Friday, August 8, 2014

some things

Looking back at this week, I don't know where it's gone!  I think it's gone quickly because Todd has been out of town the past two nights.  He comes home today, though.  :)  I do not love when he travels, and though he works a lot of nights with the sheriff's department, it's different when I know he's coming home.  He had several jobs in and around Nashville, so that's where he's been.  I am thankful that he's gotten to spend time with his brother and sister-in-love and nephews, though.  He doesn't get to see them often, and I know he's enjoyed his time with them.

He left on Wednesday, which is where I'm picking up.  We hung around our house that day.  I had a sweet friend come over for a bit, to look at our homeschool stuff.  I gave her some books to use and we enjoyed catching up.  I love that with her, we always just pick right back up to where we were.  She's awesome like that.  Right before she got here, we got some of our school books in the mail!

We got our math and Spanish, and on Tuesday we got our vocabulary.  Graham also got his laptop in the mail, but it was missing part of the bundle package that should have been shipped with it, so we took a quick trip to Best Buy to remedy that little problem.  I'm so proud of Graham~he is such a responsible young man.  I dropped him off and let him handle it all, and ten minutes later, out he came with a big smile on his face.

After that we went to Chick Fil A for Graham and Drew to fill out their hours for next week.  Then we came home for a bit and headed to church.

I took this picture of their room after church~I love their sleeping quarters.

There's those Christmas lights again.  ;)

They had a friend sleep over Wednesday night, one who hasn't started back to school yet.

Thursday found us at home all morning, then we had to leave for a new mom's tea at our homeschool group.  We were there until three thirty, then I took Graham and Drew to work.

We had dinner there last night, because I had to go back and get them at seven.

Yesterday, August 7th, was his one year anniversary of working for Chick Fil A.  He still loves it!  Don't you love Jonah in this?  He never smiles like that, so I love the picture of him.  And Graham was laughing because I took forty-eight pictures to get this one.  (Not really.)

When we left here, we headed to meet up with my in-love's and went here.

Bill Oldham's campaign headquarters.  Yesterday was election day and we went here with the in-love's to watch the results.  Except that it was really crowded, it smelled weird and it was hotter than Hades.  So Graham stayed, because he spent the night with Mimi and Papa, and the other boys and me came home.

Drew wanted to go to bed but stayed up with us (kinda) to watch this show that I have been waiting for!

Jen (and Brandon) Hatmaker's My Big Family Renovation on HGTV.  We watched both new episodes, which were awesome and funny, then we all hit the hay.  Jonah slept with me last night, to keep me company.  ;)

Well, I must go do laundry now.  Bigger and better things await.  Love to all!

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