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Happy Wednesday, friends! Did you know that I made a bonus blog post yesterday? I did! I shared about our February Home, so I hope you'll check it out! I'm so glad you're here to link up with me today for this month's Currently post. This month we're talking about what we're currently l♡ving, l♡♡king frward t, ding t be r♡mantic, changing, and celebrating. I'll jump in!


I am loving my freshened up home decor! While I was at home on Friday, and after Todd left to ride his motorcycle, I spent some time repurposing things and putting out my Valentine's and spring-inspired decor. I cleaned out and organized a problem spot in our kitchen, thus clearing the table in the process, and I love how fresh it looks. I'll share more about this one day in either a bonus post, or next week.

I am loving my new wallpaper and lock screen on my phone! Seriously, it makes me smile every single time I open up my phone. 

Ever since last week when my throat felt like I'd swallowed razor blades, I have been loving hot tea. I've taken to decaf chai (which I knew I loved), throat coat with echinacea, and even a homemade medicine ball (1 mint tea bag, 1 peach tea bag, 1 packet of lemon juice ((or powder)), and a drizzle of honey). I've been keeping a full carafe of hot water in the afternoons, I've been drinking it so much.

Looking forward to 

I haven't seen a couple of my best friends in ages, it seems, so I am really looking forward to seeing them soon and catching up. I am way past due for a Wednesday night out with Missy for protein bites and a Diet Coke! And my sweet Andrea and I love to eat our favorite Mexican food, then peruse the aisles of Home Goods. I miss them! I need to schedule "dates" ASAP. Andrea, I also need a couple of new candles! I know you're reading this.

Doing to be romantic

Don't worry, I'm keeping it PG. It's not necessarily romantic, but I recently started telling Todd why I appreciated him doing something for me. This wasn't exactly what I said, but here's an example of what I said: I thanked him for folding the clothes that had been waiting in the dryer. I told him that sometimes I so dread doing something that I just ignore it until it becomes overwhelming. While I was gone one day, I came home to a vacuumed house, and a kitchen table full of freshly folded clothes. He did actually do that, but I don't remember if that was what I thanked him for one day. He's such a great husband! The least I can do is tell him things like this all the time. I'll never forget the look he had on his face after I said what I did, or the kiss he gave me after. 😉 

I think one way we can love others (spouses or just people in general) is to be as kind as possible, as often as humanly possible. It's totally normal for us to have days when we're in a bad mood, and often times that can't even be helped, especially if it's hormonal. I get like that from time to time, trust me, but what I've learned is the value of being quiet on days when I can't seem to shake my bad mood. I go through all the motions of a normal day: I do all the things, I read the Bible, I pray and ask for perspective and a better attitude, but when I don't sense my mood changing, I just stay quiet. Sure, sometimes I do say something when I let my mouth take over, but I really have learned it's best just to be quiet. I always regret when I let my mouth just take off; it's happened before, and it'll happen again! Grace upon grace, as I like to say. And when that happens, we have to say we're sorry, and then we have to forgive, both others and ourselves. 


Other than the decor in our home from season to season, here are a few other things I enjoy changing:

  • the way my closet is arranged
  • my nail color
  • my lipstick
  • the shows I watch on repeat (Gilmore Girls, Grey's Anatomy, Parenthood, Army Wives, Friends)
  • my playlists on Spotify
  • my opinion on the way I dress (I alter between loving neutrals and bright colors) 


As much as I love decorating for Valentine's day, I don't love celebrating this day. I'm such a rebel and pretty much dislike any holiday sponsored by Hallmark. This is ironic, because I love actual Hallmark movies. It makes no sense, I know, but I digress. Anyway, I also partly blame this on my Mom. Sorry, Mom! 🤣 (Mom, I am joking when I say this!) Mom owned a floral shop when I was growing up called From the Heart, and I saw what an exaggerated holiday it was even way back then. It always seemed stressful and chaotic, so this dislike goes back deep. Even though Todd and I don't celebrate this day, we do little things for each other all year long that say "I love you"; and we try to be thoughtful as often as possible. 

I'm so glad you linked up with me today! I can't wait to read all of your posts. In March we'll be talking about what we're currently loving, looking forward to, planning, wearing, and eating. Additionally, did you know that I host a link party each Thursday, called Thankful Thursday? I'd love for you to link up with me on that post! Thanks for reading my blog today, friends. Love to all! 

