Saturday, January 10, 2015

an impromptu date night

I love it when everything just falls into place perfectly.  That happened for us last night.  Graham and Drew helped with an event at our church, and Jonah and Noah went to a friend's house.  That meant that we had a little date night.  I love these nights with my favorite husband.  It's so hard for us to talk without the kids during the week, so these little impromptu nights leave us feeling reconnected and refreshed.

They keep me going.

It was a fun night!  We started by having dinner at Chapultapec here in The Ville.  Mine was really good, but Toddley didn't care for his all that much.  I let him finish mine.  We had to run to Costco because Crash needed dog food.  (We also took him with us~at the time, my cabinets and counters were still wet and I didn't trust him enough to leave him home alone for several hours with wet paint.)

At Costco, we had fun messing around.

I found some things that I loved, but I did not buy either.  He totally gets my colored pen addiction.

Since we were right on Winchester and since we were alone, I talked him into taking me to Lifeway Christian Bookstore.  I love that store.  I bought three new books!  Two nonfiction and one fiction.  The two nonfiction are two that I can't wait to read.  However, I have to finish the two I have going now before I will let myself start these new ones.  I bought What Women Fear by Angie Smith and this one by Karen Ehman.

The fiction book is one by Melody Carlson.

After this we came back to The Ville and I used my giftcards to Starbucks to treat him to coffee.  And to go along with that, we needed dessert, so we crossed the street and drove through Taco Bell to buy some of those little cinnabon bites of deliciousness.  Have you had those?  I would recommend that you not try them.  Just forget I said anything.  (Or try them and hate me after you've become seriously addicted.)

Our last stop was Lowe's to look at cabinet knobs and drawer pulls for the kitchen.  :)  I found the kind I liked most, and we'll order them off of eBay.  Since we were close to the time to pick the older boys up, we went to our church and I sat in the car while Todd went in to grab them.

It was a great night.  I will take any and every moment I can with the man I love.  If you have one of those to call your own, consider yourself blessed.  I know so many people who would love to be married and haven't found the right one yet.  Cherish him.  Treasure the time you two spend together.  Respect him enough to always be kind and don't take him for granted!

Love to all.


  1. Date nights are awesome whether you go out or stay home! I look forward to our TV date nights more than anything else! I have to go to Costco tomorrow. I need to be sure to stay away from the stationery aisle!!! You know I won't be able to resist those pens! ;-) I haven't tried the Cinnabon bites at Taco Bell yet. I am already addicted to the Cinnamon Melts at McDonalds! I am going to try and make those at home one night. Yummy!! Love your words about cherishing your husband. It is so easy to take them for granted when you are so busy with all of the other happenings of life. My word for 2015 is "better" and I am working on loving him better. He serves more than I could ever give but I am going to give my best!

  2. I want those pens! I hate I didn't make it to Costco today. Date nights are special!!!!

  3. They are, Shari! We have enjoyed many date nights at home too, but we always seem to end up grocery shopping! You should totally get those pens! ;) Thank you! That is a great word! I love that.


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