Monday, October 10, 2022

weekending/Hello Monday


Happy Monday, friends! I'm joining up with Holly and Sarah for today's weekly blog post. Before I get started, I thought I would give an update on my sister Lisa, whose house flooded while we were on Cape Cod. I shared about that last week on Monday's vacation recap post, but if you need a refresher, you can click here. She stayed with her daughter for the time between when we got back, through this weekend. Thankfully she had people she could stay with! I am happy to say that yesterday she got moved into her new and temporary home, which is a townhouse in a beautiful area of the town she already lived in. It's extremely comparable to where she lived and she loves it so much that she said she's considering that for a future home if she ever doesn't want to be in an actual house that she is solely responsible for. This townhome has an HOA, and she loves that. I am so happy for her! I wish I was there to help her, and though I will be there next weekend, she'll be finished by that time. I can't wait to see it in person! I know she will having it looking beautiful in no time flat. Have I mentioned that my mom and sisters all decorate really well? They do. I'll try to take pictures while I'm there week after next. I will be blogging while I'm away. so come back during the week of the 17th-21st. 

Now, onto the weekend! I got started with Dad on Friday, as usual. We had a really nice time together! I decided to stay in the whole time he was here and I made us shrimp fried rice for lunch. He said he liked it and I hope that's true. It didn't seem very satisfying to me. After he left I took a nap. I'm always so tired on Friday afternoons! I got comfy very early and settled in for a quiet evening at home alone. I had leftovers for dinner and I watched two new episodes of shows that I like: Chesapeake Shores and Grey's Anatomy. Do you watch either one of those? I went to bed early. 

(The image on my television is a YouTube screensaver. Calmed By Nature is my favorite channel for these, but this one was playing soft jazz music in the background.)

On Saturday, I went out with my mom and Trish, as usual. This will be the last time I do this for three weekends in a row, because I'll be out of town for all of those. We had so much fun! We went to some new places in nearby small towns and enjoyed ourselves immensely. 

My uniform on repeat: jeans, graphic tee, cardigan, neutral shoes. We went to a store called Kindred Spirit, which is owned by a friend of mine that I used to go to church with. I've been meaning to get by there, but because it's so far off my beaten path, I always forget. I actually bought a few things here that I love: a new beautiful red cowl neck sweater to wear over the coming months, a Christmas gift for my sister and a sticker for my water bottle. 

I got this idea from my boys years ago—they always used to cover their Nalgene bottles with stickers and they'd all be messy and overlapped. Because I'm like a teenager, I suppose and not a middle aged woman?

They had the cutest things! I love this little area where they do live videos. After this we went to a cute little décor shop and florist, Twigs-N-Things, which was equally as adorable. 

The issue I had with these adorable shops is that they made me want Christmas really bad! I cannot wait until it's acceptable to put up the Christmas decorations. I love this fall season we're in, but I really love Christmas. My mom got the most amazing scented candle I've smelled in a long time, one that was peppermint scented. I can smell it even now! 

We ate lunch and went to a couple more places, one of which was the Dollar General. Look at the adorable Christmas plates they had that I bought all of!

I also bought a new Christmas welcome mat. Please don't unfriend me for these things. I anticipate decorating for Christmas early in November! Not the first week, but definitely in that second week. I know it'll be early, but I love it so much, I want all the extra time to enjoy it all. 

I was back home around three, so I changed into my comfy clothes for the evening and Noah went to pick up the pizza we ordered from Lost Pizza. Graham had gone to Nashville for the day and both Jonah and Noah were gone all day as well, so it worked out that they were all home around the same time to eat dinner with us. I am always glad to have them back safe and sound, after a day spent traveling. After I finished my dinner, I started watching The Good Witch movies on Hallmark Movies Now. I'm watching the show again, but I came across these movies and realized I'd never seen them. I love them all! I love the show too and it's the perfect time of year to watch. Have you seen either of these? I really love Catherine Bell and think she's a really talented actress.

I was up early and at church by 7:45 yesterday. It was my Sunday to run the lyrics on the giant screens for the choir and our worship leader, which I was glad to do before missing church for the next three Sundays. 

I always feed the dogs a little earlier than their usual 7:30 a.m. feeding and I was trying to coerce them all back inside so that I could leave. They all love these crisp fall mornings and always act frisky while they're outside. I always end up having to whisper scream at them to come back inside. 🤣 After church I came back home and got comfy for the rest of the day. 

It felt so good to be here and comfy for the rest of Sunday. I ate lunch, turned on my fall playlist, and worked on the blog for this week. It's fall break here this week for our community. so I have some free time. Instead of going to Bible study on Wednesday, I'll have some free time. Also, I'm only working Monday and Tuesday this week, in preparation for leaving town on Saturday. I haven't told anyone that yet, but it won't be an issue. It was a good weekend, just one that I didn't see my husband a whole lot. We're used to this most of the time, so it's nothing new. I'll spend time with him during the week, but I'm glad he loves going into work on the weekend nights. Those guys always have a blast together. Actually, Todd has the ability to have fun no matter what he's doing. I walked in on him in the video room at church yesterday, when he'd just finished being video director for the service and he and Kurt the tech director were laughing over something. I love this about my man and I love that he makes me laugh harder than anybody else. 

What about you? How was your weekend? I'd love to hear from you! I'll be back tomorrow with some pictures of my house all dressed up for fall. I hope you'll come back to read! Thanks for reading my blog, friends. Love to all! 


  1. Looks like a nice weekend! I may be one of the few people in America who has never seen a single episode of Gray's Anatomy ;). Doesn't it have close to twenty seasons? You'd think I would have seen at least one episode... I love the plates you picked up at Dollar General. So cute! I have seen some cute seasonal dishware at our Dollar Store that I've been tempted to buy. Glad to hear that your sister found a great place to stay. Enjoy your two day work week!

