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Happy Monday, friends! I'm linking up with Holly and Sarah for today's blog post. How was your weekend? Mine was really good! 

I got mine started with my dad coming over on Friday. I'm learning with him that there are good days and days that are not so good. As sweet as our Friday was two Fridays ago, this one was a little different. It was still good, but it wasn't quite the same. It's okay, though, and I'm still so fortunate to have had the day with him for the conversation we were able to share. Bless him! I wish I'd gotten a picture of him, because he looked so handsome when he got here. He had on my favorite hat, which makes him look so dapper. I didn't get one of him in the hat, but I did sneak this one when Chloe jumped into his lap!

How cute are they? Five seconds later, this was her position. 

She's so finicky. 

Todd worked all weekend, so I made plans with my friend and fellow blogger, Marilyn. We haven't been able to get together since last fall, so it was great to see her and to catch up over our amazing dinner. We met up at a favorite Mexican restaurant, La Perla Tapatia. I had their chicken street tacos and she had a taco salad. Judging by how we both cleaned off our plates, both were delicious!

We called it an early night, because the place was packed and I am pretty sure they were waiting on our table to clear off. We didn't mind and both had movies or shows to go home to watch. I have been anxiously awaiting season 2 of The Summer I Turned Pretty, so I came home and watched the three episodes that dropped on Prime TV on Friday. 

If I had known that only three episodes had released, perhaps I wouldn't have binge watched them all so eagerly. Even so, I was not disappointed! Have you watched this? I love an angsty teen drama! I stayed up late watching old episodes of Grey's in bed later that night. 

On Saturday, my sister, mom, and I made plans to meet up. I needed gas in my car, so I left home early to drive to Costco for that. 

Have Kindle, will travel! I throw this thing in my purse and take it everywhere. I anticipated a wait as they drove here into town, which is why I brought it with me that day. Sure enough, I was able to read a couple of chapters while I waited on them to arrive to our meeting spot. We got started off at Marshall's, where I found another bottle of the conditioner I love, and these awesome new sunglasses.

I've been wanting a pair of the flat front glasses since I first noticed them. These were $12! I love them and how comfy they are. After Marshall's we went to lunch and had chips and dip, then we ended our day together at Ulta. I was looking for a cream eyeshadow stick and found the one I was searching for. It's the elf brand, and it's a creamy pink color. I tried it on and liked it! I was trying to see it over my other makeup, but this is sort of what it looks like.

Todd was watching me try to take this picture and was totally making fun of me while I did this. It's hard to tell here, because I already had makeup on when I tried the new color, but I really do like it and wore it to church on Sunday. I came home after this and watched When Calls the Heart on the Hallmark Movies Now app, trying to catch up to the new season coming out soon. I love this show! I ended up ordering a Greek salad and large cheese pizza for dinner that night, which Jonah and Noah gladly shared with me. It was delicious!

Lost Pizza is my favorite pizza place by far. Their cheese pizza is to die for! 

It was such a beautiful day on Saturday. I couldn't resist these pictures of the sky, and the one below, driving down one of my favorite roads in my town. They ate right away, but I took a quick shower and washed my hair before getting comfy and then coming back downstairs to eat. I have a weird thing about not liking to shower when I'm alone in the house at night. Is that weird? I just don't love the thought of not being able to hear, so while they were downstairs eating, I shut myself in my room and showered really quickly. Also, it let my hair air dry before I went to bed that night.

I saw these meme and cracked up, because it is so unbelievably true. Todd took Callie outside last Sunday to blow her off with our pet grooming tool, and this was what our street looked like afterward. 🤣

I ended my night with a glass of my favorite wine with a couple of ice cubes, since I forgot to chill it first.

We were at church on Sunday, then home for the rest of the day. I took a long nap, and so did my hubby! He picked up sushi for us for dinner and brought it home, then for the rest of the night I read and semi-watched the show he's been watching lately, NCIS. 

It was a great weekend, and a good mixture of fun things and staying home doing what I love. How was yours? Tell me something you loved from your weekend, I'd love to hear from you! Thanks for reading my blog, friends. Love to all! 


