Tuesday, August 5, 2014


We actually had to wake up (fairly) early this morning and get moving.  I made appointments for Graham and Drew to get haircuts and we had to be there by ten (it's thirty minutes away).

It's so funny to me that Drew loves this day.  We go to Gould's Academy and they get the royal treatment there, for a grand total of twelve dollars.  At one point today, Graham said that five girls were running their hands through his hair, telling him how much they loved it.


I never got a picture of Graham, but I did get one of Drew.

So handsome.  I really like his hair, and the crazy curly mess it is.  Graham's looks great, too, it's quite a bit thinner.  God love him, he inherited his mama's hair.

After this, we booked it back to The Ville and went to our church to meet my friend and co-teacher, Scottie.  She brought three pizzas for lunch, and we killed them~we were all starving!  We talked about who we needed to make contact with in our class and then we worked on the new room we were moved to last Sunday.

And yes, we decorate our Sunday school rooms at the First Baptist church.  It's like it's a competition to see whose room looks the best.  Not really, but seriously...I feel the pressure!  ;)  I'm excited about our room, though, and considering the fact that neither of us have the money to spend on things like this, I think it looks great.  And it was all free!


I am almost done with the book I'm reading, 7, by Jen Hatmaker.  I think you can find it for your electronic reading device for $2.99.  You should buy it!  I might still, even though I'm borrowing my friend's right now.  So many times I have wanted to highlight something she said that stuck out, but then I remembered that it didn't belong to me.   But then again, I won't buy it, because the whole point of this book is cutting down on excess.

Our homeschool curriculum started arriving today!  I'm trying to be more frugal with our money, so I've been buying bits and pieces for a while now.  Graham got his chemistry a while back, but I am more excited about what came in the mail today.

I was flipping through this, and I think that all of the boys are going to love it.  At least, I'll keep telling myself that.

Tomorrow our Spanish will be here!  We ordered from Rosetta Stone this year, and there are five years.  And Jonah and Noah are doing Spanish this year, too, along with Todd and myself.  I can't wait!  Our math should be here any day, and then we will be all set for our year to start.

Another thing that will be here tomorrow is Graham's new laptop.  He's been saving his money, and he finally got around to ordering the laptop he's been wanting this past weekend, while there was no sales tax.  I'm so proud of him, for saving his money and not being in a huge hurry.

On our agenda for tomorrow is church.  And that's about it.  :)  I can't wait!  I love the Bible study class I go to each week, except for last week, when I skipped.  I will not be skipping tomorrow night, though.  I hope your day was great!  Ours was busy, but fun, and I feel like we laughed all day.

Days like that are good for the soul.

Love to all!

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