Thursday, November 16, 2023

a day in the life


Happy Thursday, friends! I thought I'd share about the day I had yesterday, and take you through some of my daily routines. 

One of the dogs woke me up at 5:25, so I came downstairs to let them out and make my coffee. Our dog Chip sleeps with us, and he's the one who woke us up. I was glad he did, because I love being up early. When they came back in, I sat down with my coffee, turn a show on, and started reading blogs. This is my favorite part of my mornings! 

By seven o'clock I'm up and making lunches. Usually by then I've also started laundry and made to-go iced coffee drinks for four of us. I got dressed around 7:30 and when I came back downstairs, I had my quiet time.

I left around 8:30 and went to Kroger before going to work. 

I needed to buy refrigerated almond milk and some other creamers for the bookstore. I got to work by 8:45 and opened up the store, made coffee, and cleaned out the small refrigerators. You should see what I threw away! This is kind of a storage area for people in the church, which I never mind, but the things inside had expired. I used Clorox wipes to clean it really well, then put the few salvageable things back inside, along with what I'd bought back from Kroger. 

After this I stamped some coffee sleeves, did some work on the computer, and picked up the boxes that were delivered for me from the office. I cleaned the counters, restocked a few things, and organized under the cabinets a bit more. 

I did a few more things around the bookstore, then I closed up for the afternoon and came home for lunch. I was starving!

I had a super healthy lunch of chicken nuggets, a cheese stick, and some Chex mix that I made on Monday. 🤣 I watched a Hallmark Christmas movie while I ate, then I cuddled with Chloe for a bit. She was feeling needy after spending the morning in the kennel. I did some laundry, I read a little bit, and I vacuumed the house, and after I'd done all of that, Todd and Jonah came home. Todd bought a new leaf blower this week, so that's what he did when he came home. We ate an early dinner like usual because it was Wednesday night, and I had to be back at church by 5:30. On Wednesday nights I stay there until 7:45, then come home to get comfy and have a snack. I'm always hungry because we eat early on these nights. These are the toys that are kept in a cabinet in the bookstore for the littles who like to come visit me. I have one little friend who loves to play with a tennis ball that I keep for him. 

While I was at church, Jonah finished up a major project he's been working on the past couple of weeks in bits and pieces: he cleaned out and organized our attic. You should see how empty and clean it is! I am amazed by his energy; he's the kind of person who hates not having anything to do. He did this completely on his own, I would never have asked him to do this for us, but I am so grateful he did! He took me up to see it when I got home, then I got comfy and came back downstairs. I read for a while, then went to bed by 9:30. I always watch a show first, and am usually asleep no later than ten. 

And that's a typical Wednesday for me nowadays. It's nothing super exciting, but I enjoy the day each week when I get to see lots of people I love. Thanks for reading my blog, friends! Love to all. 


  1. It sounds like such a nice schedule and I am envious of your work/life balance. My home is neglected right now. I am only doing the things for survival like grocery, dishes, cooking, laundry, and I really need to get the dusting and other cleaning done this weekend. I deep clean when I change out the seasonal decor, so that will help if I can just get motivated. Tom gets home so late that I hate to ask for too much help and then on the weekends he is also dealing with the leaves. Jack is never home right now because he is in an opera this weekend and has been practicing so much! I am glad to have a five day weekend next week to re-set!

  2. It sounds like you had a wonderful and full day. Love your outfit. Hope you have a great Thursday.

  3. Jonah is awesome- what a great project/gift!

  4. I loved following along for your day! I'm so impressed with Jonah...way to go!

  5. Love Day in the Life posts! Ugh, I hate finding science projects in the fridge at work, lol.

  6. Sounds like a wonderful day! I love a glimpse into every day lives...thanks for sharing! Happy Thursday:)

  7. Amy, I feel for you! I felt like that when I worked full time last semester. I could not get a handle on all the things at home, and though I did have some help, it wasn't the same as doing it myself. I certainly couldn't complain, though, I was just grateful for the help. Y'all are busy! I hope the long weekend for Thanksgiving helps you get a handle on it all again. I'm sure it will!

  8. Holly, he really is amazing! I am so grateful for all of his help. And yes! That was a wonderful gift to us both!

  9. Thanks, Tanya! I am impressed with Jonah as well. He is definitely not the average 20 year old!

  10. Pamela, right?! I love these types of posts too. Thanks for following along!

  11. Thanks, Jennifer! I love these types of posts as well. I guess that means that I'm nosy? 🤣


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