and atmosphere look amazing. I'd like to go to Nantucket at some point. Very interesting about the ferry...and definitely something to keep in mind.

  14. Thanks, Jen! We did get so much done in such a short time. I slept the entire next day that I was home. Seriously...I dozed on and off all throughout the day. I hope you get to do this someday, I think it's a place everyone should see at least once! I would have appreciated knowing that in advance...instead it just about knocked me over in shock. Nobody has ever mentioned that, that I know of, in this blog world. Truthfully, it's an expensive place to visit, but I was prepared for that and ate as cheaply as possible. Two times my bill was under $30 and one time it was under $20. I always drink water when I'm out! That helps.


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