Tuesday, February 18, 2014



...have these days that are so productive.  The boys don't have to stay in one area to complete their school work, but usually what happens is that Graham stays in the living room so he can work on the computer, and Jonah, Noah and Drew stay at the kitchen table.  Today, Drew and Noah sat here at the kitchen table and Graham and Jonah sat at the dining room table.  In this picture, they're working on memorizing the 44 presidents by writing them all down.  I love days like today.  While they were starting their school work, I was getting started on Bible study stuff.  Sometime after lunch, around two, I got around to actually getting out of my pajamas.  That fact alone is one of my favorite parts about homeschooling; the option of getting dressed in something other than pajamas.

...have impromptu picnics.  Especially on days when the high is seventy degrees and the sun is shining.  (Even though, by the time we got there, the sun was no longer shining.)  I decided we needed a little break from our usual evening routine, so I bought us (with my Christmas money) dinner and we added it to the additional food I had packed, and we headed to our local park.  There were tons of cars there, though, so when Todd spotted this little wooded area with picnic tables, that's where we went.  It was so peaceful, and I adore eating under a brilliant canopy like the one in this picture.

...hammock.  Did you know that's a verb nowadays?  (Kinda like Google?)  It is.  Todd, Graham and Drew have these hammocks that are similar to the brand Eno, and they do this.  Todd's the one in the picture.  Jonah and Noah don't have these yet, but I'm thinking that for their birthday they might each get one.  Speaking of their birthdays, we begin our "birthday season" two weeks from today.  Jonah and Noah turn eleven on March ten, Graham turns fifteen on March eleven, and Drew turns fourteen on April third.  See what I mean by "birthday season"?

...have fun by doing simple, everyday things, like going to Lowe's.  Graham needed to buy something for his hammock, and while he, Jonah and Todd went in, I pulled the car over to watch for them.  Drew and Noah decided they wanted to climb the light pole.  I have no idea why, but I love that they have fun together.

...drive vehicles until we can no longer drive them.  I was sitting in the parking lot at Lowe's waiting on them to come out and was trying to see how many miles were on my car.  There are a lot of miles on my car!  It's okay, though.  I'm thankful for a vehicle that runs well that has lots of life left in it.  One hundred thirty-three thousand, eight hundred eleven and a half miles.  And prayerfully, many more to come.  

...like to dream.  Of the warm days that are on their way, and of things that I would like to plant.  Someday...hopefully when we're living in the country.  ;)  Inside these buildings are lots of things that are fun to plant.  I'm going to try and make our beloved deceased neighbor, Mr. Paul, proud and plan more of what we're going to do this year.  I feel like last year we just kinda threw something together, and it didn't work that well.  We did get some okra, and some peppers, but that was about all.  

...laugh a lot, but sometimes not enough.
...try to love others the way Jesus loves us...or, we're at least working on that.
...genuinely enjoy being together, but sometimes we enjoy being apart.  ;)
...sometimes have these amazing days, and then sometimes...not so much.
...try to do our best with everyday "stuff", but sometimes we fall behind.
...are constant works in progress.

Love to all.

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