Tuesday, April 14, 2015

life lately

I am not very good at blogging lately.  Life has been weird and not quite normal, and it seems I can't get my stuff together enough each day to do multiple things.  That, and I've been busy.

I thought I would share what we've been up to these past few days, since almost half the week is already gone.

Saturday was one of those amazing days that are very rare~the kind of day that finds me sitting in my chair, doing nothing but watching Netflix all day.  My current obsession is Call The Midwife.

I am seriously bummed that I am on season three.  Season four is currently airing on the BBC, and you can bet that I have it set to record.  :)

I finally left the laptop on Saturday afternoon to get dressed.  My friends Scottie and Abbey and I went to see our girls off to prom.

These girls have my heart.  Don't they look beautiful?  It was an honor to be able to see them all dressed up and to take pictures with them.  There were two more girls that we went to see and take pictures with, but my pictures didn't turn out.

When all of the girls left, we decided to go grab a bite to eat and headed to Panera.

We decided that next year, we are SO going to prom.

And these ladies...I have to just stop here for a moment.  I love them so much!  And age is just a number, as far as friendships go.  In this picture, the twenties, thirties and forties are represented.  And another of my closest friends is in her fifties, so seriously~age is just a number.  I thank God for these women in my life!

After dinner, I came home and Drew and Graham invited some friends over to watch a movie. It was fun having all of them over!  I love a full house.  It makes my heart so happy, and I feel like their friends are just an extension of our family.

Sunday was church and community group.  Drew didn't feel good, so he stayed home while Graham and I went without him.

Yesterday was normal until last night, when I laid wide awake until three in the morning.  I read my book, I watched Call The Midwife on Netflix, I started a new devotion then I finally took three Benadryl to force sleep upon me.  It worked.

The devotion is from my Bible app.  It's She Reads Truth, Hymns Part I.

Today has been a nice day~school work, a nap for me, (no sleep last night, remember?) and after dinner, all the boys went out to play basketball.

They're all taking showers and then they're watching the next movie in a series they've been watching since Sunday.  And that means I will get to go upstairs and watch my favorite show.  :)  And hopefully get some really good sleep afterward.

That's been what we've been up to.  Love to all.

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