  1. Your weekend looks so nice! How fun that you got to meet up with Marilyn for dinner. Speaking of which, it sure looks good :). I like how you get together with your mom and sister for just mundane things like running errands. It isn't possible for me to do that with any family member since none of mine live close to me. I know you don't take it for granted that you have family nearby AND that you and your family get along and want to spend time together. I have never thought to be worried about showering alone in the house; uh oh, something new to add to my list. No, I'm just kidding. I think I'm so used to doing that I will continue to do it without worry. I know I have things that I worry about- usually after I watch something scary! Have a great Monday!!

  2. Yay for your weekend! Friday night was a fun way to start the weekend and I now for sure have that show on my list to watch. I like the glasses and sounds like the rest of your weekend was fun and relaxing too. So thankful we live close!

  3. This post made me hungry for all the good food! It looks like a great weekend :) I just discovered the game show hosted by the Jonas Bros. on Hulu (Claim to Fame) and I'm loving it!

  4. Hope your Dad is doing well XO- LOVE seeing you and Marilyn together -how awesome! What a great weekend Jennifer

  5. Yay for time with Marilyn - love your dress! I was confused during Summer I Turned Pretty with all the flashbacks - maybe I was also on my phone? The show annoys me, too, but I still watch it. Team Conrad!
    What is your favorite wine? I have been on a major re-discovery of white wines this summer so I am always asking.
    I have not had pizza or sushi for a long time and that looked so good that I might just have to rectify that ASAP!

  6. Maria, it was such a fun night catching up! The last time we met up was in September, so it was way overdue. We agreed to not let so much time pass by between meeting up again. I think running around for mundane errand running with my family is my favorite thing to do. It makes it so much more fun! We always include a lunch out somewhere, too. I know it's such a strange thing, not liking to shower at night while I'm alone- I have dogs, so it's not like I'm scared someone would ever get past them, but I think I have watched too many scary movies.

  7. Marilyn, that was such a great part of the weekend for me! I hope the rest of yours went well and that you're adjusting back to some normalcy at home again. You need to watch the show! It's so good.

  8. Debbie, the food was SO GOOD! That game show sounds like a good one! I haven't heard of that, but I love the relationship they all have, so I'm guessing it would be fun to watch. (I don't really listen to their music, but I like their family dynamics.)

  9. Thanks, Holly! It was a sweet day with him. And it was a great weekend, too! I'm always glad for that.

  10. Amy, there were a lot of flashbacks, and yes for Team Conrad! I have read all the books, so I know where it's going, but I didn't realize they were only releasing a few episodes at first. I already can't wait for next week's. The food this weekend was so good! I haven't had my favorite pizza in ages, but the salad was also delicious. I'll finish the leftovers for lunch today, most likely. The wine is Stella Rose- the pineapple one. It's sweet, though, so I don't know if it would be your thing. It's almost too sweet for me right now, but I don't know what else to try. I have a glass every few nights or once a week, so I'm going through my collection slowly.

  11. I watched the first two new eipsodes of The Summer I turned pretty and definitely wasn't disspappointed.

    Also, I started listening to The Happy Place this morning an am already hooked!

  12. What a relaxing weekend. The tacos look amazing! Visiting from Hello Monday.

  13. Your weekend sounds fun...and yummy! You always share the best meals:) I love that photo of your mantel. It has such a homey and fun look to it! What fun to meet up with another blogger. And said blogger was in my neck of the woods. I should have called her - ha! Here's to a nice week ahead - with more yummy dinners!:)

  14. Sounds like you and Marilyn had a wonderful and delicious meet up together. I haven't started watching season 2 of I Turned Pretty yet but I can't wait.

  15. Kirsten, right?! That was how I felt, both about the show AND the book!

  16. Thank you, Cathy! You guys should watch it, it's so good! It's right up your alley and just makes me smile really big every time I watch an episode. I love all the actors! I have read a couple of the books, but I used to love Janette Oke! I need to read some books by her again.

  17. Thanks for stopping by, Jennifer W.! It was a great weekend, and those tacos were AMAZING. I love street tacos!

  18. Thanks, Jennifer! I do love our mantel and love to make it fun with the seasons. It was so fun meeting up with Marilyn! I love meeting blog friends. That food was amazing this weekend! I always appreciate delicious meals, especially when they're beautiful AND tasty!

  19. Thanks, Joanne, it was so much fun! You will love the show!


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