Thursday, June 29, 2023

June Monthly Musings


Happy Thursday, friends! I'm linking up with Holly and Patty for today's post on monthly musings for this month, especially because it's vacation-related. I'll jump right in!

Favorite vacation destinations: I will be honest here and say that any trip I'm able to go on feels extremely luxurious. I know so many people who are unable to travel for various reasons, and I never want to boast or come off as boastful on my blog. That being said, when I do have the opportunity to go somewhere, wherever the destination is quickly becomes my favorite. I've never been on a bad trip! I love to travel with my husband and sons, my sisters and mom, and my girlfriends. Each trip is such a blessing, and I thank the Lord for the fact that He allows me to do such things. Here's my current favorite, just because I'm here.

Best packing tips: Well, I don't travel enough to share great tips here, but I recently bought my first set of packing cubes from Amazon. I used them coming here for my beach trip, and I will say that they helped me pack more and remain organized during the trip. I got a set of four of the cubes, so I used the large one for my clothes, the medium sized one for my under things and pajamas, and the small one I used for my shoes. I left the fourth one at home, but I was impressed by how neat they forced me to be. 

Road trips or fly: I don't mind either, but I love to drive or go on a road trip. I love looking at creation as I drive!

These pictures are proof that I love a scenic drive!

Ocean, lake, or mountains? Yes, please! I love them all equally, and one is as beautiful as the other.

Campout or indoor grill: When it's not too hot, I love to use the grill! When I say "I", I mean Todd. 

Favorite summer cock/mocktail: I love light and refreshing drinks, so I love the Stella Rose pineapple wine, and I had this at one of the restaurants we went to this week.

It's called a lemon drop martini, and it's made with vodka and limoncello. 

Most amazing travel upgrade story: I don't remember much about the details, but on one of the trips I took with my dad as a young girl, I know that they upgraded our flight from coach to first class. I had never seen such luxury! I got to eat steak with a real fork and knife, and I couldn't get over how different the seats were. 

Ice cream or popsicle: At this time in my life, I can't say that I want either, but if I have to pick I'll choose ice cream or frozen yogurt. I really prefer froyo...I love chocolate with a little bit of the chocolate fudge sauce. Just a smidge.

Do you camp? I don't camp right now, but we used to love camping and went twice every year when the boys were young. If you'd like to read what that was like with our family and friends, you can click here to read an old camping edition post I wrote almost ten years ago. Those were the days!

This was a fun post to think about...thanks for reading my blog, friends! Love to all. 


  1. I feel the same way about travel- love everywhere and love to share but don't mean to boast- just like to share our experiences so definitely can relate! So glad you got on the packing cube bandwagon- yeah!

  2. Perfect timing for you with this post and your current vacation! The ocean looks beautiful. I like to fly but I agree that it's amazing to drive to other regions and see the beauty of creation just from the interstate alone! Have a great day!

  3. Target carries the Stella pineapple! A sweet man was telling me how good they were when I was perusing the wines one time!
    I agree - any trip is a good trip!

  4. I love that you go to the beach with friends and are able to relax after such a busy spring for you! I use my packing cubes every time I travel, even if it is just for a night away somewhere close. In addition to clothes, I use one of my smaller ones for packing hair things, like my brush, hair dryer, or any other product I am using on my hair. At the end of a trip, I use one of the cubes I have had clothes in to become a packing cube for any dirty clothes. It seems easier when I get home to unpack them that way.

  5. Holly, I know you can relate! The packing cubes are amazing!

  6. Maria, right? I felt the same way. I am always in awe of God's creation and how the scenery changes from one region to another. It's so beautiful!

  7. Amy, did you ever try some? It's pretty sweet, but I don't indulge too often.

  8. Marilyn, that's a great idea to use a cube for hair things!

  9. Oh yes, the sea (never been to the ocean), lakes and mountains are all lovely. Great answers.

  10. I'm always torn when planning a trip because we have been so many places that we really liked and I always wished we had even more time to explore but on the other hand I'm always up for exploring some place new too and there are so many places I want to see! We have had very few "bad" trips and those that were were usually the result of sick kids (like the time we landed in the ER) or severe bad weather. But I'd be hard pressed to pick favorites!!

  11. Joanne, that makes total sense to me! The places I've been I'd love to stay longer and explore more, but there are still so many parts of the country I'd love to see. Wyoming, Montana, the Dakotas, Michigan and Mackinaw Island...I'd love to see it all!

  12. Oooh pineapple wine...that just sounds like summer! I always feel blessedto travel too. Thanks for joining us for Monthly Musings.


  13. I absolutely agree with you that every trip I'm on quickly becomes my favourite. I don't take all our opportunities to travel lightly as I know that not everyone can travel like we do. And yes, a road trip definitely gives us time to enjoy creation.


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