Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Life Lately

Here's what we've been up to lately, starting with last Friday.

On Friday last week, my mom called me.  She sounded awful and was dizzy and needed to go to the doctor, so I threw on clothes and makeup and drove out to her house in the country to pick her up and take her to the doctor.  I am so thankful that I stay at home, so that I can do things like this.  I pray that I can be half the daughter to her that she was to her sweet mom, who had dementia.  Mom was such an excellent caregiver for Mammaw, and I might have cried a tiny bit as I thought of that while she was in with the doctor.  Turns out Mom had a bad sinus infection and was prescribed some medicine.  While we waited on the prescriptions to be filled, she wanted to go to this little place on our town square.  She was craving some of their soup, so this is where we ate.  I love the little house that houses the restaurant, and I love the view of our square out these windows.

On Friday night, these cuties and Emma's parents and another sweet couple from church all went to the Grizzlies game.  This was Graham's and Drew's Christmas present from the girls, and along with the tickets, they got Grizzlies tee shirts.  Aren't they so cute?  Man.  I don't know how these guys got such beautiful (outside AND inside) girls to like them!  ;)  While they were gone, Todd, Jonah, Noah and me went to Cajun Catfish for a yummy dinner.  Todd ended up going to work that night after dinner, and the littles and I ran something over to Missy's house, then came home so their friend could spend the night.

I spent a good part of Saturday finishing this book.  I have been on a crazy reading kick lately and am halfway through my fourth book since January one.  We had a very lazy Saturday, thanks to the rain and the opportunity we had to do nothing all day.

On Saturday night, all the boys went somewhere.  Three of them babysat our friends' kids, and Graham went to Rachel's house.  So Toddley and I had a date night and I requested sushi at O'Saka.  It was delicious.  

Sunday was church!  I will say it a million times: I love my church family!  We sang a good bit of my favorite songs in choir, we said goodbye to our amazing worship leader (he took a position at a new church in Oklahoma), we had lunch with friends at their house, and we had youth events.  The middle school youth went to a new trampoline park called Get Air, and we had community group.  While the groups met, I wrote out my scripture writing passage for that day, I planned out our week in my planner, and I read this book.  (I finished that other one on Saturday.)

On Monday, the boys (minus Noah) did their school work for the day, and I did all of my Daniel bible study homework for this week.  Afterward, my brain hurt.  This study is amazing, but it is intense.  Also on Monday was the televised football game that is more important to my family than the super bowl.  Alabama is their team (and mine) and they were in the bowl and won 45 to 40.  Roll Tide!

Yesterday was another day of school work.  We all went up to the church so that I could meet with my friend Abbey to pray, then they all went out to lunch with the youth pastors.  I came home to eat leftover chili, and I looked forward to starting this study with a group of ladies at church last night.  Missy came over to eat dinner with me before we went, then we rode together to the church.

So far it's been a wonderful week!  I hope yours has been as well.  Love to all!

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