  2. You all have some really cute shops! I don't hate you that you want to decorate for Christmas! I bought Christmas theme coffee syrups this weekend. You have permission to be you and do you! I love the self care you have on Friday afternoons after selflessly providing a lunch and structure to your Dad's week. You all have a special relationship.
    You and hub make it work and this won't be forever, but he is happy at work and that means a lot. He does look like he can make anything fun. I am excited to hear about your sister's new place - take photos - and your trip to Denver. I am probably annoying when I am with friends because I take all the photos of the food and scenery, but I try to do it quickly and without much fanfare. I only get one shot and don't try to stage things! Ha!
    That is great that you are just working today and tomorrow!

  3. Thanks, Maria! Yes! It's season 19 currently. I really thought Shonda was going to be done with it after last season and there have been several times that she probably should have just let it fizzle out, but season 18 ended up being one of my favorites of all, minus a few scenarios. Shonda Rhimes, or Shondaland, is the creator and producer of the show. I heave learned that here, if I don't buy something when I see it, it'll be gone when I go back. There were 12 of those plates, so I bought them all! I'm sure my husband was vigorously rolling his eyes when he came home to my Christmas finds on the kitchen table. 🤣 I hope you have a good day, friend!

  4. Amy- I'm so glad we can still be friends!🤣 I blame my mom for this. She would decorate in October (for Christmas) if it were entirely up to her. She loves Christmas even more than I do! I saw your skinny syrups that you bought and I need to try to find some. Where do you buy them? I never mind him working on weekends, just because he is so selfless. It's more like fun for him than a job that he has to go to and it was a busy weekend for first responders here in the surrounding Memphis area. He definitely has fun in life, so that helps us to enjoy our time even more when we're together. I love that about him!

    I am the same way with pictures as you- I take pictures all the time of everything and just lag behind for a minute while doing so, but I quickly and efficiently take one and then move right along. Most people never even know what I'm doing! I will definitely take pics next week while I'm gone and I'll share them one day while I'm there, most likely. I hope you have a great Monday, friend!

  5. Looks and sounds like such a cozy weekend and the "calm before the storm!" Right? Can't wait to follow along with all of your travel adventures :)

  6. Hi Jennifer! I found you on another Jennifer's blog :)

    I am also one who has never seen even one episode of Grey's Anatomy! But I adore Chesapeake Shores!

    I'm looking forward to following your blog! We recently started a campaign to find bloggers and do an Old Fashioned Blog Revival, so I'll be visiting your blog, for sure :)

    Happy Monday!

  7. I am so glad to hear that your sister is settling into her new place and likes it so much. Really hoping all her repairs go smoothly. We gave up watching Grey's around the time of the pandemic and I've never migrated back to it; I did enjoy it though. Have fun on your trip!

  8. Somehow I missed your earlier post about your sister's home. I'm so sorry for her, but glad she found a temporary home. She was such a trooper to continue with your vacation!

  9. I've seen the Good Witch movies, but I've never watched the shows. I love Catherine Bell as an actress. I first saw her on JAG and we both loved that show and that's where the spin-off NCIS came from which is one of our all time favorites. I've been thinking about Chesapeake Shores as I've heard others mention it too. Is it pretty good?
    Oh, and I plan to decorate for Christmas (inside) the last of this month, so it will be done when I come home from vacation and we can really start enjoying it. Plus I'm the one who starts listening to Christmas music sometime in October too. lol Love you Christmasy finds.

  10. Holly- Definitely! I'll be sharing! Thanks for hosting us each week, friend.

  11. Hey there, Debbie! I'm so glad you stopped by and I'll be looking forward to reading more of yours as well! I wish I'd never started Grey's, but I'm so invested after all these years that I have to keep going to see how it all ends. Meredith may outlive us all at this point, who knows? I LOVE Chesapeake Shores. I'm so sad I'm down to the final two episodes! It's so rare to find such a great show that's perfectly clean. I hope you had a good day and thanks again for stopping by!

  12. Thanks, Joanne! I quit the show and started back so many times. I have no idea how long she'll let it go on...and I think at this point it's one of the longest running shows on prime time television. Thanks for that, I'll be sharing!

  13. Tanya, she really was a rock star for trucking on during our trip. I don't know how she did it, but I'm so glad she stayed for at least that one more day. Bless her, she's probably pushed most of the trip out of her memory at this point, because it's forever tainted by the disaster of her house. I'll have to ask her about that...I'm curious.

  14. Cathy, you should watch the Good Witch series AND Chesapeake Shores! Both are excellent and one hundred percent clean. I love it when that's so rare these days. I watch through Hallmark Movie Now that I pay for and stream through. Unfortunately, Hallmark doesn't usually show rerun episodes like we used to have back in the good old days. To watch or to catch up, you have to stream, but HMM is inexpensive.

    That will be WONDERFUL to come home to! I'll decorate inside around the seventh of November. I'd do it earlier, honestly, but my family already balks at me for putting it up even that early. We used to wait until Thanksgiving night like my husband preferred, but honestly ever since 2020, I just do it early for some added joy in my life. I need all the joy and happy that I can get, because the world is a mean place.

  15. Look for the skinny syrups at TJ or Homegoods. You can also order off of Amazon. Jordan's Skinny Syrups.

  16. I don't have the channel, so instead I've started watching Heartland. So far, so good.

  17. Thanks for sharing an update on your sister. Have been thinking about her and was so sad to hear about her home.

  18. I appreciate you thinking about her, Bri!


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