Monday, March 11, 2024

Some things I can't live without


It's a bonus blog post kind of day; truthfully, if I'd remembered this link party earlier, I'd have joined it in with my Hello Monday post that I've already written. That being said, I couldn't pass this one up since I love the topic. I'm joining in with a few different ladies for this post today. 

Aside from the obvious things I can't live without like my Bible, my relationship with Jesus, and my family and friends, my car, and basic needs, here are the five things I can't live without.

Like many of you have said, I can't live without my phone. It holds a lot of information that I use multiple times each day, I use it for navigation, for Bible reading, for pictures and memories, and for looking up things online daily. I love having it as a camera to document all the little things I love taking pictures of, and I am always looking back over the pictures that I've taken. 

It's how I stay connected in my relationships, I listen to music through it, it's my calendar and to-do list, I can borrow books through my local library and the Libby app, and I can even read a book on it while I wait, though the small screen isn't ideal. Which leads me to my next item...

I definitely can't live without my Kindle! 

I love having my Kindle for a million different reasons, but here are the top few: 

  • I can read it easily by making the font a size that's easy for me to read.
  • I don't need good lighting to be able to use it throughout the day.
  • It's lightweight and has multiple books on it, making it easy to take with me either around town or when I travel by plane.
  • I never have to use a bookmark or worry about losing my place in the book I'm reading.

I am definitely a fan and always will be, even though it's something I always said I'd never use. I love physical books, but my eyesight just isn't great anymore, which makes it hard for me to read a real book. There are a million benefits to using this!

Speaking of eyesight, I could never live without my glasses.

I need them one hundred percent of the time if I'm trying to read something. The ones I wear are readers, and I need them so often that I consider them a hair accessory as well.

I now know why old ladies used to wear them on a chain around their necks! Trust me, I've considered that, but I'll settle for using them as a headband instead. I don't do that to be stylish, obviously, but because I need them all the time

The ones I wear are from Amazon, and came in a pack of five; the ones above are the ones I always wear the most. I get compliments on them every time that I wear them! If you're interested in some for yourself, here's a link. I use 1.5, but I'm about to have to bump up to 1.75. After I wrote this, I went ahead and ordered that size. They'll arrive tomorrow! 

Another thing I can't live without is music. I listen to it all the time, and I listen to all different types of it throughout the day. I have "morning cafe music" playing right now as I write this post. I could make a whole other blog post out of the music I love, but here are some favorite playlists/artists:

  • coastal grandmother
  • eighties love songs
  • nineties country
  • all the Nora Ephron playlists
  • French cafe music
  • Steve Tyrell
  • Ben Rector
  • worship music
  • nineties Christian music
  • Natalie Grant
  • Jonathan McReynolds
  • K Love
  • Louis Armstrong/Tony Bennett 
  • jazz
  • New York City trio
  • Christmas worship

Now that we're dog people, I don't know that I could ever live without them in my life. I know not everyone is a dog person, but the joy they bring to us is indescribable. I'm so glad Todd talked me into saying yes to our first dog eighteen years ago! Jonah and Noah were three years old when we adopted Andy into our home, and they turned twenty-one yesterday. I can assure you we will never have five dogs in our home at once again, but I can definitely always seeing us being a two dog family. One dog needs a companion, we learned, as it seems to extend life to the older one. We've experienced this and know that it's true. Andy was like a new puppy once we brought Crash into our home when Andy was nine. 

They're all such sweet babies!

The last thing I couldn't live without is a cute cup to drink water from. That may sound ridiculous to some of you, but it's true. I've learned that I drink much more water if I have a cup to keep it cold and to take everywhere with me. Here are a few recent faves...

The last three are the Meoky brand that I've ordered from the TikTok shop and from Amazon. I would also have a hard time living without water flavoring, since it's really the only thing I drink all day aside from a few cups of coffee and my morning protein/coffee drink.

The Starbursts brand is my current favorite water enhancer. 

What are some things you can't live without right now? I love reading things like this! Thanks for reading my bonus post today, friends. Love to all! 


  1. Love all your cups. I drink from my Yeti cups mostly as they keep water really cold. I use liquid flavorings and my current favorite is Pineapple-Mango and I believe it's a Walmart brand. Of course, I love my Kindle too and most books I get through Libby. Sometimes I buy some from Amazon.

  2. Thanks, Cathy! An insulated cup makes all the difference in the world. I am more likely to drink it when it's ice cold! That flavor sounds good. I know you feel the same about your Kindle as I do mine!

  3. Love your list and I can't live without my glasses either! They are so much a part of me, I forgot to mention them!

  4. Great post! I love the Christmas cup, so cute!

  5. We have lots of the same must-have items. I love my Kindle and obviously dogs too. OK, you are talking me into getting that second dog! Hope you have a great week. :) Tanya

  6. I definitely drink more having a cute cup on hand all day.. and while I have been trying to drink only ice water it is tough without some kind of flavoring added.

  7. You are so stinking cute in your glasses girl! I am with you and the doggies! The joy they bring is so immense and unconditional what would we do without our for babies!

  8. I love your readers! I don't need them quite yet, but I added yours to my Save for later que on Amazon. I listed fun cups and my kindle too! Have a great day!

  9. I love that you also change the font size on your kindle. I saw something one time on social media that talked about if your not using a 6 or 8 your not a true reader. I need bigger font to read faster and doesn't give me a headache.

  10. You inspired me to blog today and link up to this party! I should have mentioned my glasses too. . .in October 2022 all of a sudden I could no longer read *anything* without readers. It's so frustrating. I'm going in for another exam this month and I don't know that I'll ever get away from readers, but it is really, really hard to function without them. I'm trying to hang on to my 1.25 as long as I can. . .
    Thanks for all the playlist suggestions - I'll be turning one on tomorrow for sure :)

  11. Thanks, Marilyn! I don't have to wear mine all the time, but I can't function from day to day without them, hence the need for me wearing them on my head all the time. 🤣

  12. Tanya, that's funny that we have all that in common. I loved reading your list today!

  13. Joanne, it really does help! It is hard to drink all the water without flavoring. I mean, it's not really hard, but it's just boring. It makes me think I'm drinking something better!

  14. Thanks, Andrea! Isn't that the truth??

  15. Thanks, Sarah! That's funny, I read yours and forgot you'd mentioned the cups. The reading was a given. 🤣

  16. Adrienne, that's funny! It's so true, though, and it does help me to not to strain my eyes. My family laughs at me, but at least I can see!

  17. Jenni, I'm glad you joined in the fun! I loved thinking about this today. Isn't it crazy how the need for readers comes out of nowhere?

  18. I don't know how but my phone never made it onto my list. I could live without it, it would just be an inconvenience. I never thought of adding music to my list either, I couldn't be without it.

  19. i'm a yes on all of these things.
    I'm totally checking out those readers - those are adorable!!!! I have a hard time finding really cute ones for a decent price

  20. I love your glasses...I feel the same about Kindle/books. Love the pup pics. Our pets are so special.

  21. I totally knew you were going to say your kindle!!:) And you must look so cute while you read... in all your fun glasses!!

  22. I absolutely agree that I drink more water when I have a great container to drink it out of!

  23. Kim, I feel the same about music. I like what you said about the phone; it would definitely be an inconvenience if we didn't have them!

  24. Rebecca Jo, I hope you get some! I really do love them. Not a day goes by when I wear them that I don't get a compliment on them!

  25. Natasha, it makes perfect sense, right?!


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