Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Tuesday Talk: what's in my purse and bag (for work)


Happy Tuesday, friends! I'm so glad you're here for today's installment of Tuesday Talk: what's in my purse and work bag. I hope you enjoy this post! 

I shared the two pictures above, because this is the purse I carry for the most part. I decided when I started working that I didn't really want to carry that one to work, so I switched to the brown bag that you see in the picture below.

Then, because I have afternoon dismissal in the form of walkers that I have to supervise, I decided the brown bag hurt my back, so on Friday I switched over to the blue LL Bean backpack that belonged to one of my boys. It's not dirty, even though it looks like it in the picture—I recently washed it, but the reflective strip peeled a little, which is what you see that makes it look dirty. The backpack works out much better and even distributes the weight on my back. 

The picture above was a gift for Christmas from my sister Lisa, but I'm using it for my lunch box, since it's such a soft fabric. I don't put an ice pack in it since we have a refrigerator at work, but it's kind of perfect as a lunch box. 

Back to my purse and work bag—I have to preface this post by saying that I am a very organized type of person. There's nothing I can't stand more than clutter, whether in my home, my purse, or a bag. I am forever cleaning out my bags, so because of that, I use little bags to hold the things within my larger bags. 

Each bag contains different things inside them. One of them holds my lipstick, or lip balm, and a mirror. Another one holds medicine, a small bottle of lotion, hand sanitizer, and little flossers and toothpicks in a Ziploc bag. Still another one holds pens and pencils. 

In my work bag, I carry this clear folder with paperwork that I always need, I carry my little bags, two notebooks, and my keys/wallet. When I'm using my purse, I still carry two bags holding the same things listed above, and I also always have Kleenex, my little rechargeable fan that I bought on Amazon and my keys and wallet. I'm definitely a purse minimalist and it's always organized. I carry even less when I carry small purses, like when I travel and use crossbody bags. I'm kind of a minimalist anyway, about a lot of things, but that's a whole other post for another day. 

I'm curious—what do you carry in your bag? I'd love to know! I used to be a lot more prepared, but I hate a heavy purse, so I gave that up after the boys got older. Thanks for reading my blog, friends! Love to all. 💚


  1. I love a tote for school that isn't too heavy. I don't carry my laptop back and forth anymore, so that has been nice. I have a work laptop that stays and a home laptop now. I am currently using a neoprene tote and I take very little to school. I have my protein shake, my breakfast burrito and my lunches for Erica and I on days when it's my turn. I can't be without my Systane eye drops, lip products, and ibuprofen, though! Some days I have a change of shoes if I worry that my feet will hurt. It's kinda of funny that I eat two meals at work on weekdays if you think about it, right? It just works best for me to do that.
    I love a backpack. When I walk to school (not often), I use an old black North Face backpack that was our diaper bag. With twins we knew we wanted to be hands free and this backpack has been with us on every trip, too. It was my backpack for Germany!

  2. You are so organized! I always joke and say I carry my life- ha! Phone-Keys- Wallet- Checkbooks- Hand Sanitizer- Lipstick- sometimes wipes and then everyone's junk ends up in my bags so I constantly need to purge :)

  3. Amy, it's nice that you don't have to carry too much now, other than food. I know you enjoy that! I feel like this isn't very much for me either, and I do have a laptop for work, but it stays at school and I get on it during the work day. I still have an old diaper bag as well, but it's not a backpack. It proves than you when you buy clothing items/accessories that are a good quality, that they last forever. Our old black diaper bag came from Talbots many years ago and still hangs in our hall.

  4. Holly, I am, to a fault sometimes. And I know what you mean, because that used to be me! I'd end up with bandaids, food, drinks and more inside my bag. I didn't mind, though!

  5. Oh, my! I always have too much. Wallet, calendar, sunglasses, hand sanitizer, Kleenex, a pen, lipstick, nail file. Then I have a bag with Tylenol, scissors, gum, husband’s med, keys, mascara(for when I go to church without any on), eye drops, & inhaler. A lot of times I have my Kindle & an umbrella. My purse is always too heavy.

  6. I use bags in my bags too! I have my wallet, keys, sunglasses (in their own case), mints and gum (in the side pockets) and a little clear bag that holds lip balm, a small lotion bottle, some Motrin, and some emery boards.

  7. Kathy, I was the same way! I do also always carry pens and something to write on. It was so heavy!

  8. I carry that portable fan in my purse as well! Little bags are great for staying organized! I use small bags in the glove compartment of my car to carry all the little things like you mentioned. I use the same purse for every occasion, which is a crossbody I bought at TJ Maxx several years ago.

  9. Marilyn, that's funny that you have the same one! Using the same purse definitely makes life more simple. I go in phases where I carry the same one, but I also love to switch them out.


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