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  1. And, I forgot it was time for Currently! See I do need that notebook!
    Love everything you said! I agree! I do like Valentine's day because it can be as little or as big as you want. Tom is definitely not a Hallmark holiday husband, but a steady do things all the time kind of husband. I am always thanking him and praising him for being so handy. He always does the sheets for me which I hate. He cooks for Ernie when I get burned out. We boil chicken every few days and now we have added ground beef to try to get him to put some weight back on. Ernie meal prep!

  2. Amy, you make me laugh! I'm okay with not being married to a Hallmark husband, as you said. I'd much prefer sweet things all year long! I've jokingly started calling Todd the stay at home dog dad, and he's taken over a lot of the chores that I would normally do if he weren't here. I will always prefer that over any other tangible gift!

  3. Thanks Jennifer for the topics this month. I enjoyed reading everyones posts. I hope you enjoy the rest of the week.

  4. I promise to link up tomorrow! Love this linkup and thank you for hosting :) Cracked up at your anti-Hallmark celebrating-so funny. It is so good to change up cosmetics and routines this time of year I think too!

  5. Hallmark has gotten out of hand, as much as I love their Christmas ornaments, it seem like there is a card for all kinds of holidays I've never heard of before, Hallmark holidays! I love changing up the home décor for the different holidays/seasons, the tiered server, festive napkins, little touches of color here and there. I forgot my felted garland as well, I also change that up on the mantle. Thanks for hosting and have a great rest of your week!

  6. Thanks for hosting, Jennifer! I enjoyed reading your responses.

  7. We keep Valentine's pretty simple with just a card or flowers. This year I did actually buy a gift for Michael, but it is something he has been talking about getting. I also LOVE rearranging/decorating without buying anything new! Thanks for the fun link up!

  8. Thanks, Julie! I'm so glad you joined us today!

  9. Holly, no worries! I keep the link open for a couple of weeks so that everyone has time to get theirs in. I knew that would make you laugh! I feel like such a rebel when I say things like that. 🤣

  10. Pamela, that's a brilliant term- Hallmark Holidays! I have never thought of that, but it's true. It's fun to change out the decor, isn't it? I'd love to see yours sometime!

  11. Megan, I'm glad to host! I always love reading them, too, even if it takes me a few days to read them all. Thanks for joining us!

  12. Tanya, that's sweet! We have actually celebrated the day before, and we probably will again someday. Isn't that the best?! I love pulling things from throughout our house to use them in a new and fun place.

  13. I decided for Dave's birthday I was going to bite my tongue every time he annoyed me and just let it go. It was an enlightening day for me to realize how much I criticize him, or get annoyed, on a daily basis. So your paragraph about just being quiet really spoke to me.

    For Valentine's Day we go in the opposite direction and eat McDonald's at home as a family. It's the least romantic thing we can think of to do!

  14. Natasha, that is so good that you did that for his birthday and that you realized that. Thank you for your sweet words! I have been there and done that, so it was a lesson I learned the hard way. Your Valentine's dinner made me laugh out loud!

  15. I love expressing gratitude to those that you care about! It makes everyone feel good!

  16. I definitely have some friends I need to make "dates" with soon too. Time just goes so quick. No Valentine's Day plans for me, but I do love Galentine's Day. :)

    Lauren @

  17. I feel the same about Valentines Day! We lived in NYC for most of our adult lives and we always went to our neighborhood diner on Valentine's Day as a protest ;) But no conflict here - I also dislike Hallmark movies!

  18. Obscure, that sounds like something we would do!

  19. Changing my opinion on the way I dress. Goodness, I struggle with this one! I change what I like/don't like and what I think is "my style" on a regular basis....which only leads me to feeling uninspired and/or unhappy with my closet almost every day. Grr. Hope you are looking forward to a fun weekend ahead!! (I know I'm late to this post - from Wednesday - but happy Friday!)

  20. Sorry you had such a sore throat - hope you are feeling much better! I've always had a bad attitude about Hallmark Holidays too, and we vary as to how much we do for them. I do love to have a few touches of decor for different holidays and maybe do something special with a meal but it's always low key. I'm late linking up and even later commenting, but hoping you have a great week!


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