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third Tuesday check-in


Happy Tuesday, friends! It's time for the third Tuesday check-in, when I'll share a very honest assessment on how life is going in terms of spirituallyphysicallyemotionally, and personally speaking. I'll ask you to chime in at the end, so I hope you think about your own answers as you read mine. I'll jump in!


As I sat down to write this post, I've finished 78 days of reading in the Bible this year. I don't say that to brag, but to check-in for accountability. I thank the Lord that He has helped me with this, especially since I'd gotten out of the habit in 2023. It's so easy to get out of the habit of reading the Bible! I'd gotten so used to just doing a quick devotional each day last year that was hard to pick this up again. I love devotionals and think there is a time and a place for them, and sometimes that is all we can manage. There's nothing wrong with that; I just wanted more than that for myself now that I have more time. I really love digging into God's word and studying; I haven't been involved in a study since my last one that I participated in ended back in October. I am loving reading along with the Bible recap community! I'm part of a private Facebook group that really maximizes the daily reading. People share articles, videos, and maps pertaining to what we've read that day, and I've gone down several rabbit trails lately in looking at them all. 

Needless to say, as I spend time with Jesus, I feel near to Him. The opposite is true: when I don't spend time with Him, I don't feel close to Him. The words from James 4:8 are true—draw near to God, and He will draw near to you. 


I don't feel any different physically this month that I did last month. I really need to just be more active on the days when I don't work. I think that on those days, I stay so busy and active that I hurt (in a good way mostly) when I go to bed at night. That's a definite perk to my job: I stay busy and move around a bunch while I'm there. I need to take a cue from my friend Kelly; she walks a lap around the building on nice days just to get outside and breathe in some fresh air. I'm not there long enough to do that on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, but it'd be great to do a couple of times on Thursdays when I'm there all day. 


Was it last month that I was so emotional? I'm glad to say that's not the case this month. I do feel like I am needing to be strong right now, since Todd is having his surgery this week. I don't want him to see my dread in this; realistically, I don't have anything to dread, since I have nothing to compare this particular surgery to. His last experience at surgery was traumatic, but he also had major abdominal surgery. This one is very routine, and for that I'm thankful. 

It's hard to not try to compare and to think back on, though. I just keep taking it all to Jesus! I don't want Todd to see any of that. I want to be uplifting and encouraging to him all week. It's hard to think of your man being down, though, right? He doesn't do well with periods of time when he has to be inactive. It's so sweet that so many of our church family members have inquired about him; I feel confident we'll see a few of them on Friday when he's at the hospital. I love another verse in James, about how the prayers of the righteous are effective. It's so true! 


Personally, I feel very fortunate, and I don't mean in a monetary way. I have a plethora of people who love our family; don't think for one second that I take that for granted! I don't, I promise. Friend after friend stopped me on Sunday at church to ask me about Todd, since they'd heard our Pastor pray for him in the service that morning. Not all of these people are best friends of course, but we have so many people who love us that it's impossible to not feel blessed. We've known these people for over ten years, and they've seen our family go through some things. It's very humbling when something like this occurs in life, isn't it? It's humbling in that it reminds us of our need for prayers and friendship, and also in the way that so many people care. These are my people! And of course, our families are a tremendous blessing, which goes without saying. I feel fortunate in that as well! My mom and stepdad plan on being at the hospital with me on Friday, which is the kindest thing ever. I'm sure Todd's parents will be there as well at some point. 

On a completely unrelated note, seeing more daylight the last week has been uplifting in every way! I love the promise of what's to come at this time of year, don't you? 

Well, I didn't mean to make this all about Todd's upcoming surgery, but sometimes the writing just goes there without intention. I suppose I needed to say these things to someone! Thanks for being there to "listen" (read). How are these types of things going for you this month? I'd love to some of your answers. Thanks for reading my blog, friends, and for always being such a source of encouragement. Love to all! 

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  1. I think that many of us write in part to tell our stories- to document the ups and downs and the in betweens; to know that someone ¨listens¨ (reads) our stories is encouraging and comforting and the engagement that an online platform such as a blog permits is a unique way for our stories to touch the lives of both the writer and the reader. Many prayers for Todd this week and praise be to God that your family has a strong network of love and support during the stressful time of surgery and recovery. Will be thinking of and praying for all of you this week :).

  2. Thinking of you both this week as Todd's surgery approaches. I am much calmer when I am the one facing surgery! I hope all goes well and will be praying for a speedy recovery for him.

  3. I will definitely keep Todd in my prayers for a smooth procedure and for the peace and calm to let his body heal and be still. I will also pray for you to be calm and strong. It's so nice to have people who love you in the waiting room as they can be lonely places. Will you be able to take off work this week? Also, take care of yourself as being caretaker is very taxing. Maybe his family can come over to the house to let you get out and have some time to yourself? Let people help! I know that is a hard thing for me. Don't refuse any food or offers of help.

  4. Maria, you're right! Thank you for your encouraging words. I haven't talked about it a lot, and especially with him, because it's always a little unnerving to have surgery. I'd hate to add anxious feelings to what he's experiencing this week!

  5. Thank you, Joanne! It's funny how we feel about it being them versus it being us to go through something. I always appreciate prayers!

  6. Thank you, Amy! I actually haven't scheduled to be off, because I'm already off on the day of his surgery. If I need to be at home with him, it's not a big deal, though. They're flexible with that kind of thing at our church, and they'd all understand. Thankfully our sons are at the age where they can help him when he needs as well! I will count on them on some to be here with him at first if I need to run and pick up groceries or when I go to church on Sunday. (I'm planning on going, because at that point I will need to get out of the house! I'll probably ask Jonah to stay home with him.) I appreciate your prayers, my friend!

  7. Sending you prayers and comfort and support during this challenging week- love to both you and Todd XO

  8. Thank you, Holly! I appreciate that so very much, my friend. 🩷🩷

  9. Praying for Todd and for all of you as you are with him.

  10. Praying for Todd and the medical team and for you to be at peace during the surgery.

  11. Sending you and Todd lots of prayers this week for his surgery.

  12. Praying for you this week and for your husband as he faces surgery. I agree with others who have said, "Make sure you take care of yourself too." I find it harder to be the caregiver and really realize how much of a partnership our marriage is when my husband is the one who is down and out. And even though I walk to work and back, I too need to be encouraged to leave the building during the day. Especially as nicer weather approaches I know it would do me so much good to get out for a quick walk at lunch.

  13. Oh I will be praying for Todd this Friday and for you as well! Enjoy the sunshine tomorrow my friend!

  14. Thank you, Natasha! I agree with that statement, too, and I've lived through this before. It's very important! I do think getting outside during a work day is so important! I used to do that when I worked in a concrete block of a school last year; I'd go outside for my breaks!


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