Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Show & Tell, A Day in the Life

Good Tuesday morning!  I'm linking up with Momfessionals for this blog post.  I always love reading about how people spend their day, so in case anyone who reads this likes to read that kind of post too, well, this is for you!

This was my not so typical day in the life yesterday, November 2.

I woke up at seven something, came downstairs and let the dogs outside.  After I fed them, I poured my first cup of coffee and headed to my recliner to pray and read the Bible.  (Yesterday I read from Ephesians 5, and the first few verses of 1 John 1.)  I always keep up with what I'm reading in my journal, and on Sunday in church, our pastor preached from 1 John 1, so I wanted to make sure and read that sometime this week.  When I was finished with my quiet time, I poured my second cup of coffee and came over to the computer desk.  I turned on K-Love in the kitchen, and checked email, Facebook, then I read all my favorite blogs and finished a blog post that I had started on Friday.

During this time, I said goodbye to Todd, Jonah and Noah, who went with him to work yesterday.  They went because on Monday nights they have their Pipes and Drums practice, but because of the fact that Todd has to go out of town for a night, he decided to skip practice and come home to spend time with us.

I went upstairs at 8:30 and got dressed for my day.  I told the kids where I was going, then went to my church to pray with my sweet friend at 9:15.  We used to pray every week, but since August, it's been hard to make that happen.  She has gone back to school and it's hard for me with homeschooling and such.  However, I had to repent for not making this a priority, and we made an agreement to pray together every Monday morning at the same time.  After a couple of hours, I said goodbye to her and talked for a few minutes with my friend and middle school youth pastor.  I said hello to a few more friends in the other part of the church office, then met with someone else about an event I'm helping out with next week, spoke a few more minutes with someone else, then finally headed out the door at 11:45.

I love my street in the fall!  Every time I look out the window, I see leaves falling, and I love all the beautifully colored leaves on the ground.  After Christmas, they'll all be raked, but in the meantime, we let them stay on the ground until the trees are finally bare.  It's so pointless to rake while they're still in the process of falling, don't you think?

I called the boys and told them to throw on something presentable and came home to pick them up.  We made a Walmart run for sinus medicine for Graham, and some supplies for a project they have to turn in this week for biology.  I went and got Subway for Drew and myself, then went to Chick Fil A for Graham.  We came home and ate lunch.  While I ate, I read and they finished a movie they'd started Sunday night.  I started the dryer to freshen up the clothes inside, cleaned up in the kitchen, and took the laundry upstairs to fold.  I put my pj's back on, because I wasn't leaving my house again for the day.  While I did all that, I could hear Graham and Drew working on their projects in the dining room.  The finished project came out nicely!

They cleaned up after they'd finished, then they finished the rest of their school work for the day.  Once they'd finished, Todd called and asked if they would bring something to him while he was at his shop, so they left, and I did this.

I was getting sleepy from reading a hundred and something pages since lunch, so I turned on The Food Network and watched an episode of Giada at Home.  While that was on, I came over to the computer to research on what kind of life planner I want for 2016.  My mom in love always starts asking for gift ideas right about now, and that is something she bought for me last year, so I thought I would ask for another one for this coming year.  I love the one I used last year and I know without a doubt that all of the money spent on that was worth all that I put that thing through in twelve months.  I have my entire life written/drawn in the pages, because I write down literally every single thing we do.  Todd can attest to this, as I have helped him out a time or two for things he needed to know about when he worked and such.  And, in case you're wondering, this year I am wanting to go with a new to me planner.  I've used Erin Condren for the past two years, but this year, I am going to give the Emily Ley Simplified Planner a try.  I love how big it is, and that every week day has its own page.  That means it's thicker, but I like that.  The weekend days are on a shared page, but there's a spot for meal plans and goals, as well as a monthly layout.  I can't wait to try it out!  It's also really pretty, and a better quality than the ones I've used in the past.

Also, while they were gone, I downloaded a free holiday home planner and printed them out.  I got them from an author that I like, Ruth Soukup.  They're just pages with blanks and sections on meal planning, gift giving, recipes to try and house keeping for all of November and December.  I use a holiday binder every year that I make on my own, but I really liked the pages she was offering that day and decided to give them all a try, since they were free.

By the time I'd finished doing all of that, all the boys were back home.  It was almost four, so I started on dinner.  We were having a baked potato bar for dinner, so it involved some prep ahead of time.  Once I'd gotten all of the potatoes in the oven, I did some more laundry and messed around in the kitchen.  I read some more of my book and straightened up a little downstairs, set the table, then dinner was almost ready.  It was almost six at this point and Todd was almost home.

I didn't get to eat dinner with them, though, because one of the teenagers at church called me in distress and asked if she could come over.  So she came over, along with the friend I had just prayed with that morning, and we all went upstairs to the playroom while the boys and Todd ate dinner.  We just listened and prayed and talked a little, and then they were gone.  I ate dinner, cleaned up afterward, then came in the living room to sit and enjoy my family.

I had seen a picture about a book that I was interested in buying, so I read a little more about it before deciding on whether or not I wanted to buy.  I always pray to be a good steward of our money, so I usually don't make impulse purchases.  Here's a picture advertising for the book.

(I bought it this morning.)

I saw a link on Facebook that appealed to me, and when I clicked on it, it was a guide of Bible verses to read and write out for thirty days, all on being thankful.  I printed some out, and while my family watched Monday Night Football, I caught up for days one and two.

There is an actual link to print out the pages, if you're interested, but I can't post it on the blog.  I have it on my personal Facebook page, if you're interested.

We all watched two episodes of The Amazing Race 27 on the on-demand channel we have, then we decided it was time for bed.  I made coffee, Todd turned off all the lights and put Callie in her kennel, and we headed upstairs.  I said goodnight to the boys then read my book until I started to fall asleep.  Todd was already out like a light, so I prayed myself to sleep, and that is the last thing I remember.

I hope that didn't bore you to pieces.  Thanks for reading!  Love to all.

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